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Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 5

Precap: ashok faught with akhbar and earn his friendship, now lets see what happen next



Ahankara wouldn’t get sushim words out of her head. She sat down on her bed thinking “what was with him, asking her why she likes ashok”, she couldn’t figure him out, when he was ranting she could see so much emotions from him, anger, jealousy and sadness. ” was that really how he felt, or was he faking it” she says, she stood up frustrated ” why do I even care?!” ” he is ashok murderer, I should be angry not trying to figure him out. Yes that’s it, the incident yesterday was probably his way of tricking me so I will lose track”

Content she gets in her bed to sleep, she turn the light of and shut her eyes, but she couldn’t sleep because sushim words kept repeating in her head. She turned to her right and cover her head, than she opens her eyes thinking I just can’t figure him out.

The next day, sushim woke up, only to smell something nice. He turn his head to see a pretty girl burning what looks like a stick. He stood on the bed looking around ” where am I?”

The girl smile walking to him while blowing the smoke with her hand, ” your at prince ashan house” , sushim thought about it before remembering what happend. ” your the girl from yesterday” he says

“I’m glad you remember me my king, I hope your stay was very pleasant” she says putting the pot down and walking to the bed. Sushim watch her before asking her what she was doing with the pot, the girl told him, she was wording of evil spirits. ” I thought you were a wh**e” he says being blunt

The girl crying at the word ” just because I sold my soul to this kingdom does not mean I am a wh**e, it has only been one man I had slept with ad that was the late kings brother. Other than that the only man that has touched me thus far is you” sushim was taken back, he would have thought she would be angry but she wasn’t , it looks like she had came to terms with her life, she didn’t look happy but t the same time she wasn’t angry either.

Curious he asks her ” are you content?”

“What do you think?” She asks

“I think you’ve given up hope long ago, instead of fighting to be free, you chose the easy route”

The girl frown” I beg to differ my prince, as long as I’m alive and my heart continues to sway, I will never give up. It just takes time. You on the other hand, have to much anger, and hatred, you look trapped and lonely. From what I can see you want someone to take your side even when your wrong, a ressurence”

Sushim frown upon her, he didn’t like the way she was talking to him, ” what exactly are you implying”

” you want love, not a mothers love, but a love that makes your heart beat and makes you feel like a king” when she said this sushim got of the bed “NONSENSE!?” he says pissed

He didn’t know the girl well, but it seems like she knows him more than he knows himself. He didn’t like it, he wasn’t an open book. “Leave” he says, the girl got up leaving her pot before she looks at him one last time and leave

“I can’t stay here, I have to get back to the palace . Ahankara I know you followed me here, but once I get back we will talk. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us” he says


Kaurwaki was getting ready for school, she was just happy that ashok wasn’t coming. After the embarrassment yesterday, she didn’t know if she could take it anymore. She felt like she was going insane. She puts her clothes on and walk downstairs, she saw her brother already eating, her dad talking to her mom, and ashok? Speaking of which where is ashok? She thought

She asks her mom for ashok, and she says he’s on the roof, what is he doing up there. Worried, she walk out the house and stood in the front. She saw him sitting while staring beyond. ” ashok? What are you doing?” She asks

“I’m memorizing the direction”

” why?”

” so I can get back home”

“OK” she says

She turn and went back in the house, few minutes later her bus came. She said good bye to her mom before walking towards the bus, curious ashok asks where she was going, and she says school. When she left ashok thought of something ” maybe I can get information from this school” he says to himself, before jumping down , using acrobats.

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