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Gosh!! What was that?? My eyes could not believe what I saw. My ears could not believe what I heard. Am I alright?? He kissed me!! And I too. And what did he say?? God!! Those words are still echoing in my mind. The scene flashed into my mind again and again. I can’t get over it. As I heard those words, I opened my eyes in shock. He gazed intensely into my eyes. When I was about to tell him the truth, he went outside. His anger was at its peak!! Damn!! Seriously, didn’t he know that nivin was an actor?? He was jealous. This thought made me chuckle and a sudden flow of blood over my cheeks made me turn red. I felt goosebumps all over my body when our kiss flashed into my mind again and again. Gosh!! I went downstairs with this thought unaware of the people looking at me.

“Ammu!! Why are your lips pink?” chachi questioned. “It looks like someone have….” Chachi whispered in my ears. I turned crimson. “Chachi! She must have drank beetroot juice to enhance her skin. Am I right, ammu?” That idiot aju mocked me. “That too made by her loving husband” He giggled. “Ha??!! How I wish that even my husband would make beetroot juice to enhance my skin!!” Chachi grumbled. Aju roared into laughter.” Poor chachi, don’t worry, I will advice chachu!” Aju laughed even more harder.”Idiot!! How dare u tease me like this??” I yelled as I threw a handful of tomatoes which were on the kitchen table at him. To my wildest shock, that idiot escaped, but the gym boy, who was talking over phone, became my victim!! The whole family, which was watching the circus with awe, gasped. The tomatoes splashed at his face, making his face red. Aju whispered in my ear, “Seems like your husband likes tomato juice made by u. Look how he is looking at u?? Very nice family!! The wife drinks beetroot juice made by her husband and the husband loves the tomato juice made by his loving wife, that too freshly made!!” He giggled. “Idiot!! I hate u!!” I whispered angrily. Now I am gone!! Already, he was so angry, now to make matters worse, all these happened. He went to his room. I know that his anger would be at its peak. I went to the room hastily. I saw that he was in the restroom. “Mr. Gym boy! Sorry!! Actually, it was not meant for u. It was for aju, but that stupid escaped and you became the victim of that. I am really sorry!!” I shouted from the other side of the door of the restroom door. There was no reply from him. Now it was confirmed that I am gone today. I know gym boy that it was my mistake and I should not have done like that. But please don’t stay silent like this. My heart screamed. Unable to bear the silence, I banged the door. Still no reply!! As I banged more, Suddenly, in a fraction of second, I was pulled inside. Urgh!! Why the hell, he always follows this pulling business?? There he was!! Gosh! he was shirtless. It is not that I am seeing him like this for the first time. But every time he makes me ….blush. I have to admit that the gym boy is handsome. Once again he gave his intense stare, which make me go weak on knees. I looked at him. I was about to say sorry, but he placed his finger on my lips. God!! Once again I turned crimson and this gym boy is not at all moving his eyes from mine. And I too was not able to. The shower was on. He slowly started leaning closer and closer. I tried to move, but he blocked with his hands on the both sides. He leaned more closer and suddenly, I felt his lips on my neck. Gosh!! Butterflies were flying in my abdomen by that act of his. As he moved his lips in a pattern, I closed my eyes in reflex. When I opened my eyes, I found him looking at me. I covered my face with my hands. He slowly removed my hands and brushed his lips deeply on my palm. His rough stubble on my palm created some unknown feelings all over me. I felt a sudden adrenaline rush and continued to look at him. He pecked my forehead. In that peck, I found the love, care and trust that he had on me. Though we both have never openly shared our feelings, He knew what my heart wants and I knew what his soul needs. I felt so special by that peck of him. In a sudden burst of emotions, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he reciprocated. I felt so safe in his embrace. Now, one thing I understood clearly. He is my heart stealer and I can’t live without him even for a second. YOU ARE MY LIFE, GYM BOY!! AND I CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT U!!


I don’t know what made me to utter those words to her. How did I manage to say that?? These thoughts drove me mad. I am not able to bear the thought that she liked that george. What’s there in that guy?? Should I keep beard like him?? May be, I should try. Duh!! The vidyut, who never thought of changing for girls, has already started changing. But, now these didn’t matter to me. Only thing that mattered to me was HER. I need to talk to her. I know I behaved horribly with her. I am not able to bear her silence, absence or separation from me. Is this love?? I don’t know what the heck was love?? When I asked arijit about these feelings, he told me that I am in love. The problem is I don’t know what is this love?? The only thing I knew was that she changed me and continues to change; She makes me complete; I am liking her. I am being addicted to her. I will not be able to live without her. I NEED HER.

In the evening, Kartik and Arjun told that they are going to her native village. CB wanted to go. She called me and I nodded reluctantly. Hmm, The village is so calm and serene. Kartik and arjun went somewhere telling us that they would be back in sometime. We both were left alone. She took me to a shore of a lake and told me that it was her favourite hangout spot. I saw her face. Her face shone like the moon in the sky. I was unable to move my eyes from her. She looked beautiful. “CB, I need to talk to u.” I decided to talk. She turned towards me. “Actually… I am sorry for the morning incident. It’s just I became angry. I don’t know why…” “Actually, even I wanted to talk about that” I was interrupted by her. “You are misunderstood. George is a fictional character. It was played by nivin pauly, a malayalam actor” She told me calmly while I received the biggest shock of my life. “What??” I yelled. She nodded. Gosh!! How stupid of me!! I felt jealous of an actor!! I cursed my heart. Seeing my shocked face, she burst into laughter. “You were looking so cute then” She told me in between her laugh. “You were jealous right??” she asked me with mischief twinkling in her eyes. I fumbled. Damn!! She laughed even more harder. “If I had loved a real person named george, then what would u have done??” She asked me. “I WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM!!” These words escaped from my mouth in a breath. She looked at me shocked. “Why would u do that??” she asked me frowning. She is testing my patience, man!! Those words once again turned my fury mode on as my eyes turned blood shot. “Because YOU ARE MINE!! ONLY MINE!!” I told her in a cold and a dangerous tone. She looked at me in fear.”I can’t live without u. I will not be able to. You have become my addiction. Whenever u are not there, I go mad. I don’t know what these feelings are called. All I know is that GIRL!! I NEED U!! I just want u to be the side of me always. Will u??” I asked her in an expressionless tone. I know that this is the worst ever confession. I looked at her. She had tears in her eyes. She immediately wrapped her arms around my neck. “I WILL GYM BOY!! I WILL!!” she whispered in my ears. Her whisper gave a tingling sensation all over my body. I saw her. Damn!! She was blushing. A sudden urge of kissing those arose inside me and I placed my rough lips on her smooth cheek. Man!! She blushed again!! I rubbed my cheeks with hers. She hugged me tightly. I too hugged her. The cool breeze and her warmth made my surroundings fade away as I lost myself in her.
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