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Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-20)

Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain….. khwaabon mein geet hain…..
Geeton mein zindagi hai…chahat hai, preet hai..
abhi main na dekhoon khwaab wo….jin mein na tu mile…….
le kholey honth maine…ab tak the jo sile….
Swara totally involves in her song. Sanskar adores her & runs back into the rain. He lifts up the hair that is falling on his forehead with his hand. And shouts…….
You know, I am Missing this damn smile in your eyes from many days. And today, you smiled with your beautiful eyes and the pure smile on your face, which is medicine to my pain is back on your face. I know my princess is suffering. When mom asked servant to throw out the guitar, I saw in your eyes….. I felt it…… How much you are attached to your passion… You are totally broken… You heart is burdened with pain which is sinking you down day by day.. I really don’t know then,how can I heal your pain…. That pain which is actually altering your attitude… The very same pain which making my STRONG Swara Weak… Which actually killed the decision making power of yours… When I am still in search of a solution, I found your dairy. It helped me to go through your pain,your confusions. I got the answers to my questions. I need to make you think again,stand against the force that is pushing you down. Our home would never give you that peace of mind to think about it. Every time you see mom,you hear her taunts you depress more. So the first thing I should do is get you out of the CAGE . So we are here in Coorg now.
You have decided to sacrifice your dreams for family,but it is truly half hearted decision. May be that may elate our family, but it will sink you down. This decision can bring differences in our bond too.

Yes, for mom,through out her life,she has spent with family. For a woman like her, words like ‘Passion’ ‘Dream’ seem baseless. She is right in her position because of the surroundings she has been living. But you are different, and blindly standing with mom’s wish and leaving your dreams can only make you another Sujatha. If you agree to her, then who will explain her,make her understand… THERE EXISTS A LIFE FOR A WOMAN IN WHICH FAMILY LIFE IS ONLY A PART……
‘ Family has given me so much love, so in return what I am doing’- one of the line written in your dairy.. Forget about all, I will explain my case.
Yes, I love you, but that doesn’t mean I become your dictator. I am your better half Swara. Our love is bound less, that means we never put bounds for each other. Ofcourse, when one is going in wrong path it’s the duty of other to correct. My Love should give you freedom,not compromises. And Love is not at all a quantity which is measured by the things which are done for each other. It’s a true feeling that comes from heart , it’s not out of calculations. If not by force but by love, you are becoming my slave, which I never wanted.
I Love you Swara….. I love you means I love your ‘individuality,your attitude….I love you like the way you are …….
‘Does Everything Change With Time?’ if this is your question then… I don’t know about everything around, but My Love for you never changes……the way I express it might change… You are here in my heart & you stay there till my last breathe…’
He stretches his hand before her and continues..
‘Come..hold my hand again….walk with me again…..


Let’s face that trouble together again……
And I am sure our togetherness will surely find a solution….
You just try to fly Swara… I will become your wings and help you fly…
Whether we chose your passion or our family or both….. Let’s decide peacefully…. Let’s find the answers for your confusions…..and let’s reach the destination together…….but this time when you take decision you should take it whole-heartedly…My Love will always be there with you as your strength, it will never let you go down……..’
Swara sat there,like a statue hearing Sanskar’s words. His each word is echoing in her mind. A feeling of guilty is hovering her mind. She could have understood him more. Somewhere or the other, she was disappointed with Sanskar’s behaviour. Her body shivered a little. The heavy rain surely stopped by now,but the rain of emotions in her heart doesn’t stop and this rain doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Tears rolled down her eyes. She slowly stands up and runs towards Sanskar to heal her pain,to express the feelings which can’t be expressed. She hugs him tight to feel his assurance. He lifts her up amusing her more and twirls her round. She stretches her arms out and looks at the Sky. She feels it is so near and it takes very little effort for her to reach the Sky. She breathes in the fresh and the cool breeze,announces finally………I LOVE YOU SANSKAR………
The greens around witnessed their love. Her words echoed back again and again….She gestures him to get her down. She cups his face and is about to say sorry for not understanding him. But as ever, The world’s greatest lover stopped her in the mid way and said,’Anger,Disappointment… emotions like these are spontaneous, these are not under our control so they come out spontaneously and worry us. But permanent emotion called ‘LOVE’ always relieves us from those worries. You love me which is permanent, so I never care about these spontaneous and short-lived emotions.’
She is amazed by his words again. There is no limit for her happiness. The ocean of happiness can be seen in her eyes. They are sparkling bright and no star’s charm can compete with her eyes now. She leaned forward and kissed him on his forehead and whispers it again….. I Love you……
Sanskar smiles,cups her face,drags her closer.They both can feel the breathe of each other, ‘I hope atleast from now you will stop romancing with nature and start romancing with me’,saying these Sanskar giggles.

Swara astonishes with his words and starts beating him.’oh god! Domestic violence on me started again and he runs away, and she follows to catch him. The setting sun witnessed their silly fights and the moon is witnessing them walking hand in hand. They finally reach the place, where the bike is parked. Swara insists him to stay there for somemore time. He nods and they sit on the bench admiring the moon light. She leans her head over his shoulder and plays the guitar. She is experiencing one of the best moments of her life with her two companions of her life.. one is ‘Her Love’ and the other is ‘Her Passion’….He forwards his hand before her with fingers closed. She opens them and is amused again.
‘Oh god! Sanskar,its hard to handle these many surprises for my weak heart. It will fall for you more and more’, she blurts out of excitement.
‘ Someone said me that, good news may come anywhere,anytime… To celebrate it she always keeps chocolates with her…..’ he smirked a little and continued,’ I don’t know about the condition of these chocolates but these are perfect to celebrate our happiness’
She smiles…and feeds him the chocolate and he does the same.
Again they involve themselves in the calmness of the nature, with absolute satisfaction of sitting and spending time together. Their love added more beauty to moonlit night………

To be continued………

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