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Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-16)

Overwhelmed with the response about the previous part. Your every word means a lot to me. Thank you so much guys for reading my ff and giving such awesome comments.

Swara observes the butterfly gradually disappearing into the sky. She suddenly realizes there is nothing between her and the Sky. She asks to herself, ‘am I finally out of the golden cage? I still don’t know.’


She then looks around the courtyard. The pillars on all four sides of the corridor are covered with creeper with yellow flowers. The plants arranged around the courtyard are trying their best to glorify the beauty of the place. The perfume of the flowers added more freshness to the cool air spread around. The level difference between the courtyard’s plinth and rest of the house made it look more different and beautiful. She experienced a feeling of pleasantness. The cool breeze around, extinguished the fire which is burning her soul. And the fumes finally came out when she exhaled. Over burdened heart gradually became light. And her mind again started thinking:

Sanskar, you gifted me my old wardrobe collection. You thought I will feel happy if I wear those again. But my happiness is not in those clothes, it lies in my passion which I already sacrificed. You don’t understand…….. Am I thinking always in my point of view? May be, I am. Yes he read the dairy, yet he doesn’t understand it. It means I am a bad narrator. It never happened before that Sanskar didn’t understand my words. I should try talking to him once; share my pain, my confusions. Then I should draw the conclusions. Yes, this would be good and finally she smiled.
Swara suddenly felt someone’s gaze on her. She turned to see. Sanskar is standing in the corridor and leaned to the wooden pillar with hands folded, and is staring at Swara admiringly.

‘Good morning Sanskar…….’
Sanskar who is undisturbed by her words, still looks at her lovingly.
‘Good morning!’ said Swara again, while escalating the stair case to reach him. Finally she reaches the first step and waves her hand before Sanskar. Sanskar still doesn’t respond to her. Fed up, Swara gently slaps Sanskar. And seeing Sanskar senseless, she shouts, ‘Good morning’ again.
‘What’s your problem?’ questioned Sanskar.
‘What’s my problem? What happened to you Sanskar? I am calling you since long. Are you sleeping, standing here?’ Swara asks Sanskar and laughs.
‘I am not sleeping idiot. Can’t I adore my loving wife for a minute?’
Swara lowers her eyes and blushes.

Sanskar keeps his hand on his heart and says, ‘God! You know this smile makes me fall for you again and again.’
Swara blushes further more and her cheeks turn red.
A flower from the creeper falls on Swara’s head, it slides slowly on her silky hair and struck near her shoulder. Swara quickly uses her hand to remove the flower, but Sanskar holds her hand, stopping her. He leans his head towards her. His lips reach her head; they slowly slide on her hair. They followed the path of the flower. He picked the flower with his lips, holding the flower at one of its flower. He then stood straight. He lowers his eyes towards flower and gesture Swara to take it.

Swara smiles and forwards her hand to take the flower. Sanskar turns his head and nods no. Swara looks on confused. She again tries to take it, but Sanskar repeats the same.
Swara understands Sanskar’s intentions. She lowers her shy filled eyes. She steps into the corridor. Sanskar slowly leans his back to the pillar.

She puts her hands on his shoulders and locks them around his neck. She raises her feet to reach the flowers. She leaned on him slowly to take support and resist herself from falling. He further gave her assurance by holding her waist with his hands tightly. Their hearts meet each other. She touched her forehead to his and finally gripped the flower with her lips. She then looked into his eyes. They feel each other’s breath. Sanskar leaves the flower and whispers in Swara’s ears, ‘I love you my Princess, so it’s my proposal to you in Coorg. Will you accept my love?
Swara’s lips shivers a little. She slowly opens them to speak. The flower which was between their lips a minute before now makes its place between their hearts. And Swara replies, ‘Of course my prince, I love you too…….threee……’

to be continued……

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