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Does anybody love me? yes or no (swasan TS) by Rabia

Hello guys rabia here with a Three shot story I hope u will also give the positive response to it and don’t forget to read the last para after the story for giving me your reviews without any hesitationn…..

A girl came crying bitterly while driving…. she stops the car in front of the huge mansion and got out… she goes inside running fastly…. in hall a maid ramla kaki saw her running while crying bitterly she shouts her name but the girl didn’t stop….. While running the girl found a rod in the way and she took that rod and goes towards her room….


She locks the room while kaki comes after her and bangs the door but girl didn’t opened…. while inside the room girl is crying and smashing the things that was in the show case by hitting them with rod… she breaks all the things inside her room her arms got bruises due to broken glass pieces but she didn’t cared

While kaki after listening smashing sounds runs down ward and goes outside her direction was towards the pool area there is a very lavish study present and inside the study a handsome hunk but rude boy is doing something on his laptop while a girl in a short hot n s*xy dress is standing behind him and massaging his shoulders seductively..

Kaki patting heavily when she entered in the study…. on hearing the bang boy shouts in anger but stops on seeing kaki states

Boy: what the helll….. kaki?? What happened to u? He imediately got up after pushing the girl aside… on which the girl makes the irritated face

Kaki: ba…a..b.aa…baba

Boy: relax kaki and tell me what happened?

Kaki calm herself and said: sanskar baba (yes the boy is sanskar) wohhh baby jiii

Sanskar frowns but said: what happened to her? And then looks towards his wrist watch and sad it’s her clg time naa then what happened?

Kaki: baba she came back crying bitterly and while running towards her room she picks the rod and locked her room and when i reached there i heard glass smashing and things breaking sounds

Sanskar: whattttt??? And he starts going but stops on listening girls voice

Girl: baby where r u going?

Sanky turns towards her and gave her a harsh reply: shut your bl**dy mouth who the hell r u to question me now get out from here…. and he runs inside the mansion

Sanky runs with full speed and reached in front of the girls room and bangs the door

Sanky: swaraaa… swaraa open the door what the hell r u doing? ( yes the girl is swara) but he got no answer and after 5 mins he smells the burning smell from inside the room

Sanky: god damn whaat the hell is this girl doing and he pushed the door harder in this way lock broke down but scene inside the room shocked him and kaki behind him

Inside the room all the things are broken all the glass things broke into million pieces while swara is sitting lifeless on floor with bruised on her arms and few on face and neck and burning something with emotionless facee

Sanky runs towards her and stands her up harsh by grabbing her arm

Sanky: whats wrong with u swara? What the hell u have done to your room? He jerks her harshly to whichh swara shouts and pushed him harshly on which sanskar stumbles and look at him with wide eyes

Swara shouts: U all make a relation with me just for a reason…. she is shout like a maniac

Swara: all ppl around mee just wants to take advantage nothing else nobody loves me my frnds who I thought as my frnds done frndship with me because they wants to become famous and wants an opportunity for building their careers and securing their lives because the leading business tycoon sanskar meheswari is my family frnd…. mom dad always degraded me because im their daughter not son….. they only talked to me when i won any award in studies because that time media were their so they wants to show the world that how much they loves me and u

Mom dad done my marriage to u because they wants to merge both companies…. Bhaii never ever talk sweetly with me because he thinks me as a garbage which born in this housee…

Swara points towards sanskar and said: and u always treated me badly because u thought that i was only behind your money and being a gold digger i married to u because u think I am having a boy frnd and im a characterless girl whom having affair with many boys because your one jerk client said it u … u always humiliated me in front of your guest because u hates me isn’t it?

Sanskar is listening all this with shocked expressions because it is the first time swara is talking like this

And today also u came because u thought if i die what will happened to your reputation that business tycoon sanskar meherwari’s wife have done a suicide…. butt she got a tight slap on her cheek… she put hand on her cheek and saw towards sanskar with teary eyes.. who is fuming in anger with blood shot eyes

Swara gave him a faint smile and falls down but before she touched the ground sanky hold her…. while kaki is crying silently on seeing swara’s state because she knows everything about swara and her sufferings

Sanky shouts: kaki calls the doctor he picks swara and goes towards his room and lay her down

Sanky saw swara with guilt rising in his heart and then towards his hand which is having swara’s blood…. he clenches his fists tightlyy

To be continued….

Okay guys this is just a baby intro… and now it’s your turn to tell me whether I continue or not?? And also u have u tell me that whether u read this concept earlier before or not?? If yes then I will change the track because as always I don’t want to copy…

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