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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sumo tells ladies that boxes should be packed by 11:30. She waits for Prita who comes with Shravan. Sumo is taken aback to see him while Prita smiles sweetly. Sumo tells her to focus on work. You have anyways come late. Shravan calls her Sumo. Can we talk?

Shravan – kya hum baat kar sakte hain?

Sumo – prita jinhe saath me leke aayi hai unse please keh de ki main kaam kar rahi hu aur mujhe bilkul pasand nahi hai ki koi kaam ke time pe aake mujhe disturb kare.

(Sumo busies herself in work. Prita, Tell the one you brought with you that I am working. I don’t like to be disturbed at work. Shravan stands outside and waits for her to be free.)

Everyone leaves. Sumo closes PCT. Shravan looks at her.

Shravan – kya ab hum baat kar sakte hain? Ab to main kaam

ke beech me nahi aa raha hu na.

(Can we talk now? I am not coming between your work now. She drives away in her car while he tries to talk to her.)

Sumo reaches Tiwari House followed by Shravan. Please listen to me once. He follows her inside. She heads straight to her room and closes the door. Mami tells him that Sumo is. He knows she is upset with him.

Shravan – jaanta hu bahot naraz hai mujhse par main us se naraz nahi hu. Ho bhi kaise sakta hu. Main khud se naraz hu, itni galtiyan jo ki hain maine. Lekin isi liye usey manane aaya hu. Mujhe maloom hai maine aap sabko bahot chot pahunchayi hai lekin ab main sab theek kar dunga!

(But I am not upset with her. How can I be when I am upset with myself? I have made so many mistakes. I came here to change things for good. I have hurt you all very much but I will set everything right now). Nanu says my trust on you told me you will come. We all can forgive you but it will be of no use till the one who has closed doors for you does not forgive you and bring you back in her life once again. go talk to her.

Shravan knocks at Sumo’s door.

Shravan – Sumo, kholo. Main tumse baat kare bagair kahin nahi jaane wala.

(Iam not leaving wihtout talking to you). Sumo opens door. What’s your problem? Why are you troubling me? He replies that he wants to clear all the problems. Family members wish him good luck. Shravan closes the door from inside.

Childhood scene plays.

Little Sumo – ae Shravan, tune darwaza kyun band kiya?

Little Shravan – wo, tum gusse me ho na!

Little Sumo – to, us se darwaze ka kya lena dena?

Little Shravan – main tumhe manane aaya hu to yahan pe poora hungama hone wala hai. Matlab ab tum aise hi to nahi maanogi. Pehle to gusse me bahot sara chillaogi fir mujhe daantogi. Ab ye baat sabko to nahi pata chalni chahiye na!

(Little Sumo asks him why he closed door. he says you are angry. She asks him how it is related. Little Shravan says you are angry and I have come to make up for it. you wont understand easily. you will shout at me. I wont let everyone hear that.)

Shravan – jaanta hut um asani se nahi maanogi, aur main maan-ne bhi nahi dunga. Aur agar tum maanogi to bhi nahi maan-ne dunga. Maine kitni galtiyan ki hain. Chillao mujh pe, daanto mujhe lekin.

Sumo – lekin kya Shravan? Jab mann aaya tab bhaga diya, jab mann aaya tab manane chale aaye. Tumne mujhe samajh kya rakha hai?

Shravan – agar tumhe samajh pata to itni problems hi nahi hoti. Sumo…main tumhe kabhi samajh hi nahi paya!

(Shravan says I know you are upset with me. you are right to be upset. I will not let you understand things too easily this time. I will talk and make up for it. She gets upset. But what Shravan? You think you will do everything as per your wish? You feel you can shout at me whenever you feel like and you can come and pacify me whenever you feel like? What do you think about me? He replies that he could actually never understand her. This wouldn’t have happened if I had understood you!)

Little Sumo – main kya koi maths ki problem hu jo samajh nahi aaungi? Mera dimag mat kharab kar tu. Aur ek hi baat na dus baar repeat karo tab bhi tujhe samajh nahi aata.

Little Shravan – 10 baar? Tumne mujhe ek baar bhi nahi samjhaya Sumo.

Little Sumo – har baat to nahi bola jata, kabhi kabhi samjha bhi jata hai. Usey hints kehte hain.

Little Shravan – kaun se hints?

