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Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-18)

PART- 18
Swara says it again,’Is change inevitable or it is necessary?’ drenching in heavy rain……..
Her wet body can’t feel the strike of heavy rain anymore and this disturbs her thoughts. She looks up, she is shielded against heavy downpour with an umbrella. Her eyes slowly shifts from the dark umbrella to the one who is holding it,who is shining bright. It is her Sanskar who is protecting her from the Rain which is indeed so heavy. Swara utters, ‘Sanskar’

Sanskar,who is very furious at Swara raised his eyebrow and said, ‘I know you love playing in rain but I never know, for you playing means standing like a statue in the heavy rain.’
‘Sanskar,actually…..’,Swara stammers.


‘Let’s go inside’,Sanskar orders her. Swara nods and they both go inside.
Sanskar is still angry on her and Swara tries to speak with him. Sanskar closes the door, takes out bathrobe from the cupboard. ‘Change your dress first’, he again orders her. She observes his fury and thinks, ‘oh god! How can I cool his anger now.’ ‘Take it Swara’, Sanskar shouts. Swara stares him making cute face.
‘Why are you staring me like that? Do you want me to change your clothes as well’, irritated Sanskar shouts out of anger and forwards bathrobe.
Swara raises her hands up,and replies, ‘Ofcourse, I expect you to do it as well my Prince.’ Sanskar is shocked to hear that from her, his lips which are curved down out of anger slightly raises up seeing his naughty wife. But he forcefully resists his smile and walks towards her. Swara keeps on making tempting expressions to attract him more. He stands closer to her,places his left hand on her hip n moves his fingers playfully on her hip.

Swara meets her eyes with his, she can read the lust in his eyes.Sanskar now raises his other hand to lower Swara’s hand and keeps the bathrobe in her hands.’I know your tricks, I am not going to come into your terms now.Change fast or else you will fall ill’ Swara takes the it and murmurs, ‘Attitude Maheshwari’. Sanskar turns to her and asks, ‘Have you said something?’ Swara nods no and changes her dress.

Sanskar,then makes her sit on the bed. He rubs her wet hair with towel. ‘ouch!’,Swara shouts. Concerned Sanskar immediately asks, ‘What happened?’ Swara unveils the towel which is covering her face and replies, ‘Nothing’
‘ Then why you shouted like a crow?’, asked Sanskar.
‘Crow?’ Swara shrieks, ‘No problem, A crow married another Crow. How cute!’
Sanskar tries to stop his laughter but he can’t,he bursts out laughing.
Swara smiles,’So,my dear crow! Seems like your anger flew away.’
Sanskar again covers her face with towel and says while rubbing,’ You are not a kid Swara. You should take care of yourself. We came here yesterday. It’s a new place and there are high chances of falling ill and above that you are drenching in rain. What are you thinking, by the way?’
‘Nothing Sanskar, I am sorry and I promise I will take care of myself. Now please don’t worry much’, Swara answers him.
‘Mmm! Okay, don’t repeat this again’,Sanskar says to Swara while making her stand.
He then takes her near the dressing table, makes her sit on the Chair. And dries her hair with drier. ‘Sanskar , it will get dry. There is no need of it’, Swara tries to stop him.

‘Shut up!’, Sanskar says authoritatively. Swara shuts her mouth with hand and nods.
‘Sanskar, you went to farm right? Then how you came back so early’, asks Swara.
‘Actually, supervisor called me and said not to come today as the Labourers already went to their respective works’, replied Sanskar.

‘Yeah and he helped me by doing so,otherwise don’t know how long you would have stayed in the rain meditating.’
‘Meditating?’, Swara hits Sanskar on his hand gently and they both laugh.
‘Wait! I will get coffee for you. You will feel good’,Sanskar says Swara while keeping his hands on her shoulder.

Swara keeps her hand on his hand and nods yes. Sanskar leaves the room.
She looks at herself in the mirror, her smile slowly fades away. She feels nervous, ‘I have to tell him today.’ She then moves to the wardrobe and looks at dresses of Sanskar’s choice. She closes it confused. She then opens her suit case. She closes it too. And stands confused,bitting her nails.
Sanskar is making coffee for Swara. Santoshi comes there and says, ‘i wiill make it, sir’
Sanskar replies,’ No, I will do it. It’s okay.’
She nods and heads to leave. ‘By the way what are doing while Swara is standing in the rain. I don’t know why you don’t stop her but from next time, don’t let her do something like this. She is not rude and won’t scold you’,says Sanskar.
She smiles and says,’okay sir’ and leaves.

Sanskar comes out of the kitchen, holding coffee mugs in his hands.
Santoshi tells him that Swara is in the verandah. He comes out and looks for Swara.
Swara is standing near the wooden fence and is staring at the trees before her that are sky high. Sanskar sees her,his eyes sparkle and is astonished by Swara’s beauty. He approaches her and whispers in her ears,’Beautiful’
Swara turns around,’Yes Sanskar, this place is so beautiful. I loved it’,Swara takes the coffee mug from his hands.
‘I am saying you are looking beautiful’, says Sanskar again.

‘Really! I thought you won’t like it’
‘why?’, questioned Sanskar.
‘Because I haven’t wore clothes of your choice’,Swara replies.
‘Have I ever said you that peach colour suits you and increases your beauty’,asked Sanskar.
‘No’,replies Swara. ‘You are looking gorgeous in this peach coloured Saree’,praises Sanskar.
Swara lowers her eyes,blushes and slides her hand between his body and hand. Locks his arm in her’s and sips the coffee……………..

To be continued………….

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