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DYM – Connection from past Memory 7

Hiee all Sv back here tadaaaa . Ok sorry now no more looking angry at me. I was held up and now on no problem pakka regular updates. Pls do comment ur views as they mean a lot to me. Love u all….

Enjoy the ride….


Shakthi was running into the deep forest. Many soldiers were running at their top speed. But they were not to his speed. But slowly he got exhausted because 3 arrows were pearsing its body. He slow downed his speed and took a break to breathe. There was silence in the air. Suddenly Rudra who used this as an opportunity with the help of sarvesh he captured shakthi in the net and tightened his grip over the rope of shakthi. Shakthi winched in pain……

Sarvesh ; U bl**dy horse u were always a pride mark i wanted to make u as my chariot horse and give u a honorary work but u filthy horse what did u do ?? U were always with that cheap soldier and he wanted Radha i will even give my kingdom but not radha wait i have sent the people to get them, U will see with ur eyes the way i kill ur so called master and marry that princess i will see what will u do this time and smirked and left the rope. Just then a soldier came and said ; sir they are dead. They jumped off the cliff.

Sarvesh was in hell angry. He was defeated against a normal soldier he was not able to take that. He took his sword and pearsed it on shakthi’s stomach. It suffered in pain but the grip of the rope made it unable to move. Rudra and sarvesh were making hell lot of tortures to shakthi as it was arjun’s pride. Sarvesh wanted to make shakthi as his chariot horse but it was loyal to his master. Shakthi was brutally beaten and finally when he lost his power to walk. His legs were clutched with the rope and was pulled by dragging on the ground. King who saw this ordered them to stop it. All the people felt sad as shakthi was their country’s pride. Kings’s eyes were red.

King ; its because of u i felt proud and now because of u im feeling ashamed. Neelkanteshwar kill this horse now which will be a lesson to all. Neel was shocked it was his best friend’s pride how could he do it?? But it was from king he has to do it. He stood in front of shakthi and took his sword. Shakthi gave a week look. It made neelkanteshwar to die. Samuktha saw that with tears from the top of the building. She was in very bad state. Shakthi saw her and she saw shakthi. When neelkanteshwar took his sword shakthi was only thinking of arjun and radha and their sweet moments, kingdom war everything.
Neelkanteshwar ; im sorry shakthi and pulled the sword in shakthi’s throat and it reached the ground and the blood splashed over his face. Neel saw the dead shakthi and kneeled down and cried by keeping his head over shakthi’s stomach. Suddenly there was a scream from the tower. All saw and there she was samuktha lying with the pool of blood. He rushed to her.

Neelkanteshwar who saw his friend and his love’s death and killed his friend’s pride possession and now his reason to live is also gone. He picked her and kept her in his lap.
Neelkanteshwar ; samuktha ?? Samuktha and shook her. Her body did not respond. He found her hands were having red marks her face was bruised . It clearly said she was beaten brutally but for what ?? Arjun and radha ?? was she ill treated for that ?? He was asking so many questions in his head.

Neelkanteshwar saw sarvesh and rudra and they gave a smirk. His anger was in peak. He took his sword and went to attack them but the guards surrounded him and he was given life sentence for trying to attack the royal family. He lost his mental balance and shouted that he will take his revenge by shaking the jail cells. For which he would be beaten to hell brutally. Sarvesh used to make his appearance before neelkanteshwar to make him shout and he will enjoy neel’s helplessness.
Neelkanteshwar ; enjoy ur fullest sarvesh i will be back with my friends and my family to make ur life in hell dont worry i will make ur life hell. Sarvesh laughed and went out making neel shout.

Saral was walking in his room with all anger. He muttered ; this zubin is fit for nothing always being a scared cat. How many times to say to take the key ?? He is just taking my life. Just then he got the call from zubin.
Zubin ; tomorrow i will get the key as they are taking a day off by leaving us and they are alone going somewhere. So tomorrow i will
get that and dont forget to pay me.
Saral ; i will pay u only i get the key else i will take my price which is ur life get it ??
Zubin ; start counting the money and held the call.

Next day…..
Ardhika nesam and teji started for the day out.
Radhika ; shakthi come lets go. Shakthi gave a week look to her and saw arjun he too was looking at shakthi. Radhika found out.
Radhika ; what ?? Shakthi come lets go come and she was pulling his rope. But shakthi was stubborn.
Radhika (murmured) ; u want him to take with us. Shakthi nodded in affirmation and looked at arjun. Arjun smiled broader more than his specs. She saw him and shakthi.
Radhika; ooh so both of u spoke before and made a decision ?? Both of them nodded same way with their teeth wide seen. Neil was controlling his laugh and sam was admiring him with a teary eyes. She muttered ; wish to see u the same way neelkanteshwar.
Neil (turned to sam) ; excuse me did u speak anything ?? She nodded negative. He slowly wiped her tears and asked ; then why tears ??
Sam ; happy tears sir.
Neil ; i would be preferred to be called as Neil will u ?? She nodded and said ; u never change neil and goes to the car looking at shakthi and winked her eyes with a smile making shakthi to dance in joy. Neil was scratching his head as what is she saying. In between ardhika were busy with shakthi.
Radhika ; fine u 2 go and i will come in car. Shakthi stopped her and looked at her.
Radhika ; what u can take him and start the ride. Shakthi nodded negative.
Radhika; what do u want shakthi ?? with a fed up voice. Shakthi was looking at arjun and radhika and the back.
Arjun ; ooh u want me and radhika to ride with u ?? Shakthi nodded fast.
Radhika ; what ??
Teji ; thank u so much shakthi i can escape from this stupid woman. Take her with u. Shakthi’s face changed and his breath was heavy because someone is bad mouthing radhika. Arjun controlled shakthi by nodding no and turned to teji and said ; fine we will come with shakthi and u guys start Neil enjoy and smiled at him and hopped on the back of shakthi and he gave a hand to radhika with a smile and his other hand was adjusting his glasses.

