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Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 8

Ashok sat outside wondering if he will ever go back home. Kaurwaki dad asks if he was alright, he told him he miss his mom. She’s probably worried sick about him. ” what is your mom name? Maybe we can search for her”

Ashok thought about it, he didn’t want to give him his information. What if he uses it against me, he thought, when he didn’t respond kaurwaki dad sigh, ” OK when your ready to tell me, I’m here” he says before standing up and patting ashok back. ” you know ashok, its not wrong to keep secrets, but sometimes its good to tell someone if their to much to handle” he says watching his daughter going in the bus.


When ashok staid quiet he continued, ” it would be nice if you become my daughter friend, she could really use a friend.” He says , this time ashom stare at him with confusion. The man look at him and smile ” can you do that for me ashok? If you do I will help you get back home” he says

Ashok nod, he told him he will be kaurwaki friend as long as he help him get back home. And from this day on he won’t see him as an enemy, but instead an aquientence. Her dad laugh before nodding, while leaving he called ashok funny. Ashom on the other hand was determine, he promise his mom he will help kaurwaki and help her make friends.

He stood up and follow the bus, when he reached her school he saw her walking away. He was about to call her when a boy stops him. ” Siddhartha.. Omg it is you” the boy says ” I am huge fan of your show, and I can’t believe your in your costume at my school” the boy says talking supper fast

Ashok confuse vault the boy, he told him to breath before speaking ” who is this siddharth?” He asks

The boy got excited when ashok spoke in what he assume was acting. ” you are really into your character ” he says before taking his camera and put his arm on ashok shoulder ” say cheese” he says

Ashok confuse turn to the boy ” cheese?”, he was suddenly flashed by the camera. The boy showed it to ashok which he was surprise ” how did you trap me in that thing” he asks

” oh you mean my phone” he says ” its easy I just do this” he says taking another picture, ashok frown not liking the flash or the fact that the boy happened to sneak on him and attack him with lightning. Matter fact he was surprise that it didn’t hurt him.

Ashok watching the boy wonder if he knows black magic, as well. If so he could help him, find a way to get home. He observe the boy up and down, he was wearing glasses and a bag on his back. He was smiling like he won a prize, now that I think about it this boy reminds me siamak, he thought observing him.

He soon got over it and turn to leave, while leaving the boy with his camera called after him but ashok ignored him. I have to find kaurwaki and help her make friends, I don’t have time.

While he was searching kaurwaki was heading to class when one student pass her a paper. She reads it and sigh ” another school rally” she says

” I see you saw the paper anaade kauri, don’t tell me you were going to compete in this” she says

” no I wasn’t, so you don’t have to worry” she says bolding it.

Tunisha smirk ” its a good thing your not competing or you might just ruin it for everyone” she says making her friends laugh, kaurwaki knit her brows before stomping away. When she saw a trash she threw it, but it never went in. Instead it fell on ashok feet. Ashok look where she went before picking the paper up and look at it.

Siamak looks at it as well. ” the class rally is back” he says excited. ” what is a rally?” He says siamak told him a rally is full of activities and its a challenge, people participate and have fun.

Ashok nod ” so in this rally, you make friends”

Siamak nods, he ask ashok if he will join. Ashok thought about ” OK I shall join this rally, I will probably need to build an army to help me win this” he says

Siamak nod, he told ashok he will be on his team. Ashok smile, this will be good for kaurwaki, he thought before turning to siamak ” come, lets start looking for comrades to aid us”


Dharma is seen fasting for ashok, bindusara told her to stop because its not healthy for the baby. She says she knows at heart that ashok is alive, and that even though he is know where to be found their link is still strong. ” my heart tells me, he is not in this area, maybe some unknown place, but I know my ashok will come back. Find his way home” she says

Bindusara sighs at her stubbornness. ” please dharma just rest for today, ashok is not your only life anymore. You have another child which needs your love, so please eat something” he says bringing the food with fruits. Dharma refuse once again , saying she never breaks a promise, so she won’t do it now.

” fine, do what you want, but I won’t stop asking until you stop fasting” he says before leaving.

Meanwhile ahankara was at the market asking people if they saw anything out of the ordernary. They said no, she went to ship which was being loaded. She asks if they’d seen ashok, they said no. Sadly she turn around about to leave when she saw ashok necklace on the edge. The men saw where she was looking at, he signal his friends and they started walking towards her.

Ahankara backed away slowly, taking her sword out. The man’s seeing this chuckles, before running towards her. Ahankara sidestep before hitting him on his head with the tilt of the sword. The other guys seeing this attacked. ahankara turn around and ran. While running she bumped into someone, just when she was about to apologized the man put a blanket over her head. Covering her from seeing anything. He pick her up and throw her on his shoulder . ” what are you doing? Put me down” she says wiggling to free herself

The guys ignore her and took her to the nearest boat, to dump her.

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