I was in a deep slumber when I felt a few drops of water falling on me. I could feel a hand caressing my hair lovingly. As I opened my eyes slowly, her angelic face came into view. “Happy birthday CB!” I mumbled in a sleepy tone. She smiled. Then only I realised that my head was on her lap and she was caressing my hair. She still continued the same. I looked at her. My chocolaty orbs locked her hazel ones. Her eyes were glistening with a layer of tear. I panicked seeing her tears. I wiped her tear which came rolling down her left cheek. I held her cheek. “What happened?? Why are u crying??” I asked her impatiently. She shook her head in no. ” It is the tears of happiness. U know gym boy, it was one of my dreams in my teenage that I should wake up in the arms of my prince charming on my birthday and it has happened!!” she told me smiling in between her tears which were rolling down continuously.


“For this simple thing u are crying!!” I told her in disbelief. “May be for u it may seem like a simple thing, but for me… I can’t express my happiness in words” she replied. “U are wrong.” I told her. She gave me a confused look. “U wanted to be woken in my arms but instead I woke up in your lap. This is not done!” I sat on the bed, folded my hands and told her in a childish tone. She laughed at me nodding. “I didn’t know that u speak like this too.” she told me in between her laughter. Even I didn’t know that. Seriously, I don’t know, all of a sudden, from where this side of mine emerged. Perhaps it’s her magic. She has discovered all the different shades of mine, which were unknown to me. But I am happy that it made her laugh. She was laughing continuously, caressing my hair and I smiled at her adoringly. “So, when are we going home??” she asked me. “Home?? U wanna go home??

Here I thought of spending some time with u and here u are hell bent to go home!” I told her bluntly. “From when did my gym boy turn into romantic romeo, hmm?” She asked me raising her eyebrow. “I don’t know” I replied blankly. “Don’t know?? But I know a new name for u. Romeo!!” she told me clapping her hands in excitement. “Yuck!! Don’t ever dare to call me like that!!” I warned her. “I will. Or else what will u do?” she told me. “Ok then, be ready to face the consequences.” I told her as I approached her. Her face turned crimson immediately. I chuckled. I went more close to her. My gaze then fell on her pink, soft lips. Before I could place mine on hers, she placed hers on mine. I was shocked at the act of hers. I know it has happened many times, but still I don’t know why I am getting shocked whenever she kisses me.

It became more passionate showing the love and trust we had for each other. Her hands fiddling my hair and mine were holding her waist tightly. I lost myself in her pure, beautiful soul. From nowhere, her phone suddenly rang and she pushed me and ran away blushing. Though I was a bit angry as my moment was spoiled, I smiled at her action. It is really ironical that she liked my surprise. Because only I know that all that happened was not a part of my plan. I was supposed to pick her up in my car, but in the last minute, I found that it was missing. Thanks to my lovely sis shanaya! Then my plan was totally changed as suddenly her ducaty bike came to my mind. And what had happened there!! Damn! I was supposed to speak some nice lines to her and apologise, but again everything went wrong. When she started to move away from me, I could not tolerate that and hence I spoke all those in a go. That too aggressively. It was true that I had planned to speak all those. But not in this way.

But Finally, she liked that and she returned to my life again to make me more crazy over her. “Gym boy!!! Fresh up and come down soon” I heard her yelling and I stepped down from my bed and rushed to the restroom, hearing that sweet, excited voice of hers. Gosh!! she will make me the superlative degree of mad one day!!
“Guess who it is!!” I heard a really bad voice, which I think, was the owner of the soft hands which closed my eyes all of a sudden. I know that this so called owner of this hand is trying to surprise me by using a false voice. I placed my hands over those hands which were closing my eyes and suddenly a wide smile appeared on my face as I know who it was. “DEEPS!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice. Immediately , the owner took of their hands and looked at me disappointed. “Aju! This is not fair! U found me!!” she complained pouting. Damn!!

She looked so pretty in a white anarkali, again to murder me with her looks and innocent face. “This is friendship, u see.” I told her raising my collar. “Is it so?? ” she asked me. “Anyways, leave that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJU!!” She cried in excitement as she hugged me. Wait! She hugged me!! I felt numb. Seriously, I had never experienced such a feeling before. She drifted away from me as she realised what she had done. She mumbled “Sorry , woh….”. “It’s ok.” I cut her in the middle and there was an awkward silence between us. “Hey deeps, did u like my room?” I told her to lighten the atmosphere. “It’s very nice. It would look more nice if u mess it up more” she told me sarcastically. I gave a sheepish smile to her. Yeah, It is the first time she had come to my home.

