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Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued

Hello everyone, Well i am a very big fan of the serial and this is the first ever show i have seen and loved after IPKKND season 1. I am really very interested in sharing what i think would have happened if ekk duje ke vaaste would have continued. Hope you all like it. Please feel free to comment. Thank you ?



They both are smiling and happy tears are flowing from sumo’s eyes. Shravan tells her to give all her tears to him cos he gave her so much pain and hurdles in past. Sumo gives the idea of sharing everything. Nirmala ji knocks on their door and asks sumo to come out for a minute in a serious voice. Shravan and sumo get a little worried and sumo walks out with nirmala ji. Nirmala ji tells her that now since they all know how much her son, shravan loves her and vice versa, they should get married in front of her with everyone’s blessing and support. Sumo tells her that she has married shravan two times already, but nirmalaji cuts her in between and tells her that she wants to see her son getting married infront of her eyes and wants to give blessings to her as her mother in law. She also adds that she wants a grand celebration as her son’s marriage. Sumo asks her if everyone else is ready?

Ramnath comes and side hugs nirmala and tells sumo that everyone is ready and most importantly everyone is happy. I am happy….very very happy. He requests sumo to let him compensate his mistakes. Sumo tells him that its not required but he tells her that he wants to otherwise he will remain guilty forever. He wants to hire her as his firm’s food consultant and wants her tiffin services for lifetime, making her a professional member of his law firm. She smiles and nods in affirmation. She says she would love to join his firm.

He tells her that in addition he would like to invest in her services and asks her to discuss all the details from him tomorrow morning in his office at 10.
she happily accepts and thanks him. Nirmalaji then asks ramnath to ask sharvan if he is ready to marry sumo?
Ramnath asks her in return to ask him. He says that “Tumhari jagah lene ki bohot koshish ki maine shravan ki zindagi mein, ab aur nahi. apni zimmedari ko acche se smbhalo, shravan ki maa ho tum, usse ehsas toh hone do ki uski maa laut aayi hai”. Nirmala smiles and asks sumo to make tea for her and her son. sumo and ramnath leave while she goes inside shravan’s room.

Shravan is pacing very impatiently, waiting to know what is happening outside. nirmala comes and asks him to sit. he sits and asks her what she conversed with sumo. she said that she lost so many years of her motherhood and thus she has taken a decision. She doesn’t want to share her son with sumo right now. Shravan gets shocked!! she laughs and tells him that she was kidding. She wants him to marry again. Sharvan is confused. He says that he is married already and he won’t marry again. Legally its not possible and he has no place for anyone else except for sumo in his heart. nimala smiles and tells him to marry sumo again. He tells her that he has married her already …….twice to be pointed. she tells him that its her wish and she wants a grand celebration for her son’s marriage. she has already missed so many important things in his life. Shravan tells her that he is ready if sumo is ready. Nirmala gets happy and tells him to get ready for his marriage. He smiles and hugs her.

Sumo comes with their tea and some pakoras. She serves them tea and starts packing her bags. Shravan gets up and asks her what is she doing.
She stumbles to tell so nirmala tells him that they both are getting married so before that they need to live seperately. Shravan tells her that they are legally married so sumo won’t go. He acts a little childish and protective. Nirmala and sumo smile. Shravan tells sumo that he won’t let her go. sumo blushes and tells him that she will be back with a bang!!
He laughs and hugs her. He says i love you to her and she says the same to him. Nirmala coughs and smiles, and tells shravan to go out she will help sumo in packing.
He leaves.

Nanu and everyone is sitting in the house and having evening tea when sumo comes in with the bags. They all are taken aback and ask her what happened now. She is looking down and tells them that she is getting married. Nanu tells her that she is already married. By then Nirmala and ramnath comes in wish shagun plates and tell them that nirmala ji is back and has mended her relationship with shravan and ramnath and has wished to get the two love birds married again grandly. Nanu likes her idea and welcomes her. Mamiji and mausiji take suman inside her room and start talking about her marriage etc.

Outside nanu, nirmala and ramnath are discussing the monetary issues and suman comes saying that she will handle the marriage expenses. She tells them smiling that she has got another investor (pointing at ramnath) and now she can very easily manage everything. Shravan comes and tells her that he knew that she will say this. He is smiling and then tells her that since he will be sharing his life with her, he wants to share his marriage expenses with her. she tries to deny but he says that it is not just her marriage, its his as well. atleast he can contribute 1/4 of the wedding budget. He proposes a deal to her. he tells her that he will arrange the wedding dresses, jewellery, gifts etc and she will handle food, decoration, venue, cards etc. She looks at nirmala ji and nanu who nods in agreement and then she finally says yes. everyone cheer and mamaji calls pandit for muhurat. Mamiji, mausiji and nirmala ji start talking about saris, jewellery etc and stuff. Nanu and ramnath start talking about good muhurat and all. shravan and sumo are left. They both are happy and smiling at each other.
Episode ends.

Sumo is managing things at her home well and she collides with someone and starts yelling, but stops shockingly when she looks up to see who is there. Shravan on the other hand calls sumo later that night and asks her who all she met today and she gets tensed.

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