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Do you find Shakti’s separation track dragging?

Colors’ Shakti has been showing the leads’ separation track since a lot of time. Viewers seem to be enjoying the hit and miss scenes between Harman and Soumya. Both the characters are very much in love and longing to be together. Even then, Soumya has been taken to the transgender world and given a new name Tarana. While she tried to find some hope and happiness, she got busy in protecting a baby. Soumya found tasks for her, which kept her occupied for some time. Harman and Surbhi are looking for Soumya.

Preeto has given time till Navratri’s end to Harman for finding Soumya. Harman is trying hard to fulfill the challenge so that he unites with Soumya forever. If Harman fails to get Soumya back from the transgenders’ group, he will lose Soumya as per Preeto’s condition. Harman sends his friend to pass a message to Soumya. With the friend’s help, Soumya and Harman’s phone talk becomes possible. With so many emotions and selfless love popping out from their hearts, Harman is dying to get Soumya as soon as possible. Every day is getting tough for the lovers. Their separation is seen since much time. Do you find Shakti’s separation track dragging or enjoying every bit of the ride? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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