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FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter 6)

Heya guys, sorry for late update, how is my choti, Anji, Athiya, Ananya, Manu, Anu n kon hai bhulgyi? So let’s get started

Chapter 6 – Manik’s Sister


Precap:Manik said he vil drop Nandini.
Nandini after insisted by Manik, agreed to go with him. They both were in car n suddenly stopped. Manik tried to start the car but I didn’t. He called the mechanic. Mechanic said he vil be there in 30mins. Manan were walking to n fro waiting for mechanic but there was no ata-pata of him. It started raining, Manik saw a small cottage, n said

Manik: Nandini see their is a cottage. Hearing her name from Manik’s mouth for the first time, she felt good.
Nandini: I can also see, let’s go.
Manan went inside the cottage, inside was an old couple. Manan asked hum thodi der ke liye ruk sakte hy yhpr.

The old couple agreed, Nandini loved rain so she went out to enjoy while Manik was drying his hair. Manik noticed Nandini wasn’t there, he called her name but didn’t find her. The old lady said she went outside. Manik came outside juz to see his angel enjoying in rain. Then reality hit him n anger returned.

Manik(coldly): Nandini, come inside.
Nandini(while playing): no Manik, u come here. Manik felt nice listening his name from her beautiful voice but soon he again said.
Manik: Nandini, I’m asking for last time, r u coming or not??
Nandini: what happened to u?? Sometimes ur nice n sometime ur monster.

Hearing monster was his habit but still he wanted her to come inside. But Nandini wasn’t ready at all, now Manik’s anger reached the peak, he turned to take Nandini but only too see a truck was coming in fast speed towards her. He ran towards her, pushed her n both fell on the other side. He checked her arms, little scratches were there. He hugged her tightly, Nandini was suprised at his sudden reaction but she hugged him back. He broke the hug n stood up shouting at her

Manik: I said u so many times but u didn’t listened. See what could have happened.
Nandini: par Manik, kuch bhi toh nhi hua.
Manik: kuch ho jata toh.
Nandini: Manik, tum itna gusse kyu ho, maine to kuch nhi kya. Phir bolo na Manik, plzzz bolo na. Manik was irritated now so he couldn’t stopped himself n shouted
Manik: bcoz I HATE RAIN. Nandini was shocked how can anyone hate rain. She asked
Nandini: y?? Manik was going to shout at her but old lady heard him shout so came out.

Old lady: beta kya hua, kyu chilla rahe ho.
Manik(calm): dekhiye na ye meri baat sunti hi nhi hy.
Old lady (to Nandini): beta kyu nhi sun rahi ho, apni pati ki baat kabhi nhi taalte.
Manan was shocked n in union said: hum pati patni nhi hai.
Old lady(suprised): maaf karna ye ladka tumhara liye itna pareshan tha toh mujhe laga tum dono shadi-shuda ho.
Nandini: ap mafi kyu mangrahi ho, apki galti nhi hai. Old lady n Nandu went inside the cottage. Manik was standing when he saw the mechanic reached.

He led the mechanic to car, said him suddenly it stopped. After that he came in the cottage, he talked to old man. Old couple were childless. Manik felt connected with them. After a while mechanic informed the car has been repaired. Manan bid bye to old couple n went to their destinantion. The whole ride went silently, both were angry at each other. After he dropped Nandini, he reached to Malhotra Mansion. He entered the home, his sister was waiting. She removed his blazer, held in one hand n sensed that his brother is tensed. She asked

Sis: bhai ap kisi se baat se prshan lagrahe ho.
Manik: haa hoo.
Sis: kya baat hy??
Manik: Nandini, wo meri baat hi sunti hy. Before his sis could qs further he went to his room n slammed the door. Nandini also did the same when asked qs by Rishab as Amms slept early.

