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Ek Coffee, Do Chammach pyaar ke [Ishkara OS] Part 1

Hii guy’s ayesha here with part 1 read & comment:
3 girls is standing they r shama di shaza & priya in shama hand one book is there priya ask
Pri: kya hai is book mai
Shama: story
Shaza: story kaise story
Shama: love story
Priza: ooh love story kiski love story
Shama: this is the story of omkara & ishana in this story omkara daily came with her girlfrnd ishana work in that cafe she like omkara but she have dark past
Shaza: what is the dark past of ishana I want to know
Pri: me too
Shama: so let’s start
Priza: ok

Birds chatting the start one board is story it’s written
Promises & lies
By – Omkara Singh oberio
”Young writer takes teens and youth by storm with has debut book”
”Soon to be a motion picture”
In that posted one girl picture is there drawn by someone
This board is kept outside one cafe
Inside cafe
One man is sitting her eyes shown her hand shown[everyone is saying one autograph please one autograph] he is giving autograph {omkara}

One girl eyes is shown she see that man & make cappuccino her face is shown she is ishana
Isha: accha listen yeh wala order us table (pointing toward omkara’s take) pe lakar ja
Mona go with order om saw smily face in cappucino
Om: cappuccino without smile aur yeh cookie laker jayeya
Listening that ishana get sad
Mona: yeh complimentary hai sir
[He look at ishana she look down]Om: mujhe nahi pasand
Ishana turn other side she get sad
Mona is about to go he said

Om: excuse me (she turn) Maine yeh order aap ko diya tha toh mere coffee aap banaenge [He look at ishana]ok
Mona: ok sir
Ishana start doing her work & om start giving autograph media came
Media: excuse me
[He look at her]Media: mr.omkara kya soch kar app ne yeh title rakha
Om: book ka title died ek title he nahi [look at ishana]kuch ladkiyon ki fitrat(habit) as inspired hai woh ladkiya joh jhoote promises karti hai so promises and lies
Media: aap ki kahani ka koye happy ending hoga
Om: is kahani ka koye ending nahi hoga happy na sad [Ishana look at her] yeh kahani incomplete hai hamare sapno ki tarha
Media: om kya aap ki kahani ka koye sequel hai

Om: i wish par iska koye sequel nahi hoga [He take the book] is ka end is kitaab (book) ka panno (pages) kai saath hi khatam hojata hai one boy came for autograph he gave the book He turn the book and back side om photo is there
He look at ishana then he done autograph and gave back book to boy

Shama so them same book
Pri: hmmm but y he is like this rude type toward ishana
Shaz: ya I m also thinking same
Shama: for that we should go in flashback
Priza: let’s start flashback
Shama: hmm ok

How it is good or bad ??
Boring or intresting ??
Should I continue ??
Shama di u like it or not ??

Thanks for reading comment below please
By…..take care
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di 😊😊😙😙

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