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does anybody love me? yes or no (swasan TS) by Rabia shot 3 (b) final part

guyss thanku for the response… and im writing because i can’t able to sleep in sickness.. ppl sleep tight in sickness but i can’t poor me :'( and sorry but iam not giving space between lines because it got deleted before and now i can’t take the risk thank goddd i wrote in word always… noww enough of bakbak let’s start but don’ forget to comment becausee this is the hard of 5 longgg hrsss :O 😛

does anybody love me? yes or no (3rd shot)


Shot 3 (b)

Sanky completes all his work in office and goes to home happily….

Kaki who saw sanky happy said what happened baba why r u soo happy today??

Sanky : kaki I got the idea for breaking the swara’s shell

Kaki : wow

Sanky : I talk to u later kaki and he goes

Kaki prays for of them….

Sanky goes towards the room but didn’t find swara there…..

Sanky : where she is now?? He frowns and starts searching her

While going from the corridor he saw swara’s room is open…

Sanky fumes in anger and said : she goes back to her room huhh I will not leave her how dare she to left her husband’s room he said while making funny angry faces… sanky steps inside the room but the scene in front of him shocked him…. He feels butterflies after seeing the scene….

Swara is sitting in front of the dressing table and were applying moisturizing lotion to her arms and legs she is wearing a nighty till her knees… she felt someone presence and saw towards the door….

Sanky is standing with open mouth and wide eyes swara gave him a weird look

Swara : why r u standing like a light pole

Sanky :……

Swara : ooo hello??? By saying this she throws lotion bottle towards him which hits on his shoulder and he came back in his senses

Sanky : u r looking s*xy and winks

Swara confused : what??? But later realized that she is wearing a sleeveless knee length nighty which showing her cleavage she cover herself with hands and saw around for looking something

Sanky saw her searching something… his sight got her night gown… swara also saw her gown and she got up to grab it.. but sanky runs and takes the gown..

Swara mouth hung down : how dare u?? give me back my gown

Sanky: why should iii??

Swara : sanskarrrrrrrrr

Sanky : swaraaaaaa

Swara : why u always trying to irritate me

Sanky : because I loved it

Swara: huhhh give me back my gownnnnn

Sanky : nop nop nopppp

Swara : what do u want??

Sanky : to come back to my room

Swara : never

Sanky : okay then forget the gown

Swara : what the helllll

Sanky : its heaven baby

Swara : im notttt your baby

Sanky : okay baby

Swara : aarrrghhhhh and she storms out of the room and goes to sanky’s room

On which sanky smirks winningly

Swara : now can u please give me my gown back???

Sanky : okay take itt

Swara snatches the gown butttt sanky again snatched itt

Swara with o face : nowww what??

Sanky : I have one more condition

Swara with irriated face : speak

Sanky : u have to join the office

Swara with shocked expressions : whatttt?? R u out of your mind

Sanky : whatever u want to say… say it but u have too do this

Swara : im not going to do anything like this

Sanky : then forget the gownnn

Swara : okay u put my gown on yourself I don’t need this I will have another one by saying this she lay down on bed

Sanky pouts : swara this is not fair


Sanky smile naughtily and go and lay down upon swara

Swara who covered herself with blanket feels the weight upon her… she removes the blanket from her face and saw sanky is laying over her by facing his back to her front

Swara shouts : sanskarrr what r u doing?? Get up from me u r soo heavy

Sanky : first accept my condition

Swara while struggling to push him said : never everrrrr

Sanky : okay then gud night

Swara : aaahhhh okayyyy I’ll come please get up from me now I can’t breath

Sanky : okay sweety and he turns towards his side

Swara while breathing in relief: have u ever seen your weight and mine weight??

Sanky :….

