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I am too happy that my choti n Anji r happy n thanx to Anu, Manu, Piya, Es n someone whose name I don’t remember, so next step is favourite sub, I don’t know what is mine, but I can know urs, right? Here is the promo



Manan were walking to n fro waiting for mechanic but there was no ata-pata of him. It started raining, Manik saw a small cottage, n said

Manik: Nandini see their is a cottage. Hearing her name from Manik’s mouth for the first time, she felt good.
Nandini: I can also see, let’s go.
Manan went inside the cottage, inside was an old couple. Manan asked hum thodi der ke liye ruk sakte hy yhpr.

The old couple agreed, Nandini loved rain so she went out to enjoy while Manik was drying his hair. Manik noticed Nandini wasn’t there, he called her name but didn’t find her. The old lady said she went outside. Manik came outside juz to see his angel enjoying in rain. Then reality hit him n anger returned.

Manik(coldly): Nandini, come inside.
Nandini(while playing): no Manik, u come here. Manik felt nice listening his name from her beautiful voice but soon he again said.
Manik: Nandini, I’m asking for last time, r u coming or not??
Nandini: what happened to u?? Sometimes ur nice n sometime ur monster.

Hearing monster was his habit but still he wanted her to come inside. But Nandini wasn’t ready at all, now Manik’s anger reached the peak, he turned to take Nandini but only too see a truck was coming in fast speed towards her. He ran towards her, pushed her n both fell on the other side. He checked her arms, little scratches were there. He hugged her tightly, Nandini was suprised at his sudden reaction but she hugged him back. He broke the hug n stood up shouting at her

Manik: I said u so many times but u didn’t listened. See what could have happened.
Nandini: par Manik, kuch bhi toh nhi hua.
Manik: kuch ho jata toh.
Nandini: Manik, tum itna gusse kyu ho, maine to kuch nhi kya. Phir bolo na Manik, plzzz bolo na. Manik was irritated now so he couldn’t stopped himself n shouted
Manik: bcoz I HATE RAIN.

So how was it? Why Manik hates rain, think🤔? So keep making me happy, love u all
Lots Of Love❤️❤️❤️

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