“CB!! Why did u leave me??” I turned hearing that familiar voice. It was him. Mr. Singhania. “I know that I should not have shouted at u like that. I accept that what I did was wrong. But why didn’t u understand that I did all these for your career? Please don’t go. Don’t go leaving me alone. ” he shouted at me and pulled me towards him and I banged his hard toned chest. ” Wow!! U understood this much early ?? I can’t believe this. And Career?? when I was not bothered, then why did u? Why didn’t u understand that I can’t live without u, gym boy?? why??” I replied furiously. “But, now CB, I understood. I realised that I will not be able to bear your absence. I will not be able to. When u are happy with this, then I am happy. I will not let u go away from me. FOREVER.” As he said those words, sudden emotions engulfed me and I hugged him tightly. He reciprocated. It was a heavenly feeling to be in his arms. Finally, I was in his embrace, the place I longed for. His warmth made me feel better and I felt relieved that I am going to stay with him. It was so tight that it looked like a kid who got his lost mother back. “What a cute couple they are!!” I forgot that it was airport and I broke the hug hearing this comment of a girl. He looked at me with his usual intense gaze, making me go weak on my knees. I blushed not able to meet his eyes. He lifted my chin and looked directly into my eyes. “So, shall we go ??” he asked raising his eyebrow as he held out his hand. I nodded with a smile. I placed my hand on his. The whole airport was watching these with awe. And we headed out of the airport. He told me to wait there till he brings the car. As he started to walk away from me, I didn’t know why, that I felt something bad was gonna happen. My heart wanted to stop him from going away from me and I yelled, ” Gym boy!! Don’t go away from me!! I am also coming!! Please don’t go leaving me alone!!” But he didn’t pay any heed and walked away from me as I saw his tall, sturdy figure disappearing.”VIDYUT!! DON’T GO AWAY FROM ME!! PLEASE!! ” I yelled at the top of my voice.
“Mam, are u ok??” I heard a soft voice. I slowly opened my eyes. It was an air hostess. I looked around. “I was still in the airport!! Wasn’t I out of the airport?? Then how come I am here?? ” I cried being tensed. “Mam, relax! u were in the waiting room, sleeping. I suddenly heard your screams and came running to u. I think u had a bad dream.” She said rubbing my back. Tears came into my eyes. Was it a dream?? It was like giving a candy to u and before u could even taste it, it was snatched. That would be the worst feeling ever. How horrible the dream was!! But nothing horrible to what I am facing now. Here I am, in the airport, waiting for my flight. I am not at all interested in leaving him. It was all because of that stubborn idiot gym boy!! What does he think of himself?? If he does any emotional blackmail, then I would obey him?? But unfortunately, I obeyed. I had to. I remembered the incidents from yesterday night to today morning which was worser than the dream I had some while ago.


