I saw the time. 8.30.p.m. I breathed in relief. Finally!! The cake has been baked. It looks ok. I hope it tastes good too. Here, I am getting dressed to surprise my CB. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing a black tuxedo, which she gifted me in the initial months of her business. This is the first time, I am wearing it. I was eager to see her. I am really excited to give her this surprise. Because, this is the first time I am giving surprises to someone. That too her. This excites me more. Am just hoping that she would like this attempt of mine. I was nervous, I don’t know why. Perhaps, as it is first time. Damn!! The famous entrepreneur, Mr. Vidyut singhania, is nervous!! That too for giving a surprise!! No, vidyut, be confident!! I told myself. I wanted to speak my heart out to her. I looked at the pic in my mobile, which I clicked during my confession. Seeing that pic, my lips curved into a smile. Her pic gave me unknown confidence. Mrs. Singhania, Be ready to be surprised!!

We were all returning. We had a blast there. It was super duper fun out there. But any fun is incomplete without him. I wanted to have the first slice of cake from my gym boy. For that reason, I didn’t eat the cake offered to me by aju and others. I lied saying that I had a ‘vrath’ and hence I should not eat egg. Somehow, I managed without eating the cake. I just hope he remembers my birthday. But I am damn sure that he will forget my birthday. I don’t care whether he remembers or not. All I want is to see him right now. I was glad that we started from there soon. Suddenly, our car stopped. I looked at aju. He gave me a ‘I don’t know’ look. “I wanted to eat ice cream” Sammy told me. I saw an ice-cream parlour at the place the car stopped. “Wanna join?” she asked us. Everyone except me and aju agreed. Sammy called me too. “No, sammy I am not in a mood to have ice-cream.” I told her. I just wanted to go home soon. And that aju was lazy enough to come out of the car and he refused. “Please come ammu!!” sammy beseeched me with puppy eyes and I gave in. We were waiting for our ice-cream in the parlour and my phone rang. There was no network inside so, I stepped out. I was talking on the phone and suddenly someone lifted me and before I could realise what was happening I was placed on a bike. I was about to yell, then I realised the person who lifted me was katy. “Katy! what the hell?? where are u sending me??” I shrieked at him. As I was about to step down from the bike, the bike started. I saw a tall, sturdy person driving the bike. I could not see his face, as he was wearing a helmet. I hit him from the back. “Hey!! who the hell are u?? stop the bike!! I SAID STOP THE BIKE!!” I yelled at him. But he paid no heed. He continued riding. Gosh!! He rode so fast. After some time, the bike stopped. I immediately stepped down from the bike. I looked around. It looked like a farm house. As I was about to run from there, I was pulled back by a sturdy arm and I banged the chest of the so called driver of the bike. I looked at him, to know who it was. To my wildest shock, it was… it was… GYM BOY!! He looked at me into my eyes. And our eyes locked. My eyes began to tear due to the sudden burst of emotions. He immediately wrapped his arms around me. His grip on me tightened and he held me like a possession. How much I was craving for this bear hug!! I was slowly losing myself in him. I suddenly saw the tuxedo he was wearing. Gosh!! It was gifted by me. Till now he did not wear that. Tears were flowing from my eyes continuously as we stayed in that position for a long time. Sometimes, words are not needed to convey the feelings. I just wanted to remain like that forever. Suddenly, I realised that I was angry with him and I drifted myself from him. He held my hand. ” I know that it is not right to justify my act. I accept that I did not do good with u. But place yourself in my position, Mrs. Singhania. Wouldn’t u do like this?? I just wanted u to be happy. Is there any wrong in it?? Why can’t u understand man?? I am not able to tolerate your silence anymore. Give me any other punishment other than this. Your silence and ignorance is killing me from inside. Do u know how it pains when the person whom u consider important in your life speaks and behaves normally with everyone other than u?? On that day, when u returned from london, U didn’t even look at me. Do u know how I felt that time?? My condition and sufferings were no lesser than u. Do u know how difficult is to send your love away from u knowing that u can’t live without that person?? Till now, Only I know how I controlled all these emotions. After your departure to london, no one, no one talks with me normally. I know I am responsible for all these. But I can manage even those. I can never ever tolerate your ignorance towards me. NEVER EVER. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT U. DO U UNDERSTAND??” He told me all these in an aggressive tone. Hearing his longest ever speech, I felt guilty. Yes, he was right. Even I too would have done the same if I were in his place. Tears were flowing from my eyes continuously. I understood one thing. If he was wrong from his side, Then I was wrong from my side too. I could not utter a word. He made me turn towards him and looked straight into my eyes. He held my cheek. “Won’t u forgive me??” he asked me in a cracking voice. That’s it for me. I burst into tears. For the first time, I have heard this cracking voice of his. It made me realise that how much I had hurt him. He wiped my tears. I hugged him. He caressed my hair. I broke the hug and smiled at him.” So, have u forgiven me??” he asked me curiously. “I can’t give my name to anyone.” I told him strictly. “What??” he asked me confused. “Question bank is my name. If u start asking questions like this, then everyone will call u like that. I will not give my name to anyone.” I told him with a mischievous smile. He chuckled, driving me crazy. We hugged again. “I am sorry!!” we both said at the same moment. We laughed at the coincidence. “DON’T EVER BE LIKE THIS AGAIN! I WON’T BE ABLE TO TOLERATE THIS.” He told me. I saw a drop of tear at the corner of his eye. I shook my head in no. He saw the time. “Damn it’s just 2 mins to 12!!” he yelled and he dragged me into the farmhouse.

