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Devakshi OS: Thank You Dad

So I am back with this OS. So lets start,

A voice is heard,: people say that love happens at the first sight but for us, it was hatred turned to love…
Flashback starts,
A big college is shown and all the students are getting inside for their lectures, some are there who are just interested in bunking. The lectures start,
Teacher: yes Sonakshi, tell me this answer.
A girl in her early 20’s gets up and answers the question correctly.
Teacher: very good dear!
Sonakshi smiles and gives a death glare to a boy.


Now Dev you get up, and answer the next question.
A handsome boy gets up and answers the question correctly.
Dev gives a death glare to Sonakshi.
Teacher: very good both of you! I am very eager to know, whether Dev or Sonakshi will win the best student award this year in studies. Dev and Sonakshi look each other determined. The lecture ends. Everyone leaves for the canteen whereas Sonakshi comes to Dev,
Sonakshi: just wait and watch, I will only win this award.
Dev: haha! What a joke!! You wait and watch!!
They both turn other side and leave.

Days passed by and they started preparing thoroughly for their exams which would decide whether they will win the award or not! They both often used to fight because of their competition. They both never believed in love as their main focus was just to win the award. Whenever they met they had a competitive spirit.

Only a month was left for their exams, to prove themselves. Their teachers always used to support and guide them in their studies. Sonakshi used to live alone in her 1BHK. Whereas Dev used to live with his parents.
One fine day as Dev was jogging in the park as per his daily routine to refresh his mind, he saw a girl sitting on the bench crying with her head down stuck in her knees. He goes towards her and tries to recognise her. And looking at the features of her body, he could quite easily recognise her. She was none other than Sonakshi! Sonakshi did not even feel someone’s presence as she was so deeply engrossed in crying. He keeps hand on her shoulder, she feels someone’s presence and lifts her head up to see whom the hand belonged to! To her surprise he was Dev.
Dev: what happened Sonakshi? Why are you crying? You can share it with me.
Sonakshi sobbingly says: my fa… father died.. and she cried.
Dev: what?? But how? What happened?
Sonakshi: he was suffering from cancer. And I came to know that today itself that he was suffering from cancer. He didn’t tell me, so that I don’t lose out on my studies. And she cries terribly.
Dev: and your mom?
Sonakshi: she died when I was three. I don’t even remember her face. I miss them. And she continued crying.
Dev was shocked that all these years they were studying together but they didn’t know anything about each other.
Dev: so where do you live and with whom?
Sonakshi: I live alone in my flat, she said sobbingly.
Dev: come with me… I will drop you home.
Sonakshi: no… its ok..
Dev: you are coming with me and that’s final. Sonakshi had no other option but to go with the person whom she never liked, not personally but because of their competition. The one whom she always criticized and wanted to defeat him. Dev also had the same feelings for her but after all he was good at heart. He took her to her house and consoled her for sometime. Till the time she stopped crying.
Sonakshi: actually I will have to go to Chandigarh as its my native place. where my father was living all these years for the last rituals. So I will meet you later.
Dev: I will also come with you. I cant leave you alone like this.
Sonakshi: what do you think, uh? I am not strong? I cant go alone? You are wrong Mr. Dev Dixit.
Dev: I didn’t mean that. I just said seeing your condition.
Sonakshi: thanks for your concern but I can go alone! I don’t want your favour.
Dev: its not a favour, its just that you are in a trauma so…
Sonakshi: I am fine.
Dev: but still I will come with you, whether you like it or not!
Sonakshi: I said no!!
Dev: please don’t take it in a wrong way, I just want your safety.
Sonakshi: but why?? Do we have any relation that you care..
Dev was speechless.
He didn’t know the reason of his concern! Then was it love? No.. it cant be because they always hated each other. So love is impossible. Then what it was?