Swara turns towards him and saw him sleeping peacefully

Swara curse him : look at him after pressing my whole body, breaking my bones how peacefully he is sleeping swara throws pillow on his face and turns to other side and slept after covering from blanket…

sanky removes pillow from his face and open one eye and smiles….. slept again by grabbing the pillow tightly

next morning sanky got up early because in happiness he can’t sleep properly… he got ready and comes towards swara…

sanky in mind : why she covers her face with blanket one day she will definitely need an oxygen cylinder…

sanky after removing blanket from swara’s face said : ooo sleepy head wake up

swara open her eyes and saw towards sanky while rubbing her eyes

swara : why u start eating my brain early in the morning??

Sanky : u forgot u have to come to office

Swara : soo what?? I will come by myself u go by saying this she covered herself again

Sanky: r u waking up?? Or may I lay down on u

Swara shouts : nooooo and she got up

Sanky chuckles

Swara got ready : but sanskar I have to go to clg

Sanky : noo… noo clg for today by saying this he grabs her hand and go outside

Swara : aaarayyy but breakfast

Sanky : we will have together in my office..

Swara : butt

Sanky : keep quiet

Swara keeps mum after that and they reached to office…

Sanky grabs swara’s hand again…

Swara : why r u grabbing my hand all the time??

Sanky: because I know u will surely run away

Swara : huhhhhh

Shashank saw both of them… he made faces on seeing swara in office..

Shasha: what r u doing in office…

Swara grabs sanky hand tightly because due to childhood incidents she feels fear in front of shasha

Sanky pats her hand and to shasha : she will work with me

Shasha : but sanky she don’t know anything

Sanky : that I will see now please excuse uss and he left with swara

Shasha looks on

Sanky introduces her in the office and after that take her to his office…

Sanky can easily sense her nervousness so to lighten her mood he said : sweety u can leave my hand or u want hold it for life time??

Swara left his hand immediately on which sanky felt a pinch in heart but ignore it

Swara : soo what I am going to doo

Sanky : u will give the presentation of the project which I won yesterday..

Swara : whattttt??? R u insane??? I never gave presentation like this

Sanky : u gave presentations in clg??

Swara nodes

Sanky : then whats the problem I will help u also

Swara : butt

Sanky : no but vutt now common let’s start

They both are preparing the presentation when kaira entered in office….

Kaira : babyyy… but stop on seeing swara

Sanky : mis kaira knock before coming in

Kaira : but baby i….

Sanky : stop now please excuse uss we are bzy.. and ya snd to coffee

Kaira goes out while fuming in anger…

Swara : she is your gf na?? then why u behave with her like this??

Sanky : she was because I came to know yesterday that she only behind my money

Swara : maybe u misunderstood her like u do with me?/

Sanky jerks towards her after listening this… who was seeing him with hidden pain

Sanky : nobody is like u swara I know I did a mistake in past after coming in other’s word but it doesn’t mean that I can’t judge the people… I’ve heard her yesterday talking with someone…

Swara : ooo okay

Sanky : okay now concentrate…

After 3 hrs they prepared the presentation.. swara being a topper and brilliant student learns everything quickly… but she is nervous at the same time…

Sanky : don’t be nervous swara

Swara : I know but this is the first time na I am presenting like thiss

Sanky : it’s natural don’t worry okay let’s go to meeting room

After reaching sanky said to all investors that swara is going to present the project on which shasha frowns

Sanky sat down beside shashaa and swara is standing in front of everyone

Shasha to sanskar : sanky r u serious?? How can u give her such a big responsibility…

Sanky : have patience

Swara gave a wonderful presentation… infact shasha also praised her… investors said that they will invest more funds….

But swara was happy that this is the first time her brother praised her or talked with her politely….

Sanky can easily saw her happiness…

Same day at night… swara is sitting on the floor cushion and kaki is massaging her hair…

Kaki : swara baby what u think about love???

