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It was a new day with new hopes for Fab5 that maybe today Manik vil come back to them. But today too it wasn’t the day but a day of new relations. Nandini made them realize that when Manik vil get conscious, if he sees his family like this in this state, then he vil feel guilty n they all understood her point n used to be happy. Nandini has made her place in Fab4’s hearts. They all thought she takes care of them as Manik. She is suitable for him. Its been one month since the accident n god was in mood to fullfil Fab4’s wish so today Manik was gonna become conscious. It was 10 of morning when Fab4 were busy in talks when Cabir felt a movement. He moved towards the bed n tears of happiness were flowing from his eyes. He called Fab4. All came running n they saw Manik smiling at them. Their anger flew away n all hugged him tightly one by one. Cabir went to call Doc. After 5mins Cabir came with Doc. Navya too was coming in the room but she got a call. Inside the room Doc checked Manik n said he can be discharged within 2days. Fab4 were very happy. Then Navya entered the room n was shocked too see Manik awake. Mukti came running to Navya n hugged her, Navya hugged her back. Everyone hugged each other, Cabir too in happiness hugged her but this hug was different for them as they got shivers in their bodies. They suddenly broke the hug thinking what happened before. But someone was confused their n that was Manik. Everyone saw him confused n Mukti reminisced something n asked where is our angel. Navya said she left for Mangalore. Fab4 were shocked.

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