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💛Heart Beats💛~Intro+Prologue by Anisha

Introduction + Prologue:



Swara Kapoor: A headstrong, selfish and fun-loving girl. Present owner of Kapoor Industries. Loves herself, her life, her father and her mother but hates her sister.

Ragini Kapoor: A lovely, chirpy, bubbly girl. She loves her mother, her little sister Swara and her father. She is an architect and loves music. Music is her passion. A responsible daughter, a good sister but she is least interested in business so she opted for a different line. Music is like a part time job for her. She is elder to Swara by 7 years.

Sanskar Kapoor: A headstrong, heartless business man, stays in Australia. He is the leading business tycoon and handles his ancestral company Maheshwari MNC. He loves his mother although aware of the fact that she doesn’t love him back.

Sharmistha Kapoor: Mother to Swara and step-mother of Ragini. She loves both her daughters equally. She hates liars and cheaters. She is a business woman by profession. She took up the profession when her husband passed away in an accident. She was the head before Swara took up the responsibilities.

Shekhar Kapoor: A lovely, father and husband. Swara considers him her superhero. He loves Swara but had deprived Ragini of that love. He is no more.

Annapurna Maheshwari: Mother of Sanskar, but hates him. A business woman and rivals of the Kapoor’s. She’ll create rifts between the trio. Lets see whether this will be a love story or a hate story.


“Swara I said return home. I want you back, right now. I want to see you it’s been two years you have completed your graduation. I request you come back” Sharmistha cries, calling Swara.

“Mom please! Don’t show that fake tears of yours I’m well aware what you want. You want me to stay with you so that your daughter could go and settle abroad? Do you think I am that good? If you think so I’m sorry to say I’m not” Swara shouts in frustration “You have always deprived me of the love I deserve for that stupid girl….”

“She is your sister, Shona” Sharmistha shouts.

“Oh let it be! For me she is your daughter. She was never related to me and to no one. Because of her I lost my dad, because of her I lost my childhood. Don’t you dare emotionally blackmail me for going back there. I won’t! did you get that? I won’t!!..” Swara shouts and disconnects the call.

“Mom, please don’t cry” Ragini consoles Sharmistha.

“No Ladoo! It was totally my fault that I had deprived her of my love that today I had to hear such words from her. It’s been 5 years I didn’t see her. Three years ago, when I went to see her, I was deprived because she fled off to some other town. I tried tracing her but I’m unable to and because of me, you’re trapped in this house”

“No mom, there is nothing like that”

“Everything is okay except me. If ever I would have tried consoling Swara, after Shekhar’s death rather than looking for the business today my two daughters had been together, with me, living happily. It’s entirely my fault!”

“Mom please! Okay! Have this first” Ragini offers her mother a glass of water.

“I couldn’t become a good mother! Because of me you aren’t able to complete your studies, your passion” Sharmistha cries.

“Mom please don’t cry. See if you cry I’ll cry too. How could you say you aren’t a good mother? Ms. Ragini Kapoor is a famous architect because of you, mom. Whatever she is today is only because of you” Ragini lies her head on Sharmistha’s lap “Whatever happened with Swara was miserable. At that time you weren’t able to take decision whether to support Swara or look after our responsibilities and finance. Whatever you did was for her good but she took it in a wrong way. It’s okay mom, she is your daughter, she is a Kapoor and she’ll return. I know and I promise”

Sharmistha hugs and cries a determined Ragini. Ragini makes her lie on the bed and goes to her room.


“I love you, Ms. Kapoor and I really do. I can’t live without you, you are my Heart Beat. Are you ready for the marriage Ms. Kapoor? Are you ready to be Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari? Will you be my queen?” he asks sitting on his knees.

“Yes! Yes! I do. I love you too and I am ready for this marriage” Ragini shouts and hugs him tight.

Both of them lost in their own world of love, come closer and Sanskar claims her lips. They get lost in their love battle until Ragini moves out unable to breathe. She bows her head down and places her hands on his chest.

“I never thought someone would come in my life, in this most unexpected way and love me so much. I love you. I never thought I’ll change so much” and he plants a kiss on her forehead.

“and I never knew someone will love me so much as you do Sanky. I never knew I’ll fall for a duffer like you” Ragini pecks his lips and runs away.

Sanskar gets dumfounded by her sudden step and his mouth remains open. :O


Swara’s pov

He came closer and slowly, his lips brushed mine. For a few seconds, we both stared at each other as the tension surrounded us, making me gasp for breath. Without wasting another second, his lips crashed on mine. It felt like a dam had burst, releasing all the pent up energy that was held in. His tongue ravished every corner of my mouth, as his kiss deepened. His hands worked to remove my dress as mine worked to remove his tuxedo. Suddenly, we were both frantic, trying to fulfill out urgent need. I had a lot of layers of clothing and he set to work, admiring them and removing it all one by one. Pulling me to stand up, he unzipped my strapless layered dress making it pool near my feet. He stared at me as I stood almost bare in front of him, in only my inners.

“I hate the way you look at me” he said and kissed me again, pulling me up in his arms in a bridal style.

“And I love the way you look at me, baby!” I pecked his lips.

He put me down as we reached washroom, he opened the shower and as the water dripped down his muscular body, I had an instant urge to love him senseless. I worked my hands down his abs and he smirked.

“My kitten is being bold today” he spoke and caught hold of my waist, massaging it.

“And my tiger is acting timid” I spoke huskily, seducing him.

“Ahan!” he smirked again and pulled me to him. He nibbled my neck and went trailed down his hands. After a series of love making we went inside and he placed me on the bed.

“You are tired, sleep”

“I’m not. Keep loving me like this Sanskar, always!” I kissed him again.


Is Sanskar playing with two hearts? Will Sanskar fall for Swara or Ragini? Who will be whose heart beat?
What games will Annapurna play to entertain us? 😉
Wait and watch!!.. A new love story by Anisha 😉 I hope I’ll entertain you guys. Keep reading to know more. Well from a certain point it’s both RagSan and SwaSan…
No mature romance only one the intro😉 , a different concept with lots of Hurdles, lots of Shocks that will keep entertaining you guys…

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