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Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-17)

‘I love you two……threee……………’
Swara is feeling the breath of Sanskar.She moved her face more closer to him.Her lips are shivering.She slowly placed her lips on his lips………
The door bell rings……
Hearing the sound,they jerk and move away hurriedly. They look at each other and burst out laughing. ‘So,we have to get used to this place.Seems like our minds are still in Kolkata’,said Sanskar dragging Swara closer again. Swara smiled a little and nodded her head. He placed his hands on her shoulders,leaned down to reach her face and whispered, ‘Let’s complete it..’
‘Sanskar some one is waiting at the door,go,open the door’, said Swara. ‘So what! Let them wait’,replied Sanskar. Swara is not convinced,she removes his hands off her shoulder, ‘you need do go now.’
Sanskar gives an impossible look to her and makes puppy face. ‘Sanskar…..’
‘okay, I am going’,said Sanskar who is very much irritated now murmurs, ‘I came miles away from my home,still can’t romance with my wife peacefully.’
Sanskar opens the door and it’s Shivam waiting outside the door with a lady. He rushes inside with that lady and searches for Swara.Sanskar became more annoyed with his behaviour. Shivam reaches Swara. He greets her and Swara greets him back and asks,’Anna, who is she?’

‘Madam, she is Santoshi, maid of this house. She is working here from past 10 years. She will help you in household chores.’, replied Shivam. Santoshi greeted Swara. Swara observed her and thought: she is hardly 20- 22 year old and Anna is saying she is working here from past 10 years. It means…….’
Swara greets her back. Shivam suddenly hits his head with hand and turns back to see Sanskar.Sanskar thinks,’Finally, he realised’ and forwards his steps towards Shivam. ‘Sir…. sorry…. Sanskar, we need to go fast.Supervisor sir asked me to bring you to the plantations. Let’s go sir!’ he scratches his head and says again, ‘ Let’s go Sanskar!’
‘Shit! I forgot about it. Wait for me. I will get ready in five minutes’, Saying this Sanskar rushes to his room.


‘Show me the kitchen, I have to prepare break fast for Sanskar’, Swara asked Santoshi. Santoshi helps her to reach the kitchen which is on the otherside of the courtyard. Swara enters the kitchen. It is not a modular one. The kitchen is simple and clean.
‘Its totally a different world, I liked it.’
‘Swara……. Swara….. ‘
Hearing Sanskar’s voice,Swara comes to the corridor and asks, ‘Yes Sanskar,do you need anything?’
‘Nothing, I am leaving for farm. You take care. I will come back in an hour’,says Sanskar standing in the living area,which is adjacent to the kitchen corridor. To the one side of the living area,lies the main wall of the house with a glass door and a window.The other side of it opens into the courtyard. Swara reaches the living area and says, ‘wait for five minutes Sanskar, I will prepare the breakfast. Have your breakfast and go.’
‘No Swara, I am already late. Labourers must be waiting for me. Bye! Shivam let’s go’, said Sanskar. Swara is convinced and thinks, ‘Be it the millionaires or the daily wage labourers you treat them equally. You respect people irrespective of their status. You never feel proud of yourself. That makes me love you more and more’. She follows him till the car and bids bye.

She turns to go into the house and gets stunned seeing the entrance of the house. The yellow flowers creeper which made the courtyard look more beautiful, decorated the entrance of the house too. She escalated the steps to reach the verandah. It is fenced on three sides with wooden logs. And a small branch of the creeper surrounded the fence, the yellow flowers at added beauty to the fence. The other branches reach more high till the roof and expanded throughout the roof. The creeper is grooved very well. To the one side of the verandah, a circular wooden table is placed with two chairs. Two antique lamps are arranged on either sides of the entrance door. She then entered the house. She looks at Santoshi who is busy in sweeping the floor. She forwards her steps towards bedroom. She reaches the door and suddenly turns back. She observes that yellow flower which stayed between their lips and hearts few minutes before on the floor. She goes near it and picks it up. She sits down on the steps. She deeply observes the flower. She recollects all their lovey-dovey moments and blushes. She then looks around the courtyard

‘Every time I see in our eyes, I can only see your love. That makes me feel that I am the most lucky person in this whole world. You love me a lot. I will share all my pain with you today. Taking a decision compromising my passion is not at all a good idea. It’s hurts me throughout my life. I will share with you and I believe, you will definitely take me out of this Hell’,Swara says to herself observing the flower.
She looks into the sky and again gets happy. She smiles whole-heartedly and it suddenly rains……..
Swara, without even thinking once runs to the centre of the courtyard and drenches in the rain. She feels every small drop that is touching her. Her soul overjoyed. She twirl around opening out her arms and then hugged the rain. ‘Everything can’t be the same Swara, with time we have to change’, Swara recollects Ragini’s words. She stands in the rain thinking,

A small change in place, indeed changed my attitude. The same me who used to cry saying no one understands her, not even my Sanskar is now thinking to share my pain to find out a solution without compromising on anything. This happened because of ‘change’ in place…….
Is change inevitable or it is necessary???!!!!!!
To be continued…………

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