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Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 11


“Yaay. Shona dee. I missed you so much” said Ragini hugging Swara who just got down from the train. “Hmmm” saying Swara smiled weakly. “Dekha na Chotu. Didn’t I tell this chipkali will forget you? I’m only your true brother” said Vikram when he noticed Swara was dull. “Shut up bunder. Ragu maa. Even I missed you a lot. It’s just that journey was tiring” said Swara with puppy eyes. “Dramebaaz” said Vikram. “Stop it guys. Now Let’s leave. I don’t want to make this railway station my home” said Ragini dragging both of them with her both hands. Swara and Vikram glared at each other. As they entered home Swara shouted “Mummma” and hugged Sumi who just came out hearing her voice. “Mela Shona bacha. I missed you so much” said Sumi hugging her. Vikram and Ragini stood pouting sadly. “What?” asked Sumi. “You always love her more than us” both said in chorus. “Don’t worry bacha’s I’m there na for you both” said Shekar hugging both of them. Both showed their tongues to Swara. “Mumma” complained Swara like a kid. Shekar signed her to join the hug. She ran and hugged him. Ragini and Vikram showed their hands to Sumi signing her to join the hug. Sumi hugged all three kids in a hug, joining her hands with Shekar’s hands. “Thank you Sumi, for this beautiful family” said Shekar. Sumi smiled.
“Mumma I got the job in a software company” said Swara entering the house. Sumi hugged her and fed Sugar. “Ragu maa…” shouted Swara. “Shhh chipkali she is having her board exams. Let her study.” said Vikram angry. “Ohhh. Sorry Ragu maa” shouted Swara again and bit her tongue. “You will never change” said Vikram nodding his head in disbelief. “Chotu” whispering Vikram entered Swaragini room. He saw Ragini was slept studying on the table only. He slowly lifted her and placed her on the bed. He covered her with the bed sheet and kissed her forehead. He closed her books and left the room. “Where is she?” whispered Swara sitting for dinner on the dining table. Vikram called her near to whisper in her ears and said “She slept” a bit loud. Swara jerked and glared at him rubbing her ears. He laughed looking at her funny face. “Enough now. Eat your food” said Sumi warning both of them. Both finished food and headed to their rooms.
After 2 years one day : “Shekar. Shall I speak to Swara about the proposal” said Sumi after they settled in their room finishing dinner. “Sumi. What’s the hurry. She has just started enjoying her freedom.” said Shekar. “We have to get Vikram also married Shekar. We should not delay it much” said Sumi. “Fine. Ask her if she likes someone” said Shekar as he thought convincing a mom about her daughter’s marriage is like next to impossible task.
“Swara beta me and your Dad are thinking about your marriage” said Sumi caressing her hair as they were having tea in the morning. As it was Sunday Vikram and Ragini had gone to Park. However grown up Ragini was she always used to go to park to play on the swing. And Vikram used to accompany her. Swara’s face became pale. “Do you like anybody?” asked Sumi. “No maa” said Swara without thinking. Sumi sensed something is wrong but thought Swara must be nervous. “So I will call them next Sunday?” asked Sumi. “Okay maa” said Swara without any expression.
Vikram was enjoying Ragini’s swing play. Suddenly he saw a girl playing with the kids and got mesmerized. “Bhayyu. Let’s leave” said Ragini after she was done playing. Vikram did not respond. Ragini saw in the direction Vikram lost and saw a girl. She shook Vikram hard and shouted “Bhayyu” Vikram got jerked and asked “Chotu. Why are you shouting?” and rubbed his ears. “If you have finished watching my bhabi. Shall we leave?” said Ragini. “Ha” said Vikram. Then he realized what Ragini said and chased her till home.
“Wait I will tell mumma” said Ragini entering the gate. “Chotu. You don’t understand all this. Don’t tell mumma” said Vikram holding her. “Oh hello. I’m already degree college student. Uff for you and Shona di I’m still kid only” said Ragini. “Yes bacha. You will always be our kiddo” said Vikram pulling her cheek. “Not fair bhayyu” said Ragini rubbing her cheek and pouting. Vikram dragged her inside the house. He thought of meeting the girl next Sunday in the park hoping she will come.
“Okay I’m leaving. We are having a reunion after so many years. I’m so excited. I think I will be late. Manage mumma okay” said Swara taking her bag and heading out. “Okay. Enjoy” said Ragini. “Chipkali. Leave early and call me when you leave. I will pick you” said Vikram. “Okay bandar” said Swara and headed out of the house. She reached the party venue. She enjoyed with her friends. Vikram was calling her continuously but she did not notice it. She did not realize the time as she met her friends after long time. When she saw the time it showed 10.30. She cursed herself and headed out bidding bye to all her friends.
“Chotu. She is not picking the call. You don’t worry. I will get her” said Vikram consoling Ragini who was hell nervous. She nodded her head teary eyed. From morning she was feeling restless. But she did not share it with anyone. Vikram started his bike and stormed out of the house. Ragini kept trying both of their numbers. Swara spoke to her at around 10.30 and informed that she just left the venue. Ragini was relieved a bit.