When I entered it, I saw a beautifully decorated swimming pool. I looked at him. He gave me his trademark tiny smile. He held out his hand towards me and I placed my hand on his. He took my hand and brushed his lips deeply over it, making me blush. He looked at the watch again. “MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY, CB!!” He shouted at the top of his voice. I was totally surprised. He remembered my birthday!! I didn’t expect this. “THANK UUUU!!!” I too replied in the same tone. He handed me the knife and signalled me to cut the cake. We fed the cake to each other. At last, my wish to have the first slice from him was fulfilled. “Wow, from where did u buy this cake?? It tastes divine!! Tell me na?? I will recommend my friends too.” ” Do u want your husband to leave his business and start baking full time??” He asked me sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. I could not understand. Then, it hit me. ” Don’t tell me that u baked the cake, gym boy!!” I asked him in shock. “I baked the cake” he told me calmly. Seriously?? for me?? Gosh!! I am becoming mad due to happiness.
“Did u like it??” he asked me.
“More than I love george”
“But less than I love u”
As I said these, he smiled. He looked at me intensely. He slowly moved towards me, creating goosebumps all over my body. He slowly took my hand and made me wear a ring carved “AmYut” on it. I smiled at him. “I am sorry CB . From today, I will not hurt u again” he told me sincerely. I looked at him lovingly. “From when did u gain so much emotions, all of a sudden??” I asked him. “From u, I suppose” he told me. “You know gym boy, last year u were my gift on my birthday. And it is the best gift I have ever received till now and I know u are the best thing that have ever happened to me!!” I told him. He gazed me intensely, making me turn crimson. He started leaning closer and closer. My heart fluttered. As our lips were about to meet, my phone rang. He parted away from me , glaring. “It is aju.” I told him. “Bad timing” I heard him grumbling and I giggled. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEENAKUMARI!!” He shouted from the other end, making my ears go deaf. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!” We both sang together and I saw gym boy looking weirdly at me. “This year also, I wished u first!!” He told me proudly. “No, Someone special have already wished me first” I told him. “What??” he cried in shock. “Aju!! your sister is married. Why are u disturbing her now?? And U are asking her weird questions. U both are not 6 yr olds. Behave like 26 yr old aju!!” I heard mom scolding aju. “Why?? she is my twin. I can talk to her anytime. ” he replied back. “Meenakumari, I will call u back.” he told me as he cut the call. Yes, we both had this habit of wishing first to each other. Only this year, it has changed. Instead of him, gym boy wished me first this year. I turned back, but could not find him there. I felt unknown fear creep inside me as I remembered the dream, which I had in the airport. “Gym boy!! where are u??” I shouted like mad. But, no response. Before I could shout more, I heard a sound. It was like someone playing a guitar. I turned. There he was. God!! It was my favourite song. It was playing on his phone. He offered me for a dance, while I nodded.
Un peril en perai serthu
Viralodu uyir kooda korthu
oor munne ondraga naamum
nadandhaal enna!
I placed my hands on his shoulders. He placed his on my waist. We slowly swayed to the song. He twirled me and dragged me closer to him. It started raining.
yen nenjin theeye
ull engum neeye
kanmoodum podhum
kanmun nindraye
He lip synced the tamil lyrics!! He is surprising me more and more. As I widened my eyes, he smiled at me. I too smiled at him.

Sirikkadhey sirikkadhey
Sirippaley mayakkadhey
adikkadhey adikkadhey
azhagaal adikkadhey
As these lyrics played, he lifted me up in the air and I squealed. It was lovely. The rain was becoming heavier, so was our dance. Both of them were drenched. But it didn’t matter. We were slowly losing ourselves in the tune of our love.
Nenaika theriyadha
adai mazhaye
nanaiya theriyadha
malar kudaiye

Maraya theriyadha
pagal nilave
yennai theriyaadha
pen azhage! (2)
As the song ended, he looked deep into my eyes. “U will not send me away from u again na??” I asked him with tears in my eyes. He took me into his embrace. “Never ever, Mrs. singhania!! As U already know, U ARE MINE!! AND I WILL NOT SEND U AWAY FROM ME!!” He told me wiping my tears. He lifted my chin and looked intensely. The rain and his intense gaze made me shiver. I turned to the other side, unable to meet his eyes. I felt a hand encircling my waist from back. I closed my eyes. He ran his arms over my hands and nuzzled into my neck, making me gasp. He slowly picked me in his arms and started moving from there. Finally! We are together again. This was one of my best birthdays and my gym boy really made it special. On this day, I promise that here after, I will understand him more and will keep him happy always. I am really lucky to have him in my life. I continued staring at him, while he was walking towards our room, carrying me in his arms. Every day, every hour, every moment, he is surprising me with his different shades. I LOVE U MY GYM BOY!!
**********************************************************************Guys, deesh here. Thank u so much guys for your support. Hope u like this chapter. I was little busy today . So, I typed this chapter in hurry. Please do forgive me if it was not upto the expectations. The song’s link has been given. It is my fav song. If u want u can check the link. Sorry sweety, I was not able to give deeps scene today. But I will surely give in the next epi. Sorry. Guys, Wish u all a very happy and a prosperous diwali!!! Since, this is festive season, tell me which is ur favourite sweet. Mine is kaju katli and of course laddoo. Do tell me via comments. Just thought to ask. Keep supporting!! Thanks for reading.

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