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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

At Tiwari House, everyone sees the news of Shravan breaking his relation with Sumo on tv. Sumo enters just then and notices them watching news. Mami ji asks Sumo what happened. Everyone demands to know as to what Shravan said. Sumo tells Nanu she knows he will be hurt by what she will say now. But I left that house for forever. there is nothing between Shravan and me now. Our namesake relation is over too. I don’t want to talk about it. She heads inside. Nanu feels dizzy. Mama ji and Mausa ji hold him. They agree to talk to Sumo once she calms down a little.


Sumo is crying in her room thinking about Shravan’s hurtful words. Mama ji sits down next to her. Don’t stop your tears. Sumo says truth is that Shravan and my relation was only a burden. Shravan does not want to live with me. It was only a sham to keep everyone happy. Today that drama is over! Mama ji asks her why she is saying so. What’s the matter? What happened? She says nothing. Just understand that Shravan and I weren’t made for each other (hum ek duje ke vaaste nahi bane hain). Nothing was right between us since beginning. Maybe I knew it was going to happen one day but I dint know it will happen like this and so soon! But don’t worry, time will heal me. When everything is over then my life will also get back to normal with time – ordinary!

Lala ji sits down next to his brother seeing him tensed. We all are shocked about what happened. Shravan and Sumo were upset with each other. We too noticed this. But I trust Sumo and her friendship with Shravan. Everything will be fine. Pushkar and Preeti share good news with them. Lala ji happily hugs him. I am going to become Dada! He shares it with Kamini ji. Ramnath gets sad. This is family where there is love, respect and they are together unlike my family. On one side, I am broken and on the other side, my son is upset with life when it just began!

Ramnath makes Shravan sit down. You told me you love Sumo at the same place some time ago? Shravan gets upset. Ramnath assures him he wont lecture him on marriage today. I called you here to tell you the truth which you must know. I loved you a lot till date. I loved you so much that I only saw my love forgetting your love. It was only because I dint want to lose you. I have done many wrong things too forgetting that it will affect your life too! Shravan denies. Whatever is going wrong in my life is because of two women – Nirmala Ahuja and Suman Tiwari. Ramnath shares that it isn’t Nirmala Ahuja but Nirmala Malhotra. She is still my wife and your mother. She never married Ahuja or divorced me. She only took care of Ahuja’s kids after he passed away. Shravan looks at him in shock. Ramnath accepts that Nirmala never left Shravan. She came back to meet you as well. Flashback of the same is shown. Ramnath adds that he never let her meet him with the fear of losing you. I never let her reach you. Shravan breaks down. Why? Ramnath says I know you trusted me a lot till date. I couldn’t respect that. I always wanted to keep you near me and not lose you. I kept you away from your happiness. I got scared a lot when Sumo came in your life. I thought she might unite you with your mother. Knowing that she loves you truly, I instigated you against Sumo too. I know I don’t even deserve your forgiveness but try to understand. I did all that as I never wanted to lose you. I wanted you to be with me. What should I do? I only needed one person in my life till date and that is you. It becomes unbearable when I see you destroying yourself. I told you truth so you can understand and pull yourself together. Ramnath holds his hand but Shravan shrugs it away. He leaves.

Ramnath tells Sumo that he told Shravan everything. Everything that I presented to him as a truth about you and Nirmala! She asks him why he is telling her this. He says I came to ask you something. Give him another chance. I know he has hurt you a lot but he did that as he was broken from inside. Now he knows everything. He had a relation with me but he is ready to break that too today. Only you can save him in this case. Be with him. Take care of him please. She says forgive me but you are asking help from the wrong person. I wont be able to give you anything right now. There was a time when I loved Shravan more than myself but that Sumo and that time has moved on. Shravan and I aren’t made for each other (Shravan aur main Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Nahi bane hain)! I have understood it well. It would be good if you understand it too. Ramnath tries to say something but she folds her hands before him. He leaves without saying another word.

Shravan breaks the glass thereby hurting himself. Ramnath nurses his wound. Shravan looks at him. Why papa? I loved you so much, trusted you so much. Which father does that to his son? Ramnath says I know I failed very badly as a father. I was so lost in my love for my son that I forgot the difference between right and wrong. I did what all I did so you would be mine. I realise now how wrong I was. I can say one thing for sure. In all these lies, there was one truth which wasn’t fake – it is my love for you. Please forgive me. Shravan says I love you a lot too, more than anyone else in the world. I still cannot see you losing. You are my hero. Heroes don’t cry, they don’t lose. Maybe what you did was for your love but there was only your happiness in it. Maybe you snatched something from me which I will never get again. You will always be my papa.

Next morning, Pushkar is shocked to know that Sumo left house. I will speak to Bhaiya. Lala ji says matter will go out of hand if we don’t tackle this issue now. He asks Shravan to join them. Shravna complies. Lala ji says perfect marriage and couple is for novels or films. Fights happen with people who live together. it is normal. We should never let it get out of hand. Pushkar says your heart will also say you both cannot live without each other. You are made for each other. Why did you give into your ego? Preeti tells Shravan that it isn’t just about him. I know how much her Di loves him a lot. Prita adds that she too has seen it. I never saw Sumo this happy since she was after the marriage was fixed. Lala ji tells Shravan that you get true love with difficulty. Don’t let it go. Shravan gets teary eyed. Pushkar says you will regret it all your life if you don’t take the right decision today. Preeti tells Shravan to go and get his Sumo. Epi ends on Shravan’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Shravan tells Sumo he loves her a lot, not just from now but from childhood. Come back once. (Main bahot chahta hu tume…aur aaj se nahi bachpan se. Please wapas aa jao. Mujhe ek mauka de do). Give me one chance. She replies that their relation cannot be joined till his relation with his mother is fixed.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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