“Poppy” screamed Ragini running downstairs. “What happened Ragu?” asked Shekar. “I’m trying to reach Shona dee and bhayyu from one hour and I’m not able to connect. And Shona dee said she left the party venue 2 hours before.” said Ragini in cracking voice. “Don’t worry Ragu. Wait I will go and search them” said Shekar. “I’ll also come poppy” said Ragini. “Okay” said Shekar and both of them went in search of Swara and Vikram. They kept searching in and around party venue and all the places where they might go. Ragini called all their friends to check but she got negative response from everyone. As every minute was making her more fragile. So many bad thoughts were coming to her mind. She prayed God to not to make any of them to come true. Shekar was not less worried than her. He kept looking in each corner for his kids, but of no use.
“Sorry sir we cannot take missing complaint before 24 hours. Who knows the person might have gone missing on his own” said the constable as they went to Police station after they could not find Vikram and Swara. It was 1.40 AM, when whole city was sleeping; Shekar and Ragini were in Police station. It is not the right time for a girl to be in Police station. The lustful eyes were watching her from behind the bars. She felt disgusted. Ragini was crying badly. She wiped her tears and went inside the SI cabin as she felt. The constable tried to stop her but she did not budge. “Sir she did not listen only” said the constable as the inspector asked him explanation for letting her inside. “Sir my bhayyu and Dee are missing sir. They did not go on their own sir. Please sir. Please find them. Don’t know where they are so many bad things are coming in my mind. Please sir. I beg you sir” said Ragini trying to touch the inspector’s feet. She had no other option. He was the only person who could help her. “Arrey Ms. What are you doing? No need of all this. But we cannot log the complaint before 24 hours and that’s the rule and we cannot break it” said the Inspector looking at Ragini. She started crying more feeling helpless. The SI could not see her tears. Even they are human beings. “But I will do one thing. Give me your sibling photographs.” he said and instructed her to sit outside after getting the photographs. After calling all the police stations of that area he got a clue and confirmed the issue. He was hesitant to face Ragini and Shekar. He called the constable and instructed him something. It was morning 5 o clock by the time he got the whereabouts of Swara and Vikram. “Come with us” said the constable dragging Shekar and Ragini with them to the Jeep. “What happened?” asked Ragini. Nobody answered. She kept asking the question. Shekar was numb due to their behavior. As the Jeep stopped Ragini stopped outside it and read the name “General Hospital”. Her heart sank. She was not prepared for it. She could not move. With difficulty she moved inside the hospital. First she and Shekar were taken to a ward where Swara was lying on the bed unconscious and breathing with a ventilator. She had multiple band aids all around her body. Ragini’s eyes popped out looking at her. She was numb. Her cry was stuck in her throat. She cried silently. Shekar collapsed on a bench beside the room like a lifeless body. “How is she?” asked the Inspector as one of the doctor came out. “She is critical. There is a heavy blow on her head” said the Doctor. “What about the other patient” asked SI. “Come with me” the Doctor said and took them to the ground floor. As Ragini and Shekar entered the severely cold room, It smelled very badly. Everybody covered their mouth and nose. The doctor took Ragini and made her stand in front of huge collection of big sized Lockers. She was confused. And the doctor opened the locker in front of her. Ragini looked down to find out what must be there. Her eyes widened. She closed her mouth. She was horrified looking the scenario. Hear heart was ready to jump out from her mouth. She looked at Shekar horrified. Her voice box stopped working and she struggled to talk. Shekar saw her and neared the locker. “Vikrammmmmm” shouted Shekar collapsing on the floor crying.
“No. This can’t happen. You all are playing prank I know. Where is my bhayyu. Give me back my bhayyu. This is just someone who looks like him. Bhayyu…… Bhayyu……” shouted Ragini. “Control your emotions beta” said the doctor to cool Ragini who was not accepting truth. She looked painfully at Vikram’s lifeless body. “Bhayyu. I know you are playing prank na. See I’m scared very much scared. Now stop all this. Get up na bhayyu. Get up” said Ragini shaking Vikram’s body. The inspector and constables dragged Ragini and Shekar out of mortgage. Both of them were numb not speaking at all. Ragini kept staring in infinity. All her memories with Vikram flashed in her mind. From more than 3 hours she was sitting like lifeless body. Tears were flowing and she stopped wiping them. Her breath, her soul had left her body. Now she had no meaning in her life. “No. Wait” she said suddenly remembering something. “I will not leave that person who is responsible for it and that’s my only aim in life” saying she wiped her tears. The change in her personality was sudden. “Now can you log the complaint?” asked Ragini to the SI. He was surprised with her sudden change. He just nodded his head fearing the fire which was emitted from her eyes.
“Sanskar Maheshwari” said the SI sitting in his cabin. ”I have the cctv footage of that area of that night” he continued. “Can I see it?” asked Ragini. What had happened that night was the question which was haunting her from past 4 months, which gave her sleepless nights. Swara did not remember anything. When they tried reminding her she used to scream and faint. Doctor advised not to remind her anything from the past. It will be dangerous for her life.
