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Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-22)


Sanskar hears to Swara’s words lovingly. He hugs her and kisses her on forehead. She hugs him back and kisses him on his heart.
After sometime,Sanskar and Shivam leaves the home to reach farm. Santoshi indulges in her work. Swara is in her world, she is rewinding everything that happened yesterday, she feels like she has taken a new birth. Her happiness has no bounds,she is continuously humming some songs and dancing.
She thinks in her mind, ‘Sanskar gave me so much happiness, he never expects anything in return except my smile. But I want to do something for him. Something special. But what should I do’
She keeps on thinking, and finally decides..
‘I will keep on giving surprises to him everyday instead of one big surprise’
She then goes to kitchen and indulges herself in her work.
Sanskar arrives the farm. He is expecting to meet Labourers atleast today and address their problems. Unfortunately he couldn’t meet them as he is late again and Labourers are off to work. Supervisor and his supporting staff comes and greet Sanskar with a bouquet. They escort him to reach godown where farm produce is being stored. A small air conditioned cabin is there in that godown,Sanskar occupies his chair in the cabin. He knows the Supervisor since many days. They both have good association. They both discuss some casual stuff about their personal lives. And then Sanskar expresses his disappointment of not meeting Labourers. Supervisor cheers him up by saying that he can meet them tomorrow. Later they both indulge in discussions about the trade activities,requirement of various inputs,checking accounts.
Swara prepares alll favourite dishes of Sanskar and arranges the dining table. She plans a special Lunch for them and waits for Sanskar.
The door bell rings…


Swara sets her saree and hair, takes a deep breathe and heads to open the door. She is so excited to surprise her husband and the spark in her eyes depict the same.
She opens the door. Her smile vanishes a little. A cute lady who is probably in her late twenties is waiting outside the door. She is carrying a baby in her arms and a cute kid is hiding behind her saree. Swara looks at her questioningly. She never saw that woman.
The woman smiles and greets Swara. She introduces herself as Sanjana, daughter in law of Mr.Venkatraman. Swara then recollects Durgaprasad and Ramprasad talking about Venkatraman often. Venkatraman is a friend of Durgaprasad and Ramprasad in Coorg. Both the families have good association. Whenever Maheshwaris are in Coorg,these two families spend some good and quality time. As the children grew up, Maheshwaris visit to Coorg gradually reduced.Now, Durgaprasad and Ramprasad visit the place every year. Annapurna is very close to Venkatraman’s wife. Her death has lots of impact on Annapurna,since then she hesitates to visit Coorg.

Swara greets Sanjana and welcomes her in. Swara introduces herself to Sanjana.
‘I know about you Swara. Durgaprasad uncle always says about you’, says Sanjana.
Swara smiles and asks about her kids. Then the two ladies talked about everything else in the World. They both bonded soon.
As their endless conversation continues for hours, Sanjana suddenly looks at the clock clinging on the wall. ‘oh god! I spent lot of time here. I need to go home now. I have to feed the kids and even dad will be waiting for me. Nice to meet you Swara. Will meet you soon’, says Sanjana
Swara nods and says, ‘ It’s pleasure talking to you. Finally I got a good friend in Coorg’
Sanjana leaves with her kids. Swara looks at the clock and calls Sanskar.
Sanskar leaves his phone in his cabin and went to inspect the godown. She sits on the couch. she slips into a quick nap.

Swara wakes up and yawns. She looks at the clock. The sun is almost bidding bye to the Coorg and he is on his way to give his light to another part of world which is sleeping in dark. Swara tries calling Sanskar and then the door bell rings. Santoshi opens the door and it is Sanskar who is so much tired waiting out. He sees Swara and says, ‘Swara, I am so hungry and tired, serve the lunch. I will get fresh up and come’ Swara nods silently. She heats the food in the microwave and serves the food again. Sanskar occupies the dining table. He observes Swara who is so much angry on him. He surely knows his dear wife doesn’t like his food habits and timings. He checks the dishes and says, ‘yummy! These are increasing my appetite. Serve it fast.’ Swara serves him and sits there. She is still annoyed with Sanskar. Sanskar takes the first bite of the food and appreciates, ‘your hand has some magic, the food is so delicious.’ He takes Swara’s hand into his and kisses her palm. Swara takes her hand back with jerk. He asks, ‘ Have you had your lunch?’ Swara does not reply. Sanskar keeps his hand on ears and apologises her. He makes his face pleasingly which readily melts Swara’s anger. Her lips slightly curves up, she cutely nods no and gradually opens his mouth wide, gesturing him to feed the food. Sanskar looks at her annoyed and then he feeds her. And its his turn to become angry, ‘ I always say you Swara that you need not wait for me. Why don’t you get it? Eating late is not so good for you. Why don’t you listen to me.
‘Same question Sanskar,why don’t you listen me. And there is no need to shout on me, you know what, fault is all yours. If you eat on time then I don’t need to wait till this time’,Swara replies.
‘Okay! Madam. I admit fault is all mine, now let’s eat the food. They both each other and are spending a wonderful evening. Sanskar’s phone rings feed and its Sujatha who is on call. Sanskar speaks with her. Swara gestures him that she wants to talk with Sujatha.Sanskar says the same to his Mom.
But she denies and doesn’t want to talk with Swara. Swara gets upset a little and goes from there. She goes and sits on the staircase of courtyard.

