“Sir, here is the room. U can go inside.” The doctor in the hospital told me. Here I am, in the hospital, to meet my so called brother in law. And all because of my mom, who wanted me to visit her son in law to fulfill my duties of a brother in law. What the hell? And I had to agree reluctantly for the sake of meenakumari. And today morning, I came to know that this extremely arrogant husband of hers had made her to go to london forcefully . Ok, I agree that he is doing for her good. But this is insane. Arijit told me that there is none to take care of him as his family had went for their kuldevi temple. And this man had forbidden arijit not to tell about his condition to his family. Duh! Ammu talked to me about this in the morning. She told me that she was really missing him and was worried about him. I felt very bad to hear her sounding so worried and hence I agreed to visit this man. How ever I tease my meenakumari, I can’t bear her dull voice. And today , when she spoke to me in the morning, she was sounding too low. And he is the reason for that. This made me more angry on him. From the beginning, I did not like this man. But when ammu told me about him ,I thought that he is changing. And I felt happy. But today, I realized that he will never change.

I entered the room. There he was, lying on the bed, reading newspaper. I must say that he looked worn out and very pale. “How are u now? ” I asked him after placing the boquet and a basket full of food made by mom, on the table, trying to sound sweet. “good.” came a short , blunt reply, without even taking his eyes from the newspaper. This made my anger raise even more. “But ammu is not.” I shot at him. He looked at me. His face grew dark with intensity and his body stiffened. For a moment, his eyes showed a little pain but before I could assume that to be a pain, he transformed into his arrogant self again.” I think it’s better that u don’t interferre in my private matters” He told me aggressively and continued reading the paper. I lost my cool. I clenched my fists. When I was about to respond more, my phone flashed, “MEENAKUMARI CALLING” with her pic. He too noticed that. I picked up the phone and put it on speaker.


“Aju! Did u visit him?? how is gym boy ?? Is he better now??” she bombarded me with questions. “Yeah. He is fine.” I replied hiding my anger. I felt so bad for my twin. Here this man doesn’t even think about her plight. There she is, always thinking about him. I saw him. I wanted to see his eyes, but to my bad luck, I couldn’t see due to that paper hiding his face. I know that he wantedly covered his face with the paper. “Ammu! I am in a meeting. Will call u back.” I told her and disconnected the call. Not even wanting to see him for a moment more, I barged out of the room. My anger was at its peak. Anger blinded my face and I didn’t notice the surroundings around me. Suddenly, I felt someone colliding my chest and before that person could fall down, I caught that person. Mad person!! I cursed that person without even looking who it was. I looked at the person. It was a girl. I couldn’t see her face as her face was covered by her duppatta. But, one thing was familiar. Her eyes reminded me of her’s. As I removed the duppata from her face, I was shocked.

It was the face, for which I was craving to look for these many days. Yeah, It was her. My deeps. She immediately straightened herself. “Aju! u here??” she chirped happily. Her voice made my fiery anger vanish .”Actually, I should ask u that question.” I told her. “And I will not talk to u deepti.” I told her coldly and turned to move. She immediately held my hand. A smile appeared on my face. This is what I wanted. It may seem silly. She made me turn. “Why?? What did I do?? and please don’t call me deepti. call me deeps as u do like every time. It is really sounding weird to be called like that by u. ” She told me innocently. As she uttered these words, I tried hard not to laugh. Man!! She is so cute! She really makes my mood light with her presence. Within a few minutes, she made my dull life bright. I really missed these kind of cute talks of hers in these months. “U didn’t even tell me that u are leaving the village” I complained. “Am really sorry aju! It was a sudden decision as my bro got a job here, in mumbai. Trust me, I really tried to reach u, but I could not. Am so sorry. Please don’t be angry on me. ” She beseeched me with puppy eyes and my heart melted. I flashed a smile at her. “So, u forgave me na?? u will talk to me right??” she asked me curiously. I nodded. ” Yippeee!!” she screeched and I shushed at her indicating it was a hospital. “Ok, what are u doing here?” I asked her. “My friend is pregnant. So I came with her for regular check ups.” She replied. I saw a couple carrying a new born twins. “How cute!!” she exclaimed, looking at them. It was really cute indeed. Suddenly, the thought of me and deeps carrying our child like that flashed into my mind and I smiled like an idiot. Gosh!! I am becoming crazy day by day.
“Congrats!!”Arijit yelled on the phone. I smiled. “THHHHAAAAANNNKKK UU!!” I yelled in the same tone as his. “So, when are u reaching here??” He asked. I am already at the airport. “Eagerly waiting to meet u and….” My voice trailed off. “Gym boy?” he completed. It has been 3 months. Finally, the wait is over. And my project was completed successfully. Now, my company is termed as one of the successful companies. On one side, I am happy that I have established my career to a little extent. On the other hand, I was unhappy that I could not take care of him, when he needed me the most. Many things have changed. Arijit forgave me as he came to know the whole truth. Even he does not speak to him properly. The most horrible part is that I did not talk to gym boy till now. He did not even try to talk to me once. It made me angry. Only I know how I suffered in these 3 months. Each second without him made me mad. And I had told arijit to take care of him, till he recovered. By god’s grace, he had recovered. I keep track on all his activities through arijit. Arijit has become one of my closest friends. Today, I am going to India. Though I am very excited to meet him, I will not forgive him soon. He has to know my pain. I am coming Mr. singhania!!!

