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does anyboby love me? yes or no (1st shot)

guys thankuuuuuu soooo much for such a huge response.. my eyes literary popped up on seeing huge comments i didn’t expect this… luv u all and due to your love i am updating first shot today itself… but sorry i can’t wirte long because i have to go… but i promise on friday i will give u long part… and guys my next part of love between swasan also posted but tu didn’t updates on front page that’s why mostly didn’t got the part 22 of it i am giving it link here also if u want u can read and both my ff and ts next epi will be uploaded on friday ?

love between swasan part 22


part 22

Shot one:-

Story starts 28 yrs back when shekhar gadodia the one of the businessman of India married to famous super and top model sharmistha gadodia done a love marriage…
Shekhar and sharmistha both are very proud and full of attitude people… when after 11 months of marriage sumi got pregnant she reluctantly give a birth to their son shashank gadodia because shekhar also wants a heir for his business…

After the birth of their son they decided that they don’t want any other child…. But when by mistake sharmishta got pregnant with swara when 6 yrs of shashank… then both sumi and shekhar had a huge fight both don’t want the second child because sumi don’t want to spoil her figure and whereas shekhar also wants his wife to be well maintained he controlled with much difficulty when sumi was pregnant with shashank because of sumi’s fat tummy but due to he was the heir so he controlled that time but now he don’t want to face that time again…

So they both decided that they will abort the second child…. But shekhar’s mother parvati gadodia stops them and begs them to not do this thing and she promised that she will take care of their second child but plz don’t abort them…

After pleading long finally shekhar sumi decided to not abort the child but they don’t have any feeling with that child… by seeing parents behaviour shashank also didn’t paid any heed that his one brother or sister is coming in the world or not..

Finally after 9 months sumi gave birth to a cute.. little blue eyes princess swara.. but they didn’t showed any love towards them… her innocent face didn’t melt their hearts… after giving birth to swara sumi immediately starts worrying about her figure because she have to maintain her figure for new modelling project… they handled the little swara to her grandmother.. and after 2 days they go abroad with shashank for business meeting and sumi’s modelling contest…

Swara’s grandmother cried a lot on seeing her granddaughter’s fate but she is helpless… she becomes the sheild of swara… she is her parents,, her friend everything.. swara didn’t got the love of her parents.. but her grandmother loves her a lot butt after 6 yrs her grandmother died…

Poor swara cried a lot all night but no one came to console her she finally slept after hugging her doll tightly… she was only 6 yrs old that time… sumi shekhar didn’t cared about her.. her brother also didn’t payed any heed to her because according to him she is just a piece of waste in their house in seeing his parents behaviour…

Sumi shekhar only did one good work that the bring ramla kaki for swara… but she also didn’t filled her grandmother’s place… swara who starts enjoying life in the embrace of her dadi is now becomes more silent.. her blue cute sparkling eyes always wants the love and care of her family but they didn’t bothered….

Her school frnds always teased her because she was a very quiet… but her teachers love her because she was a very bright student….

On every rakhi she wants to tie rakhi to her brother’s hand but he always do insult of her… once it was a rakhi day shashank is playing with his friends in the mansions ground… swara that time is 8 yrs old…. And skashank is 14 yrs old…

Swara goes towards him and calls him..

Swara : bhai??

Shashank who is going to hit the ball with the bat got distracted and ball hit the wicket and he declared out… he fumes in anger and gave a death glare to swara.. and shouts on her

Shashank: what the hell is this u dumb girl??? Due to u I loss the game

Swara with teary eyes: I want to tie a rakhi on your hand

Shashank gave her a tight slap and pushed her hardly and snatch the rakhi from her hand throw it…

To hell with your rakhii just get out from her I don’t want to see your face.. get outtt

Swara becomes scared on seeing his anger and she runs inside the mansion…. And hugs ramla kaki tightly and cried bitterly….

Kaki also become teary eyes on seeing this little girls state but she was bound

When swara was 12 years old dp came with his wife and son sanskar.. he was the childhood frnd of shekhar and shifts from abroad to india…

They shifted in shekhar mansion…. Both families starts living together..one day sanky is with shanshank that time sanky is 15 yrs old 5 yrs younger then swara…

Sanky: yar shasha why your sister always remains quite..

Shasha made a face and said : dude let it be she is just a piece of garbage in our your useless not worth fellow… u know mom dad didn’t want to give her a birth but dadi forced them… that’s why she is here…

Sanky: ooo I see

Shasha: yess okay let’s go outside

Sanky: okay let’s go..

Sanky also make a mind that swara is nothing just a extra person in the house… but sanky made a good bond with ramla kaki

Kaki tries to make him swara’s frnd but sanky didn’t agree so she stops trying and prays that one day swara will get her family’s love…

Swara topped the board and got first position in the state that time also her parents only congratulate her when media came for her interview… swara’s heart broke into millon pieces that time… and from that days she starts distancing from her famil.. she always remains her room.. or with ramla kaki….

To be continued…..

Precap: past continue….

Does anybody love me? yes or no (swasan TS) by Rabia

i hope u liked the first shot.. i write it in hurry soo sorry for the short part ? take care

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