Swara : kaki I don’t know… how can I know because from childhood I never experienced it naa

Kaki felt sad and so that sanky who is listening swara while standing at door…
Kaki : ookay tell me what u think about sanky baba
Swara : he seems to be rude before but now he behave nicely… but I know there is no place of any kind of love in my life…
Kaki: may be sanky baba is the person who can give u love..
Swara : kaki may be but I don’t want to expect I don’t want to trust… because it bleed when it broke down…. And by saying this she left…
Sanky left while wiping his tears and so that kaki…
2 months have been passed now swara is somehow comfortable with sanky… but as a frnd she was not having any feeling or she don’t want to feel because of her past… while sanky fully fall for her but he understands her well so never express his feeling….
Shasha.. shemish also starts talking with her properly… on which swara is always in a happy mood….
One day swara came in the room and saw sanky is packing his bags..
Swara : why r u packing??
Sanky : I am going to meet mom dad
Swara felt sad : when will u come??
Sanky : why do u miss me?? And winks
Swara : may bee
Sanky : actually there are some work pending there soo it will be a little bit long tour around 30 to 40 days
Swara sadly : okayyy
Sanky saw her sad face : haayyy don’t be said I will try to come early.. and now u r not alone… shekhar uncle sumi aunty and even your brother is also here naa and they starts behaving properly with u then??
Swara : ya u r right… okay when is your flight??
Sanky : with 3 hrs
Swara : okay have a safe journey and let me help u for packing…
Sanky : okay…
After half hr sanky bids bye to swara….
Swara goes towards shemish room butt on hearing something her heart broke down…
While outside the mansion…
Sanky to kaki : please take care of her I know uncle aunty are there for her and I am happy that start talking to her politely…
Kaki : yes baba I am very much happy for swara baby and u take care of yourself…
Sanky turns to sit in the car but stops on hearing something he saw swara is standing at mansion entrance
Sanky : swaraa???
Swara shouts sanskarrrr and she runs towards him and hugs him tightly…
Sanky stumble on sudden force but balance himself due to car…
Sanky : array what happened mrs meheswariii he said with a chuckle but he felt something wet on his shoulder…
He broke the hug and saw swara is crying bitterly…. He saw kaki who is also seeing swara with confusion..
Sanky cups her face : swaraaa what happened why r u crying??
Swara while sobbing badly : sanskarr please take me with u I don’t want to live here
Sanky, kaki shocked after listening this
Sanky : swara please stop crying and tell me what happened
Swara while crying : mom dad, bhai now also don’t love mee…
Sanky shocked on hearing this : swara what r u saying
Swara : they only talked with me nicely because I am helping in gaining profit for business
Sanky : what??? Swara please tell me completely
Swara: I was going to mom dad room after bidding by to u… when I am going to enter I heard
Shekar: sumi I think we did good for not aborting swara that time
Swara frozed on listening this that her parents didn’t wanted to give her birth
Shasha : yes dad u r right
Sumi : I didn’t know that she is having such a brilliant mind that she will gain profit for are company
Shekhar : that day when shasha told me I didn’t believe myself.. but when I saw her presentation I become shocked..
Sumi: even I am thinking to make her brand ambassador of my modelling house because she is pretty so in this way I can gain more projects
Shasha laughs : she was thinking that we loves her but poor she
Shekhar : hahahahaha she is just a mere profit machine for us
Trio laughs
Flashback ends…
Sanky fumes in anger while kaki feels disgust
Swara is crying bitterly in sanky’s arm…..
Sanky is patting her back… but after sometime he felt no movement in her he saw that she was fainted…
Sanky picks her in his arms and lay her down in her…
Sanky to kaki : kaki u come with me we will go to my farm house…
