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Samhita / Sammy – Helly Shah.
Deepti / Deeps – Shilpa Anand.
The cool breeze, the shining moon, the towering hills around me made a romantic surrounding. The situation was totally romantic for everyone, except for me. I don’t actually believe in love. For me love only gives pain. Nothing else. Though, I was initially skeptical about that vidyut, today I noticed that both went along with each other very well. I am very happy that my twin sis is finally settled. Katy is also going to be settled soon. This made my family mad with happiness. And me too. Now dadi wants me to get married. I am not ready for all these now. I need time. I don’t believe in marriages. My chain of thoughts were broken by katy’s call. That idiot!! Total coward he is!! Which man in the world would send his brother to bring his lady love at midnight?? Samhita / Sammy, wanted to meet katy and this idiot refused. After a lot of compulsion, he agreed. I must say sammy is very daring. She is coming by jeep, all alone, that too to this deserted village at this time. I was really astounded how the hell did she choose nerds like katy. Here I was waiting for her, in the main road, which was the entrance to our village, as she did not know the address. I picked the call. “Nope. she didn’t come yet.” I told him. Couldn’t he come?? Coward!! He believes in all these ghosts and stupid things and is afraid to come outside in the midnight. He would say that at 12.00.a.m. , a girl in white saree, with her hairs loose, till her knees, wearing a payal, would walk in the streets. Stingy crap!! Who believes all those in 21st century? As I was thinking about these, I felt a figure behind me. When I turned, I saw a girl, wearing a white saree , with her hairs loose, till her knees. Katy’s description came to my mind. I could not see her face. Only her back was visible to me. I slowly followed her, caught her hand and turned her. I closed her mouth immediately with my hands, as she opened her mouth to shout. I saw her. She was looking very beautiful. “Who are you?? Please leave my hand!!” She begged. Her voice was sweet and innocent. “So, aren’t u a ghost??” I asked her doubtfully. “Ghost!! What made u to think that I am a ghost?? Please do believe me. I am not a ghost. Look!! I have legs.” She told me raising the saree a little bit to show her white, beautiful legs, which were adorned by a silver anklet. I chuckled hearing that. ” Why, ghosts don’t have legs??” I asked. “My mom says that Ghosts don’t have legs and they float in air!!” She explained to me like a child. Man!! She was too innocent. “what are u doing here that too at this time??” I asked her. “Actually, I am new here and I didn’t get sleep.” She told me. “Go to your home now. It isn’t safe out here.” I told her. She nodded and bid bye to me. As she went a few steps ahead, I called out to her. “Hey girl!!” She didn’t turn back. “Ghost!!” I yelled. She immediately turned back and looked at me by narrowing her eyes. She looked too cute. “What’s your name??” I asked her. “Deepti. But my brother calls me deeps. Yuck!! I hate that. It sounds like beep. I hate it. Please don’t call me like that. Call me deepti only.” Woah!! Such a lengthy explanation!! I smiled at her innocence. “Deeps!! I am Arjun.” I introduced myself. “Please arjun! Don’t call me like that!!” She beseeched me like a kid. “I will call u deeps only!!” I told her mischievously. “Arjun!!” she said. “Deeps!!” I too called her in the same tone. She stomped her feet and started to move. “Goodnight deeps!!” I yelled and she turned back at me and scowled. I felt nice after meeting the girl. I didn’t know why. “Hey aju!!” Sammy waved at me. “Hey sammy!!” I too waved back. I sat on the jeep and she started.
It was beautiful. The newfound love makes my heart flutter. After the confession fiasco of his, here I am, placing my head on the chest of my gym boy. It felt lovely. Gosh!! This man is of different shades!! Every time, I am seeing a new shade; a new vidyut. I wondered that we didn’t even say a formal I love u to each other like other couples. Our case didn’t need words to convey our feelings. Because already our hearts have. I asked him, “Gym boy!! Aren’t u too possessive ??” “Yes I am” he replied coldly. God!! Though we know about the feelings, we had for each other, this man didn’t change his habit of speaking coldly. “Couldn’t u speak little soft??” I complained. “My voice is like that. what can I do?? I can’t apply dove soap to my voice to make it soft.” He replied sarcastically. “Wow! Even u know about women’s cosmetics!!” I exclaimed. He looked at me. “You won’t leave this cold hearted man, right??” He asked me suddenly. This question made my eyes teary. “Mr. Singhania!! Don’t even think that I will leave u!! However cold hearted u are, however egoistic and arrogant u are, u have to bear my torture and this question bank throughout your life!!” I warned him strictly. His lips curved into a smile and I smiled back. I kissed his forehead. “Gym boy!! Can I place my head on your lap??” I asked him fondly. He nodded with a smile and I kept my head on his lap. It was a total heaven for me. He stroke my hair with love. I felt his lips over my forehead and he clasped my hands tightly into his. I closed my eyes in pure bliss, thinking about my future life with my gym boy. Finally, everything is fine.
“Katy!!” I heard samhita’s voice. She came running towards me with excitement and hugged me. My god!! What was that??! This is the first time a girl is hugging me and I am too. Till now, I don’t understand what ‘s so special in me that she liked me. I knew that she is very bold and modern. There were times when I hated modern girls. But as they say, Time changes everything and it changed me too. “Wow!! Your village is so serene and beautiful!!” She squealed. I smiled. She looked at me. She moved closer to me. I moved back. As we both kept on doing like that, my back hit the wall. I tried to move, but she blocked with her slender hands on the sides of me. Gosh!! In films, these will be done by the heroes, but in my case, it’s vice versa. She winked at me and my heart skipped a beat. She smiled at me mischievously and I closed my eyes. I opened her eyes by hearing her laughter. To my uttermost shock, she didn’t do what I expected. Instead, she had a cockroach in her hand. As I gave her a confused look, ” Actually this cockroach was crawling on your shirt near your collar. So, I took it. What did u expect me to do??” She explained me and laughed harder. I don’t want to accept this, but it is the truth, that I blushed. She held my chin and looked at me intensely. I didn’t know what had happened and I pecked her cheek. She held her cheek with her hand in shock. “Not bad, Mr. Kartik!!” She told me and we both laughed. I am really enjoying this phase of my life.
I looked at her. She was sleeping, holding my hand , on my lap. She looked so adorable and I can’t move my eyes from her. I am happy now that she is mine. Officially mine. She will be with me always. I will be with her always. The mere thought of this brought a smile on my face. Gosh!! Nowadays, I am smiling too often. I pecked her lips. She gave a cute smile in her sleep. Maybe, she is having a dream. I took a picture of ours, in that posture. Seeing that picture on my phone, I am smiling like a mad. I looked at my surroundings. It was so scenic. I carried her in my arms and took her home. I placed her on the bed and I lay beside her. I looked at her. She was holding my shirt collar. My life is changing. I am changing. The vidyut, who I thought will never change, who I thought will never believe in marriages is actually changed. Not totally, but gradually. This change makes me feel good and slowly my cold heart is melting due to the heat of her presence in my life.
Guys, Deesh here. Thanks for your lovely support guys. Here is another chapter, guys. Guys, hope u liked deepti. Actually, my classes are starting from monday and I will be busy. I am soooo sorry guys. I will not be able to update regularly, hereafter. Till now, I was on a vacation, so I was able to guys. I am really sorry guys. I will try to update once in a week. Please don’t forget my story guys!( just kidding!! :p) Keep supporting! I will miss u guys sooooooo much!! This chapter is not proof read! Thanks for reading.

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