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Fuugy U R MY Cokkie, Shame Shame Poppy Shame

Hello Again….. ThankYou for ur lovely comments on my previous posts… This time I`m posting two poems and I have already posted these on IF…

OH My Fuggy, you are my cookie
OH my Hottie
I’m Ur Mickey
You are My Minnie
I have You so I’m very lucky
OH My Fuggy, Your My cookie
Don’t be dhukhi (Sad)
Be sukhi (Happy)
OH My Fuggy You are My Cookie



Shame, Shame poppy shame
Lost all the shame after You came
But I still got my fame
Shame, shame poppy shame, all the girls know my name,
But I only know one name
Now give me a jhappi with a puppy
Don’t be shy when shameless Abhi is your hubby
Don’t You wanna be a Mummy, Well I want junior Fuggy
Baby Hug me, kiss me, love me coz You have got me
Shame, Shame Poppy shame
Our Love will always remain the same!

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