Kaki nodes and sat down at back seat after putting swara’s head in her lap…
In farm house:-
Sanky lay her down on bed and covers her with blanket…. And kissed her forehead…
Sanky and kaki come out…after coming out sanky broke down into tears.. he sat down on his knees
Sanky while crying: kaki she starts enjoying the feeling of lovee…. Her wounds somewhere is start healing again… I am trying hard to join her broken heart completely but they broke her again kaki they broke her again… by saying this he starts crying bitterly..
Kaki hugs him and said : no baba if u break like this then who will console swara…
Sanky after listening this wipes his tears and said : yes kaki I will not cry but this time her soo called family will cry…
By saying this he grabs the cell phone and calls dp…
Sanky told him about everything….. (ap,dp mostly lives in abroad so they don’t know about anything related to swara’s suffering)
Dp : I can’t believe shekhar is having such a disgust mentality
Sanky : dad I want to destroy them completely… they should suffer more then swara
Dp: don’t worry beta im with u… u just take care of swara… me and your mom will reach as early as possible…
Sanky go in the room and saw swara sleeping but with teary eyes…
Sanky goes toward her and kissed her forhead..
Sanky : I promise swara they will have to pay for this…
After 2 days swara is completely become lifeless or always crying in kaki or sanky’s embrace….
Finally after 3 days sanky confront her
Sanky : swara how can u sit like this
Swara saw him with teary eyes..
Sanky wipes her tears… and said : u have to fight for your rights…
Swara only seeing him
Sanky : how can u leave such easily who didn’t cared about u??
Swara : I don’t need it
Sanky : I will slap u if u again talk like thiss….
Swara keeps mum
Sanky hold her by shoulder and said : swara u r a very brave girl… u can do any thing
Swara broke down : no sanskar I can’tt
Sanky hugs her and said : ssshhh I with u na I will help u
And we are also here… both turns and saw dp,ap and kaki were standing
Dp : we are aslo with u beta.. I am sorry I didn’t knew that my frnd is such a cheap person
Swara is seeing them with teary eyes..
Ap : I’m here na beta your mom just like im sanky’s mom
Swara hugged her and cried alott.. all were seeing her with teary eyes… but this was the last time…
After 1 week swara came back to mansion.. but with full of attitude..
Shasha : who saw her starts firing questions
Shasha : swara where were u these days don’t u have any sense of responsibility that investors must be waiting for u?? how careless u r
Swara : mr shashank gadodia.. im working under my husband soo u r no one to question me
Shasha shocked on seeing swara’s this side and said: is this the way to talk to your elder brother??
Swara : I don’t have any elder brother and by saying this she left with sanky who is seeing all this by standing beside her
Shasha : I think I have to call mom dad..
2 days later shemish came and confronts swara while all were present there dp,ap,sanky,shasha
Shekhar: what kind of behaviour is this swara?? Why r u not coming to office??
Swara : my wishhh
Sumi: talk with respect he is your father…
Swara : what ever
Sumi : okay enough of this talks come and let’s sign these papers..
Swara frowns : what ppr??
Sumi : u r becoming brand ambassador of the company
Swara: with whose permission u r making me B.A of your company
Sumi: why I need permission?? I’m your mother I can do anything
Swara shouts: no u r nott
Shekhar: swaraa low your pitch we are your parents
Swara shouts more loudly:- noou r notttt my parents mr shekhar gadodia… im having only one parents and that are durga prasand meheswari and annupurna meheswarii
Shekhar shouts: swaraaa and raise his hand to slap her butt
Sanky holds shekhar’s hand : mr shekhar gadodia don’t forget u r raising hand on my wife… I will break your hand if u ever touches her
Shekhar to dp : dp look at your son
Dp to sanky : welldone beta im proud of u that u took side of your wife
Shekhar : dpp???
Dp : mr. shekhar gadodia.. from today we are breaking the merger between our companies…
Sumi: whatttt???

