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ek adhuri dastan (part 2)

hllo everyone sorry for late post .I eas busy .I hope you remember me.
flashback begins
@oberoi mansion
A Party is arranged at oberoi mansion in order to felicitate shivay singh oberoi for cracking a huge deal with US clients .they have invested billions in their company .these was achieved by shivay singh oberoi in very short span.

oberoi members are standing in front of entrance in order to welcome guests .the top most buisness tycoons along with media have started arriving .within a time guest have gathered inside oberoi mansion.oberois started greeting them.ranas entered in their style and greet oberois .ranas and oberois have a good buisness relations apart from that they are best friends also.almost everyone have arrived and party starts.


shivay:I would like to thank all of the guest present in this party for sparing your precious time for this party .I am glad that you all became part of this success.I am going to do an important announcement after some time till that enjoy the party.
oberois joined him and they meet and greet each and every guest personally.tia came to meet shivay and hug him.

tia:shivay baby you were saying about an official
announcement before some time .may I know what is that??
shivay:it is a surprise you have to wait ok
tia:shivay baby you are increasing my anxiety but I would wait .I would send some reiki to boost your confidence
omru join them and they hug rana brothers.

om:rudra why I am sensing that shivay is upto something big.he has never hidden anything from us but today he is going to give surprise and we are not aware about it .

rudra:you are right even I felt something is cooking in his mind.let’s go and ask

they came towards shivay and ask him to come
towards first floor .they have some urgent work.

shivay:what happen???what is so urgent????why did you call me here???
om:I hope you know what you are going to do.shivay you have never hidden anything from until now.
rudra:bhaiya atleast you should tell us .you made us stranger by keeping hidden .you know I am good detective and I would find it soon
shivay :omru relax it is not a treasure that I am hiding from you and I kept it secret because I want to give you surprise .
om:we are waiting but don’t take decision in hurry.
shivay goes from there .
rudra:don’t tell me bhaiya is procliving towards men day by day .this might be reason for hiding.he would be ashamed to tell in front of everyone .bhaiya I am with you don’t worry .I knew love is blind .love can happen with anyone.

om gives him deadly glance and ask him to keep his mouth shut.riddhima came there to meet.
riddhima:hi om I was searching for you everywhere .where were you ??bhaiya told me you are upstair.I want to talk with you personally.shall we???om pointed rudra to go

om:tell me riddhima what happened ????
riddhima:I have asked you something few days ago .I hope you remember.
riddhima:about relationship???
om:look riddhima for me relationship is a big thing.
om:look riddhima I don’t want to hurt you.any relationship is based upon love ,trust,honesty,equality .I don’t think I am ready for relationship .please give me some time .any relationship require consent of both .the most important is love .where there is a trust there is love so I need time to think.
riddhima told him to take his time.
rudra:is she asking about relationship ???
rudra:uff this lady baba and charity baba would make me mad.they should join religious society.they should benefit society also.
om:how would be society benefitted???
rudra:lady baba would throw reiki on people and charity baba would chant in the name of charity.
om: I wish I could borrow brain for you
rudra:it’s ok no need to thanks .why don’t you make them your disciple .you can give preachings to the society through your writing .
om:shut up rudra
tej and shakti thank all the guest for coming to the party.tej announces

tej: ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention please ???today I am feeling very proud .today my son shivay did such thing which I didn’t .he cracked such a big deal in very short period .it’s been my pleasure that you all attend this party .
shivay :bade papa it’s just not only my efforts but buisness persons who are present here have contributed their efforts towards this success.before raising curtain from surprise I would like to thank rana brothers who are our buisness partner.
now I am going to do an official announcent of my engagement with.dadi omru and everyone remain shocked.tia gets happy and think that her plan is working.she started dreaming of her marriage with shivay.
this is it guys I hope you liked it

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