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Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 8

Part 8

Hai readers this is a small epi because I have planned many things for next epi.

Scene 1 – At college

The class gets over afternoon so everyone leaves to canteen. Swaman got up from their place before leavin swara gave her bag to laksh and asked him to carry that. She also asked Maanvi so also want that favor but maanvi rejected. Then they went to canteen leaving virlak behind. Virat keep on smiling seeing a shocked laksh who before today never worked for anyone and be the master is now dancing as per a girl’s tune. He also thought how will he be when he started loving maanvi. God what am I thinking seeing this kind of love story made me mad I think so. Maanvi is also not so bad. Now virat stop thinking like that and go before they both fry us for their lunch. He alo thought to maintain distance from maanvi. He dragged laksh along with him to canteen. There maanvi was teasing swara saying she is feeling bad for making laksh work for her like this inside but why are you showing hate to him.

Swara: Maanvi how many times I have told you there is nothing like that. He only did wrong with me so he is suffering for that.

Maanvi: Swara you can’t tell what I am seeing is wrong I am seeing only love in your eyes.

Swara: Nothing like that. Don’t think more about us and waste your time now I am feeling hungry why haven’t they arrived yet.

Maanvi: They will be coming. Just wait for them and don’t eat them.

Saying so maanvi turned her face and swara gave a confused look. Maanvi thought what a girl I am only saying what I see but she is not accepting. Vaise I won’t treat my viru like that. Wait my viru maanvi what are you thinking he became your friend just two days before within that you made him your. Surely you have gone mad staying with this swara. Now let me stay distant from him also. At that time virlak came and swara asked them to get food for them to which agreed and bought four sandwiches and juices for them. Maanvi had her lunch and tried to get up fast but again the juice spilled on floor causing her to slip and land on virat’s arm. Virman had an eyelock while swalak stared each other thinking are we missing something. To bring them to reality they clicked their pic’s as revenge then they gave hi fi each other. Then virman broke their eyelock and went in different directions. Swalak followed them singing phela pyaar song irritating them. In also virman avoided each other which were noticed by swalak. Swara thought to speak about this to laksh so after college gets over she asks laksh to remain as she wants him to a a work for her and sends virman in her car. (After that crash virlak and swaman always comes together in swalak’s car). First virman refused but for the sake of swalak they compiled and went. Swara told laksh that she is doubting that virman started developing feelings for each other so as a best friend it is our duty to make them realize that and help them. Laksh also agreed and they both joined hands and planned their cupid plans. Virman felt awkward during car ride but virat started conversation and made maanvi comfortable after that they talked with each other happily.

Precap: Swalak plan to blossom love between virman but they themselves started their love story. laksh in gadodia mansion. Ragsan romance.

I hope you all enjoyed that. For next episode I have planned many things so wait my dear readers because your wait definitely worth that

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