How dare he?? How can he say to leave him and go?? I know that he had taken this decision for my career. But when I myself was not interested, then he should not have talked like that. Hot tears streamed down my cheek. When I heard this, after cracking the deal,I cursed my fate for putting me in a situation like this. I had to choose between my husband and my career. Obviously, I would choose my husband. But that stubborn husband of mine!! If he is so stubborn, am not any lesser than him. I made my mind not to go. And I will not. He is gonna face the consequences of telling me to go away from him. He will. My chain of thoughts were broken by a knock on the door. It would be him. I will not open. But it did not stop. He was knocking continuously. How long u will be knocking like this, my gym boy!! I smirked devillishly. It was not am angry. But his words hurt me and it is paining. He should bear the consequences for hurting me. “Amaya!! amaya!! are u there?? please open the door for god’s sake!!” Gosh!! it was arijit! What was he doing here?? I opened the door. I saw arijit standing with a tensed expression. “What happened arijit?? Why are u tensed??” I asked him. He dragged me downstairs without uttering anything, making me puzzled. There I saw the most horrible sight. An ambulance was standing in front of our house and some ward boys were taking my gym boy in a stretcher. I went numb. The whole scene brought tears to my eyes and I stood still. Arijit shook me. “Where the hell were u?? Didn’t u notice him on the floor unconscious?? Thank god, I came on the right time that I saw him in that state.” he yelled at me. I could not react to him. Poor gym boy!! How stupid of me!! I blamed myself for all these. In fact, I am the reason for his current state. If I had kept the door open, I could have immediately rushed to him. Already, he is a man of stress and I had increased his anger. Damn!! I could not see him in this state. My heart ached. I felt very guilty. Now, all I need is his good health. Please god, I want him back at any cost.
The doctor came out of the room. “Doctor, how is he??”Arijit asked. I looked at the doctor with hope. ” How careless of u people!! It looks like he has been unconscious for a long time and u have admitted him very late.” Arijit glared at me. The doctor added, “He is fine, but it seems that he has no rest and he takes a lot of stress, which is not good for him. He should be in complete bed rest for 2 weeks. If he doesn’t, then his health will deteriorate. Now anyone person can see him” The doctor said and went away. I leaped up from the chair and ran towards the room but I was stopped by arijit. “I will not allow u.” he warned me. “Arijit, please don’t punish me like this, I can’t bear this punishment. I know what I did was wrong. But, please try to understand. I want to see him please” I begged him in between my tears which were continuously flowing down my cheeks. He nodded reluctantly and I barged inside.
There he was. My gym boy. Pierced with needles and lying on the bed. I went near him and sat beside him. I stroke his hair and pecked his forehead. He was still unconscious. “Why are u punishing me like this?? u know na that I can’t live without u. Then y?? I am sorry vidyut. I am sorry. It was my mistake. I should not have hurt u. It’s all because of me. But please open your eyes. Please!! I love u vidyut!! Please open your eyes!! ” I spoke while my hands were continuously stroking his hair. A drop of the tears which were streaming down my cheeks continuously fell on his eye. His fingers moved slightly. And I felt a hand holding mine firmly. I saw him. He looked at me. Our eyes locked. “What did u say??” he told me in a weak voice. That’s it for me. I burst out into a loud cry. It was a sudden outburst of emotions of happiness that made me cry. He slowly wiped my tears with his hands. “I am sorry gym boy. I should have done like this!” I told him as I held his hand near my heart. “Enough of your sorry. You have to promise me one thing.” he told me. Within a couple of hours, my strong gym boy has become very weak. The thought that I am the reason for it made my heart bleed. “Before I promise, u should promise me that hereon, u will take care of your health. promise??” I held out my palm towards him like a kid. He smiled. “I will promise but u should promise me first. ” he told me. I nodded unaware of the trick he is gonna play on me. I promised him without asking him what it was about. Stupid me!! “You are going to london and that’s final.” he gave me the biggest shock. “I hate u !! how dare u trick me like this??” I screeched. The nurse who came to the room suddenly, shushed at me and I stopped. He laughed. “Please vidyut!! Please!! I want to be with u and take care of u. And about this deal, I would get another good one. For me, u are my priority now! Please try to understand. I cannot leave u alone in this condition and go there. I will not be able to concentrate on my work. please don’t punish me like this. I will not be able to live without u. I will miss u!!” I told him and again a tear escaped my eye. He wiped my tear.”Do u think I will be happy without u?? I will miss u too. But, for me your career is important. And one more thing, if u are not agreeing to my promise, then I will keep up my promise for sure, I am telling u.” “Woah!! Are u blackmailing me??” I shouted furiously. “Whatever!!” he replied coldly. This man!! He is so stubborn even in this condition. “Are u going to fulfill my promise are not??” He asked me. I had to give in for his health. After all, for me my family is my weak point and he trapped me well. “Fine!! I am going!! But don’t expect me to behave the same with u like before!!” I yelled and went out of the room.
***********END OF FLASHBACK*****************************************

Duh!! He had trapped me well. Still, I am unhappy about this visit to london. How could I be happy?? That too leaving him alone in this condition. Mr. Singhania!! U have to pay for this. For sure.

Guys, deesh here. sorry for the late update. unfortunately, my exams which were to be on the next week has been advanced and I had my exams from monday. Still , I am having exams and it would continue till next wednesday. Today, I was little free, so I updated. I will update on saturday guys. This has been typed in hurry. Not proof read. Thanks for your support guys, Keep supporting! Thanks for reading.

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