“Ammu!! U are soo funny man!!” As I heard these, My legs stopped. I went to his room, hid without being notice by him. He was working out on the tread mill. The phone was on speaker. I heard her voice. The voice which I craved to hear. “U know arjit, that harry hid my favourite perfume in the stable!!” she complained. Arjit laughed harder. I smiled too. After 90 days. “And when I found that and was about to yell at him, he kissed me noisily on my cheek and went away!” She told him. The smile on my face faded away. These words made me furious. Who the hell was this harry?? How dare he kiss my wife?? And this woman!! Has she gone mad?? She is saying as if she won a gold medal!! I came to my room. I threw my phone in anger. “Vidyut!! What’s this??” arjit asked me.

Damn!! When did he come?? “U want to know who’s harry right?? Harry is her 5 year old neighbour there.” He told me calmly and went from there. Urgh!! How silly of me?? I felt angry on a 5 year old kid. Tomorrow, she is returning. I am really happy that her business started flourishing and I am proud of her. My efforts paid. I missed her terribly. To the world, I acted that I didn’t care. I didn’t want her to know that I am missing her as she would not be able to concentrate on her work. And it paid. Only I know how I controlled myself from talking to her. When her bro came to meet me at the hospital, my eyes teared when she asked him about me. Her care always makes me weak. That day, I realized how lucky I was to have a gem of a person in my life. I am a man who doesn’t even cry for anything . That day, her words made my eyes teary. I hid my face not to show my feelings to him, as he would tell her. I don’t know how I managed to live all alone before my marriage. Without her, my luxurious bungalow, seemed like a hell to me. Finally she will be back tomorrow. I am very excited to meet her. I planned to take an off tomorrow, just to be with her. And I know she will be hell angry on me. And I have to talk to her, in which I am very poor. I will win her again, at any cost.
Why didn’t she come till now??

I was waiting for her eagerly in the drawing room. My driver had gone to pick her. I heard the sound of the car and immediately I checked myself in the mirror. This was the hundredth time I was checking. Excitement, u see. As I heard voices towards the door, I pretended myself to be absorbed in my phone. Arijit came there. And finally, I saw her. My CB. She had become lean, due to the work, perhaps. I thought that she would at least look at me, but in vain. “Arjit!!” she yelled and hugged him. Though I pretended that I didn’t see them, my heart flinched. For the first time, I realized that she was very hurt due to my attitude. She didn’t even looked at me and went with him. If it was the old vidyut, he would have become mad with anger by now. The new vidyut, which she sowed was hurt than angry. Till now, I never felt hurt as I don’t care about anything. But, I cared about her now and it really hurts. It really hurts and I am not able to bear. I, Vidyut Singhania, will bring her back to my life again! This is my promise.

What did I do?? I avoided him! It just happened. Anger and pain engulfed me and I ended up avoiding him. I hid and saw his crest fallen face and felt bad. Even I wanted to hug him tightly. I was trying hard not to. It is difficult to hide my love for him. . I just want him to realize my pain. I am staying in the room, which I used to stay before. I know I am not doing good. It was really difficult to control your feelings when your love is near u. And not able to control more, here I am, in our room, sneaking silently. I saw him sleeping. I sat near him and caressed his hair. How I missed doing this!! I pecked his forehead. I held his hand and looked at him. I continued staring him as I lost myself in him. “U know gym boy, I missed u so much in these 3 months. I missed being called CB, our bike hangouts, your morning kiss, your chuckle, your intense gaze,your tiny , cute smile, your sarcastic talks , your dinner and the list goes on. Whenever I saw a couple there, it reminded of u.

And I am really sorry for my behaviour today. U have hurt me so much that out of anger I behaved like that. Only I know how I suffered. U will not know gym boy. Because u thought only about my career. Not about me. This made me furious and hurt. And I behaved like that. I can’t express in words that how much I missed u. I LOVE U GYMBOY!!” I spoke all these in a breath. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, as I spoke these. As I wiped my tears, I saw him stirring up and decided to go to my room. I looked at him once and went from there. I didn’t notice that two chocolaty orbs were gazing at me. **********************************************************************

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