Sanskar comes to her and sits beside her. She leans her head on his shoulder. ‘Don’t spoil your mood Swara, Mom will get normal slowly.’
‘ I am thinking Sanskar, how to get out of this mess and find a solution. I keep on trying from my side to win Mom heart again. One day my persistence will break Mom’s resistance’, says Swara.
Sanskar smiles a little, ‘yes you should keep on trying, but in a different way. You want Mom to talk with you, right? Just pretend to ignore her some days. She loves you lot and she can’t bear it. She herself will talk to you.’
‘What if it furiates Mom more? Because I am at fault in whole issue, I didn’t try to explain her well’,asks Swara.
‘I know Mom Swara, she can’t stay without talking with you. Don’t think who is right, who is wrong here. This is truly a game of affection. Love is all about correcting and accepting each other mistakes. And she is Mom. She can’t stay angry on her kids long’, Sanskar says and Swara agrees.

Some days pass by. Sanskar everyday goes to farm and checks various activities over there. He is quite satisfied with the work over there, only thing bothers him is everyday something or the other happens and he could meet the Labourers. Swara spends her time, doing some household stuff, then meeting Sanjana everyday. Their friendship is growing. They both together go for market, temple, in fact if not with Sanskar , Swara goes out with Sanjana. Santoshi’s fear on Swara is gradually decreasing. Swara keeps on surprising Sanskar everyday with her novel thoughts and Sanskar by now, got used to everyday surprise of his wife. They both spend beautiful mornings sipping coffee sitting on the steps of verandah. They both spend memorable afternoons spending time with each other and feeding each other, And blissful evenings, roaming in the nature of Coorg. Sometimes drenching in rain, sometimes going for long bike rides, sometimes fighting for silly things. Their nights are beautiful,memorable and blissful. They enjoy each others love with lots of kisses,hugs and much more…
But Sujatha is growing much more insecure, her anger on Swara is increasing more and more. All the day she either keeps thinking or else talks in the phone.

One Evening:
Swasan had their dinner together. Swara wants to play guitar for sometime. They both settled on the table in the verandah. The antique lamp hanging to the outside wall of the house is lightening the Verandah. The grasshoppers are singing their song in their way. Their song actually adding some music to calm and scary night. The cool breeze around indeed is freezing. The yellow flowers of the creeper always fulfill it’s duty of perfuming the surroundings. Swara starts playing her guitar. Sanskar seems lost in his thoughts. Swara asks him the reason.
He says, ‘ I want to sort out the issues between the Labourers and the trading staff Swara. But you know, I couldn’t meet them till today.’
She replies, ‘Sanskar, whenever they come to you, you couldn’t meet them. You go and meet them on Farm. Your problem is as simple as that. If you can’t meet all at once, meet them in groups. You don’t leave your air-conditioned cabin ever and simply bother. Go to them and meet’
Sanskar looks at her for admiringly and says, ‘ My dear wife is becoming smart again’ and smirks.
Swara just smiles. And starts tuning her guitar. Sanskar approaches her and starts singing caring her hairs and Swara tunes to his song..
Jab tak meri ungliyan….
Tere baalon se kuch kehna le….
Jab tak teri lehar mein….
Khwaahishein meri behna le….

Haan mere paas tum raho…..
Jaane ki baat na karo….
Mere sath tum raho…..
Jaane ki baat na karo…..
They both indulge themselves in the melodious night. They share an intense eyelock. Sanskar takes the guitar off her hands and carries her in her arms to reach their room and to spend another lovable night…..
A hooded man who is tall and dark is observing SwaSan from a visible distance. He is hiding behind the trees to save himself from getting caught.
The doors of the house is closed and light in the Verandah is switched off. The man leaves the place when darkness spread all over…..
To be continued………

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