She smiled and said ; will u be able to see if u miss ur glasses ?? He gave a fake angry look. She smiled and held his hand. He pulled her and made her sit before him. Shakthi’s dream has come true today making his master and his love to give a ride, not as a hide and seek manner but in a authority way. Teji started the car where neil and sam were sitting in the back and karthika with teji and zubin said no as he is not well(false way to stay away from them).
Shakthi lifted his front legs on air and radhika who lost her balance was held by arjun from behind by holding her by her waist. She saw him and he pressing his glass over his nose said ; u alright ?? She nodded and arjun continued ; shakthi why suddenly u did this see radhika is scared. Shakthi made a laugh which made them to smile. Radhika kissed shakthi’s back neck and said ; u r happy and im so happy to see u happy my shakthi and wrapped her hands over him. Shakthi too rubbed his face with her face to make her smile.

Radhika ; ooh k shall we go now ?? He nodded his head and started to ride. Arjun never took his hand over her waist but she felt secured when he did that because after her mother she felt safe in arjun’s hands. She was thinking and she saw pilliar which was in the middle of the trees and demolished way. Her eyes widened……….
A girl is riding a horse but not riding the horse it was running all mad. She was shouting for help.

A black horse was running in a top speed following the mad horse. Arjun took his sword and shouted; princess dont worry I’ll save u . He looked at shakthi and it understood his eyesight and ran on his top speed. The horse was in no way to stop or slow down. Arjun came to the pace of the princess’s speed and shouted ; princess give me ur hand.
Radha ; will u hold me till the last breathe ?? Arjun frowned.
Arjun ; princess please let us talk later pls give me ur hand.
Radha ; if u r stubborn then im stubborn too say me the answer will u hold my hand till the last breathe else see further is the dark forest i will get lost and u can never find me even my corpse. Arjun was sweating badly how can she say that he loves her like mad.

Arjun ; radha give me ur hand now. She smiled and held his hand and kept her hand over his shoulder and he held her waist and lifted her from the mad horse and pulled her to him and placed her in shakthi. She hugged him tight because of the fear but was happy atleast he called her by her name. He too hugged her and said ; are u stupid how will I survive without u radha ?? U never knew how much i love u. Never try any stuns to scare me….. get that ?? He spoke everything without breaking the hug. She too nodded but never broke the hug and both were all the time closing the eyes. Shakthi stopped running and turned to watch them. His jaw dropped looking at the site of hugging. He made a sound to break their hug. Arjun scratched his head while radha blushed. She hugged shakthi and said; thank u shakthi for saving me. He too nodded and rubbed his face over her face.

Radha ; arjun u will never back off right ?? and was looking at his eyes with trust that he will not say against her wish….
Arjun (smiled and pulled her to him) ; never because as a worrier once a step forward can never back off. She smiled and blushed. Arjun held her by her waist and she rested her head over his broad shoulders and arjun said ; shakthi come lets go. Shakthi shouted by pulling his leg over the air and started to run fast back to the kingdom and arjun and radha were smiling wide…….
Radhika jerked from the trance when Arjun shook her. She saw him by turning her face to him. He was enjoying the ride with shakthi and was smiling wide. She saw him his face was the same of that off the one whom she got flashed.
Radhika ; Arjun ??
Arjun ; hmmm ?? without looking at her

Radhika ; have we met before ?? Shakthi heard that and smiled wide but was kept on running.
Arjun ; i dont think so but it is like i have seen u before and shakthi too. Why all of a sudden ??
Radhika ; no i mean it is like we have known before like from before ?? He smiled and they reached the destination. Once they came to the place, they went for a trekking. Sam held Neil’s hand and he smiled and they were walking. Teji and karthika were next and Arjun was holding shakthi with his rope and Radhika the other side with a package in her hand a long one.
Neil ; Radhika what is that in ur hand ??
Radhika ; ooh this is the one i said remember the so called father’s gift to me.
Teji ; the sword ?? She smiled and gave that to teji. He jumped and took the sword from her hand but he was not able to open it. Before Radhika to open it, Arjun took it from his hand and spins the sword the sword came out like a cake which was baked out. Teji’s jaw dropped and touched the floor.
Teji ; How did u do that ??

Arjun ; hmmm(shrugging his shoulders)
who knows just came on its way here and he pulled the sword and saw the sword and his eyes were on the sword. He heard the crowds cheers…… Arjun….. arjun…….. arjun………. and there was a king who was coming to him and the sword was being given to him. He saw the sword and pulled it and raised it on the sky the whole stadium was shaken by calling his name…….. he took the sword and kept it back…….
Arjun……. arjun………… and arjun came back to sense and was breathing heavily. He saw the sword and read the engrave on the sword, to the best worrier of magadh and radhika heard and saw him to disbelief as how he read the same words. She thought ; i have a feel that i have seen him somewhere and he is so much attached to shakthi i need to know what is the history of magadh and who is the best worrier of magadh………

Precap – still thinking……

Thats it guys….How was it ?? Pls dont forget to comment ur views. Love u all stay strong, stay blessed and dont forget to smile.

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