Next day Manik didn’t give much work to her. It was lunch time, Nandini n Twinkle head to office cafe for lunch. Twinkle was happy as Manik didn’t give Nandu too much work. She said

Twinkle: Nandini, I am very happy.
Nandini(confused): y??
Twinkle: bcoz Manik before she could complete her sentence Nandini said
Nandini: I dont wanna talk about him.
Twinkle: y? Did he do something??
Nandini: he is very arrogant.
Twinkle: he is, but u should see his good part too.
Nandini: he don’t have a good part, he is rude. I wish no one love him, he don’t deserve anyone’s love. I juz asked sumthing n he. Uff, I hate before Nandu could complete Twinkle(angry): enough is enough Nandu, I dont want to listen anything against him.
Nandini(angry): y?? Who is he to u?? How u know he is good??
Twinkle: bcoz he is my brother, do u get it??
Nandini(stammering): wh-what??Manik….has….a…sister…too.
Twinkle: yes n that’s me.
Nandini: but Fab5 didn’t say me.
Twinkle: bcoz i have said them not to tell. Wait… y vil Fab5 say it to u??
Nandini(crossing her arms): bcoz I am the one who saved ur arrogant brother.
Twinkle(suprised): what?? Its u.
Nandini: yes.
Twinkle: thanx so much for saving Bhai. But plzzz he isn’t arrogant.
Nandini: u r his sister, that’s y u r saying he is gud.
Twinkle: its not like that?? I m his sister but not real but still I know he is very good.
Nandini(suprised): what u mean ur not his real sis??
Twinkle(verge on crying): I was very happy person. Last year my college was over, I was very happy for my new work, that day I was going back home with my friends, a van came in front of me n a person took me somewhere, the person raped me(twinkle fell on her knees crying, nandini sat beside her consoling). He then threw me on the road from where he took me. I was lying lifeless when Bhai found me on road, he took me to hospital where the doc informed Bhai that I was raped. He consoled me n asked what I want to do. Next day he took me to my house as I said. After knowing I was raped my parents too threw me out. I was broken but Bhai was with me, he consoled me, took me to his house as no one wanted to keep a raped girl. He gave me work in his office. I love my Bhai a lot. He without letting me know jailed the person. I am very lucky to have him.

Nandini was shocked knowing Manik’s good side. She wanted to know y Manik hates rain but seeing Twinkle’s condition, she couldn’t ask her. She went to talk Manik about Twinkle. Manik sent Twinkle to home n started shouting at Nandini, by which Nandini was sad but she knew he was right.

She went to her home, freshen up n talked to Amms about her job till she recieved Navya’s call.

Nandini: yaad aahi gayi meri.
Navya: haa agayi. Kesi ho tum.
Nandini: thik hoo r shyad tum bhi, tumhari awaz se lagraha hai ur excited.
Navya: haa hum hai. Fab4 humse milne arahe hai. Then Nandu remembered she didn’t inform Navya about Manik being her boss.
Her trance broke when she heard Mukti’s voice.
Mukti: kesi hy hamari angel.
Nandini: thik ho r tum r bhai.
Mukti(blush, everyone going aww, phone is on loudspeaker): sab thik hy.
Cabir: hamari angel hame bina btye chligyi, 2 mhine se ne baat nhi ki.
Nandini: sorry Cabir. How r u??
Dhrulya: tum btao tum kesi hoo, sirf hmre bare mein puchrahi hoo.
Navya: Rishab ksa hy?
Nandini: mai thik hoo r wo bhi. Guyz actually mujhe kuch btana hy.
All in union: toh bolona.
Nandini: IamManik’sPA she said all in one go.
All in union: what??
Cabir: y didn’t u inform me??
Navya: tumne hume bhi nhi btya.
Mukti: tu sach bol rahi hai?
Nandini: Cabir mere paas tumhara no. nhi hai jo mai tumhe btao.
Navya sorry humne kuch din se baat nhi ki isilye nhi btya.
Mukti me sach bol rahi hai. Waise dhrulya ko kya hua.
Cavya: ye dhrulya kon hai.
Nandini: dhruv n alya.
Cavya: accha.
Nandini: acha guyz I want to know y Manik hates rain.
Cabir: kyu kuch hua kya
Nandini: haa actually, she said the whole incident.
Navya(concerned): tum thik ho na.
Nandini: haa ho, isiliye tumse baat karrahi ho.
Cabir: actually Nandini, Manik hates rain bcoz it was a rainy day when Manik’s parents died.

So guys, how was it? Did I like it, n if u all wanna know me better, ask me anything. Waiting for response………
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