“Yay!!!! Finally katy and sammy are married!!” Aju and I yelled whereas everyone laughed. Katy was blushing hard. Yeah, they finally got married. We all posed for the camera with happy faces. I was a little extra happy. Yesterday, I realised that how special I am for I have got the world’s best husband. I know he is not an ideal husband. He has his own faults so do I. But, however he never fails to make me happy. Really, I was overwhelmed when he told his motives behind the decision of not planning a family soon. When I myself thought that my dreams won’t come true, here was a person, who is ready to support me , fight for me and care for me. I am damn sure that I will never get any other person like my gym boy as my husband. His place in my life is irreplaceable. Such was his importance in my life.


I saw him. He was talking with some guests, thanks to my training. I am damn sure that he would be talking about business. I secretly stole glances of him. I must admit that he is looking dapper in his black suit. Looking at him, I remembered my favourite tamil song, which I dreamt with my then crush, george. But instead of him, I could see only my gym boy in that song. My eyes glistened in happiness as I thought about it.
Nenjorama oru kadhal thulirum bodhu
Kannorama siru kanner thuligal yeno
kannalane en kannal unna
kaidhakida na ninachene
kanneerula oru mai polave
Unnoda sera thudichene
manasula poongathu
nee pakkum dhisayil veesum bodhu
namakunu oru desam
adhil iruvarum serndhu onna vaazhvom
kannala kannala en mela en mela
theeya erinji putta
solladha sollala
ulnenjil yeno kalavaram senju puta (2)

As my heart began to sing, my mind drifted to the song where I imagined myself and him in that song. Wow!! What a feeling!! I forgot the real world as my eyes were focussing only on him and my heart was focussing on that song.

As I was looking him so intensely, the beep sound of my phone brought me back to senses. Gosh!! Now a days, I am dreaming a lot. That too day dreaming. What to do? When u have such a lovely husband, U can’t restrict yourself. It was from him. “Secretly admiring me, Mrs. Singhania??” Gosh!! How the hell he found?? He didn’t notice me. Then how did he?? I am becoming crazy day by day. I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. I am loving him more and more. God, I just want him to be happy. Keep him happy always!!

It has been 5 months since our marriage happened. I am really happy that this happened. Samhita has really changed my life. She is really crazy man!! She is adamant and stubborn, but she is really a great woman. In these 4 months, we had a lot of fights, but we sorted it out thanks to the understanding between us. I am really lucky to have her in my life. And now I and ammu are happily married. Now, the next on the list is aju. Dadi is very keen on getting aju married soon. But that aju!! I don’t know what had happened to him. He behaves really strange. He has started going to temples!! But I am sure that he is not going there to pray or seek blessings. There is a motive behind that, for sure. I had noticed that nowadays he is very keen on going to our native village. So, something is there in the village. But every time he goes there, he returns little bit disappointed. He really loved the village. And he had clearly told that he will not get married now. I know what’s the reason.

It has been 9 months since our marriage and 4 months since I had started my own business venture. It makes me very busy that I am not able to spend quality time with my family. Especially with gym boy. Earlier, we both used to work in the same office and his cabin was just opposite to mine, so that I always steal a glimpse of him. But now that I am working in my own office, I am unable to see him. We often talk while in the office through phones, but I miss him badly. Very badly. The new business venture of mine is slowly becoming successful. And I am really grateful to my gym boy. He was the one who spoke to papaji about my dreams and thankfully papaji agreed. But it took a lot of time in convincing mummyji, who was little skeptical about it. Finally, I started my own business. My own. It makes me really happy that I am independent. The initial days were really arduous as I am a learner. Vidyut was really helpful. Though he had his own business to manage, he taught me the nuances of business in his busy schedule. Day by day, I am falling more in love with him. With his new shade, which always make me watch in awe. One such incident made me realise that he is a pure soul.

******************** FLASHBACK****************************************

It was the initial days of my new business. I returned home very tired. I was ready to fall in the bed, due to the nerve wracking work. I sat in the sofa with a thud. My head was aching like hell. For the first time in my life, I realised business is hell. Though I have already worked as the AMD with vidyut, it wasn’t so tough as this. Suddenly, I felt a hand rubbing my temples with pain killer balm. It was him. My lips curved into a smile. He is also a business man. He too would have heavy work. But still, he preferred to apply balm to his tired, new beginner wife. If someone else would have been in his place, he would have ordered me to do something for him. This makes my gym boy special. “Come, let’s have dinner. You must have been hungry and tired.” He told me. I didn’t know why, but his voice and care was more soothing to me than the balm he applied on my aching head. Then one thing hit my mind. The cook was on leave today. Then who cooked?? “Gym boy!! Who cooked today?? The cook is on leave, right?? Then who made the dinner??”

“Actually, I made it.” He told me sheepishly. “What?? Are u mad gym boy?? You are not a home maker. Even you had office and u must have been tired too. Why the hell u are stressing yourself like this??” I roared in anger. “Look CB, you are a beginner. I am already used to all these. I don’t want u to take more stress. There’s nothing great in preparing dinner. So, forget all these and come taste the dinner and tell me how it is” My eyes began to tear. I felt really really lucky that I am having a supporting person like him in my life. I hugged him and he hugged me back. He broke the hug and fed me dinner with his hands. I must say it was really good. “Mr. Singhania!! The food is awesome! From where did u learn cooking??” I asked him. “Duh!! U have opened your question bank!! Well, It’s a secret!!” he told me. “Secret?? Fine!! Don’t tell me!” I turned my face away. He turned my face and made me look at him. He smiled. ” From u!” He whispered, making me blush.

My cheeks turned crimson hearing his deep, husky voice. “Don’t blush more. You are testing my patience.” He told me as he kissed my cheek. I blushed more. He slowly placed his lips over mine and I lost myself once again in his limitless love. His hands were on my waist while my hand was fiddling his hair. His kiss showed me how much he loves me. He broke the kiss. “I want u to be with me ALWAYS” He told me in a husky tone, looking at me intensely. “I will” I told him as I held his cheek. He smiled and took the plates and went to the kitchen.

**********END OF FLASH BACK******************************************

Seriously, I have never ever received such care and love from anyone. I feel really safe and special with him. Though he appears very arrogant, he has a very pure heart. I love him to the core. It is really ironical that the man, who once I hated the most has become the man who I love the most. He makes me realize every hour, every minute, every second that WITHOUT HIM, I AM INCOMPLETE.


Guys, deesh here. I am very happy and overwhelmed seeing your love for me. I am very sorry for that misunderstanding. Really I am very sorry. Thanks for the support guys. I am really confused whether u like this episode or not. Hope u like it. Guys, this will be the last update in this week and I will try to update one more on this saturday if possible. I am on a tour tomorrow. But I will try for sure. Keep supporting!! Thanks for reading.

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