Ap: yess because we don’t want to make any relation with those creeps who don’t know how the respect there lovable daughter and sister..
Shasha: go goo we also don’t need u all
Sanky : let’s see mr shashank gadodia that u need us or not… and to swara pack your bags.. to which swara nodes and after 2 hrs swara left with sanky,ap,dp and kaki…
Shasha : I will not leave them
Shekhar : but beta we need them

Sumi: don’t worry shekhar everything will be fine (in your dreams :P)

3 month have been passed…

In this whole month swara got the love of parents from ap,dp and a best frnd in form of sanky…. Not only this… swara gained more profit for the company…. They were having plenty of projects…

Sanky is all the time stands beside her…. Swara starts feeling for sanky but hesitant due to past..

Whereas on the other hand shekhar’s business is going down.. because sanky is the main lead through which they are gaining profits…and whereas shasha always in the bar drinking.. because sanky mostly handles the business….

Sumi’s modelling business also going down because ap with swara starts a modelling business and swara represents that company…

Due to her natural beauty with blue cute sparkling eyes and also brilliant talent for handling the business attracts every investor towards them….

Finally the day came when shemish whole business bank corrupted and while shasha was in jail on killing one person in hit n run case….
Shemish came to swara to seek forgiveness….
Shekhar: please swara beta forgave uss we done very bad to u
Sumi : please betaaa forgave uss
Swara is seeing her soo called parents with emotionless face…
Swara : I will forgive u on one condition
Sanky: swaraa??
Swara : wait sanky
Shemish : we will do whatever u want
Swara : okay then give me back my all years, months, weeks, days, hrs, secs of last 22 yrs in which I craved for my family’s love
Shemish become numb while sanky saw swara with proud feeling..dp,ap also smiles..
Swara : what happened mr and mrs gadodia?? Give me na
Shekhar : betaaa how can we??
Swara : then the door is there just get out from here
Sumi with teary eyes : please beta
Swara to sanky : sanky tell them to leave and she goes from there
Sanky : soo u got your answer now leave
Shemish left while feeling guilty…
Dp : sanky u go to swara

Sanky : okay dad

Sanky goes to the room and saw swara is standing near the window

Sanky put hand on her shoulder to which swara turns and hugged him tightly…

Swara while crying: sanky I can’t… I can’t forgave them I can’ttt

Sanky : sshhhh

Swara : I tried my level best to forgot everything and forgive them but I can’t

Sanky : swara stops crying please

Swara: I know they are my parents but the feeling which I got from dp dad and ap mom I never felt that feeling with my own parents…

I don’t want to discuss about them ever in my life… sanky can we please go from here?? She said while looking with pleading eyes

Sanky : wipes her tears and said don’t worry madam I’ve already start shifting our business and within one week we will leave from here forever…

Swara smiles brightly on hearing thiss and kissed him on his cheeks in excitement

Swara: I love u sankyy

Sanky who already in shock after the kiss literary slipped into coma 😉 after hearing I love u from swara’s mouth…

Sanky break the hug and sait : what did u just said???

Swara with shyness : I love u

Sanky: really?? Please pinch mee

Swara saw him with anger and pinch hardly on his chest

Sanky : ooowwww u really love me?? Ooo God he starts jumping madly while shouting

Swara seeing him with open mouth while ap,dp and kaki also came on hearing his shouts… and saw him jumping like a monkey and beside him swara is standing with open mouth..

Dp : sanky what happened beta??

Sanky saw dp and runs towards him hug him and kissed him on his cheeks…. Everybody become shocked

Sanky : dad daddd swara loves meeee

Swara become embarrassed on hearing him like this in front of elders..

While trio elder surpasses their laughs and said

Ap : iam very happy for u bothhh

Kaki : me too

Trio elder left both alone.. sanky controlled his excitement and turns toward swara…who is giving him death glare..

Sanky gulps in fear : I love u too swara

Swara gritted her teeth and said : love my foot I will tell u how much I love u by saying this she starts throwing things towards him

Swara: u idiot, u monkey is this the way to behave in front of elders…

Sanky while running around the room said with the pout : sorry darling I lost my senses

Swara : uuuu but stops because sanky grabs her by waist and kissed her on her lipss

Swara becomes shocked but later reciprocated

After 2 weeks all family with kaki left from India forever… and after 2 yrs swara gave birth to a cute baby girl.. who is also having a blue eyes just like her mother

The end…..

Sorry guys but swara’s family didn’t deserve forgiveness…I don’t want to make swara mahan… she forgave sanky because he was outsider for her but he regret for all his mistakes and rude behaviour… he helps her to come out from her past..due to sanky swara starts trusting and loving ppl..

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