Little Sumo – yaar, tu ek number ka duffer hai. Abhi agar main hints bhi samjhaungi to wo hints kaise rahenge?

(Little sumo asks Shravan if she is some maths problem which he cannot understand. Why will I repeat same thing 10 times. He reasons that she dint even explain once. She replies that some things are not told directly. You got to look out for the hints. He is all the more confused.)

Shravan – sumo…tum to jaanti ho meri bachpan se problem hai main nahi samajh pata tumhe aur shayad aage jaa ke bhi kabhi kabhi main na samajh paun, lekin ek baat main acche se samajh gaya hu. Sumo, main tumse bahot pyaar karta hu. Main jaanta hu bahot takleef di hai maine tumhe..bahot dard lekin ab wo waqt khatam ho gaya hai. Ab badalne ka waqt hai. Bahot chahta hu main tumhe…aur ab se nahi bachpan se! Tum to jaanti ho. Jab se tum aayi ho meri life me tumhe hi dhundhta tha apna dard batane ke liye. Tum chali gayi…bahot akela ho gaya tha main. Agar aaj tum chali gayi to main zinadgi bhar ke liye akela ho jaunga. Aa jao na Sumo please. I really love you. I love you so so much. I really need you!

Sumo – itna chahte the to pehle kyun nahi bola?

Shravan – kya kehta aur kab? Bachpan to aise hi beet gaya. Aur jab bada hua to ander itna dard, itne dhoke…zindagi itni messed up ho gayi thi ki main is pyaar ko pehchan hi nahi paya. Sirf nafrat samajh paya. Main jaanta hu in sab me tumse zyada meri kahin galti hai, kahin zyada dard jhela hai tume. Aaj, Is waqt main tumse ek vada karta hu. Ye waqt fir nahi aayega. Aane wale waqt me koi nafrat nahi hogi kabhi.

Little Sumo – pakka? Promise?

Little Shravan – tumhari promise and God promise!

(Shravan says you know since childhood that I cannot understand you. I have understood one thing for sure. I love you very much. I know I have hurt you very much. I have given you pain. That time is up now. It is time to change. I love you a lot, not just from now but from childhood. I always shared my pain with you. I was all alone when you left. If you leave now then I will be alone for life. She looks at him teary eyed. He requests her to come back once. I really need you. Give me one chance. She asks him why he never said to when he loved her so much. He replies that he never got courage in childhood. I was in so much hatred and pain when I grew up that I couldn’t understand anything. I know you have been through more but I promise this time wont come back now. Little Sumo asks for his promise. Little Shravan promises her.

Shravan – kuch bolo na Sumo, please.

Sumo – mujhe nahi pata ki main kya kahun. Tumhe pata hai…10 saal se roz maine intezar kiya ki kab tum mujhe ye baat bologe. Par aaj jab tum mujhe ye sab keh rahe ho na…mujhe nahi pata ki main kya bolun. Pichle dino hum dono ke beech me jo bhi hua hai us se na to sirf mera dil tuta hai balki vishwas bhi bahot buri tarah se toot chukka hai. Is liye main nahi jaanti ki main kaise react karun.

Shravan – sumo..ek aakhri chance. kya Sumo apne Shravan pe ek aakhri baar nahi trust kar sakti? Maine dil toda hai…main jhunkunga. Dard diya hai na…us se kahin zyada khushiyan dunga. Nafrat ki hai na..us se kahin zyada pyaar karunga. Bas ek baar wapas aa jao. Ek aakhri chance de do. Itna to chalta hai…dosti, pyaar me?

Shravan asks Sumo to say something. She shakes her head. I don’t know what to say. I waited every day of 10 years to hear this from you. I don’t know what to say when you finally say it. Whatever happened between us recently broke not just my heart but my trust too. I don’t know how to react. He asks for one last chance. Can Sumo not trust her Shravan one last time? I will join the heart I broke. I will give more happiness than pain, will love you more than I have hated you. give me one last chance. this much is allowed in friendship, in love. She cries. He walks up to her and wipes her teas. Title track plays as they look at each other. Little Sumo and Little Shravan smile at each other.

Sumo – nahi, ye nahi ho payega.

Shravan – kya nahi ho payega?

Sumo – hum saath nahi reh sakte.

Shravan – kyun.