The SI played the footage in his laptop. They saw Swara who was walking on the footpath. Suddenly a car which came swiftly was about to mow down her beneath. Swara turned and closed her eyes due to fear. Vikram who ran to Swara’s rescue pushed her aside and the car hit him and due to the force his body flew in air and collapsed on the car and as the car still did not stop his body collapsed on the road. Swara who was pushed by Vikram hit an electric pole and fell unconscious in the pool of blood. And the crowd gathered.
Shekar and Ragini were numb. The footage broke them in pieces. Their world scattered in that one second. “ The way he was driving I doubt he was drunk” said Inspector. Shekar was not in a state to speak anything. He was already broken. For any father to carry his son’s dead body on his shoulder is the biggest burden. Vikram was his support, his soul.
“Fine. Charge him with murder charges. I want to see him behind the bars” said Ragini. The SI had solved the case after 4 months Vikram left them. Ragini used to daily come and sit in his police station which made him to solve it soon feeling pity on her. “But he is a business tycoon. We cannot file a case and he might harm you people” said SI concerned. “I don’t care. He has to pay for what he did” said Ragini determined. Ragini filed the charges against Sanskar. As the SI said it did not had any effect. Sanskar was financially strong enough to crush Ragini. But she was also rock. How much ever you crush; it will not leave its character of being tough. Shekar was with Ragini in her battle for justice, but one year ago death defeated him and he left Ragini alone in her battle. On his hospital bed when he was breathing last he took promise from Ragini to not to back off from fighting at any cost and she complied to it. She fired his pyre and swore to take revenge at any cost, though she has to destroy herself in the process of destroying him, she was ready. Sumi had become emotionless after losing Vikram and then Shekar also left her alone. Ragini’s stubbornness made them to sell all the savings they had and their own house due to court hearings and Lawyer fee. They started living in worst condition but Ragini did not back off. She did her best to manage the household. She became the non-breakable Ragini she is now. Stubborn rude and arrogant. She missed her Bhayyu very much but she felt him around her always. Her bhayyu had so many dreams which he wanted to fulfil like taking family to a foreign trip and Swara and Ragini’s marriage savings and taking care of their parents all his life. And one second destroyed all his dreams, it broke his happy family for whom he had dreamt so much. One of the person who took Vikram that night to hospital told her that he was murmuring “Chotu chotu” just before he breathed last. That was limit of miseries she had in her life. She could not even hear his voice for the last time. She always prayed to give her back that moment where her bhayyu wanted to speak to her breathing last. It was the unsolved mystery of her life.
She fought for justice for 2 years. At last Sanskar’s money won and her truth failed. But her determination did not fail. Sanskar Maheshwari the name boiled her blood always. Sumi’s concern completely shifted to Ragini who was growing stubborn day by day to take revenge. Swara’ s life was already spoiled and she could not be married. Ragini’s increasing age made Sumi worry. Her one kid was already gone. One kid had lost mental balance and Ragini was suffering due to it. Yes mom’s don’t have favorite kid but when Ragini’s life could get better she did not wanted to spoil that also due to Swara’s condition. She refused to move on from revenge and get married. And most important thing was Swara’s condition. She could not get married and live happily leaving Swara in this condition. This made Sumi to hate Swara. As time passed she considered her as a reason for Vikram and Shekar’s death and Ragini’s misery.
Ragini was soft and delicate. She was grown in protective cocoon of Swara and Vikram’s care. When the cocoon broke she had no option but to fly with colorful wings. Every minute was a lesson for her. Other than becoming strong and stubborn she had no other choice. That night snatched her bhayyu and shona dee. She wanted to take her anger out but she could not and this made her heart colder than the coldest thing. But it did not affect her nature. Her nature to help people to be compassionate towards others, to be sensitive. When Sanskar entered her life her hatred doubled. He was a murderer of her bhayyu in her point of view. And that is what mattered to her more than anything.
Ragini opened her eyes sitting in her bed beside Swara. “Bhayyu” she whispered and started crying silently not to disturb Swara’s sleep. The memories never fade away. It just comes back and pierces you more. Her heart somewhere wanted to give a chance to Sanskar but her hatred was ultimate. She still hated Kishan for hurting Vikram in School though Vikram and he had become best buddies later. Forgiveness was one thing she did not consider in her life. And Sanskar’s sin was on the highest position in the scale. She cannot even think of giving him a chance. Never ever. She wiped her tears and slept on the bed determined.
I know most of you people might have guessed the mystery already. Never mind this was my concept. Hope you liked it and drop in your suggestions. I need a parallel male lead against Ragini. Just suggest me some one. Let’s see how this love story gonna progress. I will come back with the next update on Monday. I will try to update Rishtey tomorrow. Sorry for no Ragsan scenes today. But from next part onwards it is Ragsan and little bit Swahil and some more. I avoided lot of scenes to make it less emotional.


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