She hasn’t come to my home till then as I often do not remain at home. After that unexpected hospital meeting, we met each other very often and had become the best of friends. Now, I am more clear about my feelings towards her. But, I am little skeptical about her feelings towards me. I know that I am one of her closest male friends. I don’t want to spoil the good friendship prevailing between us. Hence, I didn’t reveal my feelings to her till now. But yesterday, one of my friends made me realise that I shouldn’t hide my feelings for long. So, today, on my 26th birthday, I decided to confess my feelings to her. My chain of thoughts were broken by her voice. “So, this is your family photo right??” she asked me pointing to the huge photo of our entire family along with fab 7 hanging on my room.

I nodded. She touched the photo lovingly. “Aju! u are so lucky to have such a big, loving family. Really u are such a blessed soul. Everyone does not get such a nice family. ” She told me and I noticed a drop of tear at the corner of her eye, which was about to fall. I know what she meant. She lost her family in a bomb blast, years ago and now she lives with her brother. Both of them luckily survived. I placed my hand on her shoulder. How I wanted to say that I would like to include her in this huge, loving family of mine!! But I could not. She immediately wiped her tears and looked at me. “Will u introduce me to your family one day, please?? I want to meet them.” she asked me. “Definitely, I will” I nodded. I could sense the pain of hers through her eyes. “Ok, what’s the plan today??”

she asked me in a fake happy tone to change the topic. Before I could reply, I stepped on a t- shirt of mine, which was lying on the floor and dashed her. She caught me by her arm and I looked at her. I could not move my eyes from hers. When she waved her hand in front of me, disturbing the view of her doe eyes. I didn’t know what happened to me and I caught her hand and kissed it deeply. She gasped at the act of mine and she withdrew her hand from me immediately. I didn’t want her to go and I held her hand. “What are u doing aju?? Leave my hand.” she said while struggling to get rid of my hold. But I didn’t budge. “What’s wrong with u??” she shouted. Suddenly, the thought that I want her to be mine came to my mind and I uttered foolishly ” BE MINE!”

“Tadaaang!!” she screeched as I sat down for breakfast. I looked at her and she placed an aloo paratha on my plate. I smiled like a mad seeing that on my plate. “Did u like it??”she asked me as I munched a piece of it eagerly. I loved it. “More than your sautan, but less than u” I told her. “COPYCAT!! U copied my dialogue!! At least speak softly while copying. And kabardaar, if u talk about my sautan today!!” She exploded. Sautan. That is my mobile phone. She had named it like that as I spend more time on my phone. Come on man! I am a business man. For a business man, phone is his everything. I chuckled hearing that. “Today, u should spend more time with me. Not with her. Ok?? If I saw u romancing her, I will kill u!!” she yelled. “Yes mam!!” I told her. ” And today, I will romance only my CB” I told her in a husky tone. As I uttered those, she blushed again making me go mad. I pulled her towards me and she fell on my lap. I slowly placed my hands on her waist.

She shuddered at my touch. I placed my rough lips on her cheek and she looked at me shocked. She took a bit of the paratha and brought it close to my mouth. As I opened my mouth to have that, she shoved it into her mouth. Now, it was my turn to be shocked. She laughed at me. “U look so cute when u are like this” she told me pulling my cheeks hardly. “Ouch! mad woman! don’t pull like that. It hurts.” I exclaimed. “Sorry!” she said with puppy eyes and kissed my cheeks. I looked at her again being shocked. My lips curved into a smile when I looked at her eyes twinkling in mischief. Seriously, I cannot imagine a life without my CB. She is like a blessing to my cursed life. And though, I don’t believe in god, I really thank him from the bottom of my heart for sending her to my life. On this day, I promise that I will not take any decision which will hurt her hereon. After all, this is Mr. Vidyut singhania’s promise!!

Guys, deesh here. Thank u so much guys for ur heart warming support. Hope u like this epi. How did u celebrate diwali guys?? Hope u had fun. I enjoyed it very much. This epi was especially for my sweety. Hope u like aju deepti’s scenes. The story needs it. That’s y today’s epi had a little more of their scenes. Frankly speaking guys, I haven’t proof read this epi. Hope it isn’t boring. Keep supporting!! Thanks for reading.

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