Sumo – kyuki Shravan hum log fir se ladenge. Fir se ek dusre se nafrat karenge. Tumne jo vaade kiye hain na…tumhara gussa, tumhari ego kabhi na kabhi tumhare un vaadon ko todne pe majboor zaroor karegi. Tum fir se wahi kadwe Shravan ban jaoge.

Shravan – kyu lagta hai tumhe aisa?

Sumo – Shravan jiske dil me sirf nafrat bhari ho…dard ho, narazgi ho wo kisi ko kaise pyaar kar sakta hai? Tum mujhe khushiyan kahan se doge jab tumhare ander itna gussa, itni nafrat hai…apni maa ke liye. Jab tak tum us nafrat to khatam nahi kar dete tum pyaar nahi kar paoge. Aur ye baat tum bhi jaante ho. Humara relation tab tak nahi jud sakta jab tak tum apni Ma se apni nafrat khatam nahi karte. Wo tumse bahot pyaar karti hain. Tum unke bina adhure ho aur wo tumhare bina adhuri hain. Tum mere pass tab aana jab tum unke saath chizein thik kar lo. Tab tak yahi theek hoga ki hum ek dusre se durr rahein.

Sumo suddenly realises something and turns away. She shakes her head. This cannot happen. He asks her what cannot happen. She tells him they cannot be together. we will fight again and hate each other again. your promises will be someday broken by your anger and ego. You will once again become that bitter Shravan. He asks her why she thinks so. She says the heart which is only filled with pain, hatred, anger can never love anyone. how will you make me happy when you have all those bad feelings inside you for your mother? You wont be able to love till the time you end that hatred against your mother! You also know that. Our relation cannot be joined till his relation with his mother is fixed. She loves you very much. You are incomplete without her and so is she without you. come to me when you mend things with her. Till then it will be better if we stay away from each other. Title track plays.

Shravan cries thinking about the same. Someone offers him water. He looks up and is taken aback to see his mother. She is all emotional and so is he. She covers his mouth as he says Ma. Don’t say anything. I am your mother. I understand everything without your saying it. I was yearning for this moment since years. I wanted to hug my son once. They share an emotional hug. Lala ji walks in with Ramnath. Lala ji says today’s generation would click selfie in such time but I am from old times. Get me sweets as Bhabhi is home. Vandy goes to get some. Nirmala ji says I never thought I will come back in this home, near my son. I am very happy. Ramnath ji goes to her. I am your culprit. I don’t deserve forgiveness but. She tells him not to spoil the happiness of present by thinking about past. There wont be any complain or apologies after today. Vandy brings sweets for everyone. Nirmala ji turns to Shravan. There wont be any tears in your eyes after today. Your life will only be filled with happiness. Shravan says wish your words come true but it isn’t possible till Sumo is here. Everyone coughs and smiles. Shravan asks them what happened. No one replies which confuses him all the more. Why are you smiling when I am tensed? Pushkar suggests him to go to his room as he indded looks really tensed. Someone might be waiting for you. Ray of hope shines on Shravan’s face.

Shravan runs upstairs and peeks inside his room. He is relieved to see Sumo waiting for him. They look at each other longingly. Sumo says hi to him. People call me Sumo fondly. Let’s decide some things now that you are here.

Sumo – hi! Mera naam Suman hai. Log mujhe pyaar se Sumo bulate hain. Ab tum aa gaye ho to kuch baatein final kar lein? Jaise ki…ye left side ka bed tumhara aur right side ka mera. Ok?

Shravan – Sumo…

Sumo – isme mujhe koi argument nahi chahiye. Ye jo bhi hoga na ye final hai. Waise ye cupboard ka left side tumhara aur right side mera, ok?

Shravan – hello, I am Shravan. Aur pyaar se log mujhe….chhodo, jisne pyaar kiya usne koi naam hi nahi diya. Lekin haan ek cheez hai. Aaj se mera kamra, yahan ki har cheez, main, meri aatma, mera pyaar, meri zinadgi sirf aur sirf tumhari hai!

He says hello to her. People call me, leave it. the one who loved me dint give me any name. But yes one thing is there. I will say it now. Everything I have now, me, my life, my love, it is all yours. He lifts her in his arms and they share a warm hug. Title track plays.

Mil jaate hain jo bane ek duje ke vaaste!


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