Finally after convincing Sonakshi he went with her. They reach Chandigarh.
Sonakshi’s aunt: come beta Sonakshi… and who is this boy?
Sonakshi: he.. he..
Dev: aunty I am her friend.
Sonakshi’s aunt: ohh.. only friend na??
Sonakshi: of course! What else?
Sonakshi’s aunt: nothing.. come in… your father was a very brave man, she said with tears in her eyes.
He survived cancer for almost 2 years but then finally gave up. He warned us to tell you this because he never wanted your studies to stop. He wanted to see you win that award. That’s why he never let you know about him. I miss my bhaiyya.. she said crying.
Sonakshi was broken from inside, and she thought to herself that she will somehow win the award and fulfil her dad’s wish. She looks determined at Dev. Dev consoled her aunt and Sonakshi.
Dev: she will surely win the award for her father. Haina Sonakshi?
Sonakshi was shocked hearing his words, she nods in yes.

Some days later after completing all the rituals, Devakshi go back to Mumbai. They continue with their studies, they no more hated each other. They became close friends and they both helped each other in studies. Dev helped Sonakshi a lot and was determined to make her win for her dad. Their friendship grew in this one month. They both loved spending time with each. They both loved hanging out together. They both had started feeling for each other. A lot many changes happened in this one month. The whole college was surprised seeing this change. They never thought two enemies would turn such good friends. Dev never let Sonakshi miss her parents.
After one month it was their exam time. They both did well in their exams and were waiting for their results to be out. As they had prepared a lot. The college had organised a farewell party for all the students. All were very happy for it. They were very excited. Sonakshi and Dev also were very excited. The reason for their excitement was different, they both wanted to confess their love to each other that night.

Farewell Party,
All were dressed up well and one could see Dev looking very handsome in his dark blue suit. His eyes were just searching for Sonakshi. And then she enters in her peacock blue gown, she was looking gorgeous. Each and every boy was flat on her. Dev was mesmerised seeing her beauty. She just couldn’t stop staring her. Sonakshi moves towards him making all the other boys jealous. Sonakshi blushed hard looking at Dev who was just continuously staring at her.
Sonakshi: Dev..
Dev: hmm.. let me look at you first… he realises what he just said and tried to cover up.
Sonakshi: ok… you are looking pretty handsome..
Dev:thanks and you are also looking gorgeous, seems like an angel has stepped out from the heaven.
Sonakshi blushed hard and says: Dev…
They were standing together enjoying each others company. There was an announcement made that a paper dance competition is to be held and everyone should chose their partners. Many boys came to Sonakshi asking for dance but went back with sad faces as it was quite obvious that she will dance with none other than Dev. The same happened with Dev, the girls had to go back. They didn’t even ask each other, it was just obvious. All the couples were given a piece of paper on which they had to dance. The winning couple had to perform a dance in front of everyone.

The song played, Sonakshi and Dev were dancing very happily, the rule was they should not step out of the paper. The song stopped and some of them were out. They now had to fold the paper and they did so. Again Devakshi were lost in dancing, they didn’t notice anything about the outside world. The song stopped and they again folded the paper. Now they were very close to each other because of the short piece of paper. Sonakshi was standing on Dev’s feet and they both were dancing lost in each others eyes. Some time later when they had no place to stand, Dev picked up Sonakshi in his arms, that was so sudden that Sonakshi didn’t get the time to realise that her feet was now not on the ground. She blushed and they were lost in each other! What else they wanted?! Suddenly they hear everyone clap and come out of their world. They realise that they had won! They both smiled and Dev spin Sonakshi in his arms. Sonakshi was never so happy in her life. They happily went on the stage to dance. The song played tu hi tu from the movie Kick.
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Raaste har dafaa, sirf tera pataa
Mujhse pooche bhala kyun hai
Naa main apna raha, naa kisi aur ka
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai
O.. o.. o.. (repeat x2)

Dheeemi dheemi aanch pe jaise
Dheere dheere jalta hai dil ye,
Beqarari kyun hai ye khumari
Kyun hai awaargi kyun hai har mod par
Naa main apna raha
Naa kisi aur ka
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai
O.. o.. o..
Dev and Sonakshi were dancing closely. They both were again lost in each other. They never wanted to stop. Dev spin her, picked her up… and finally as the song ended they hugged each other. Dev slightly kisses Sonakshi’s hair such that no one notices it. But it doesn’t happen! Everyone notices it and start hooting. Sonakshi was feeling very shy. She blushed harder. Dev sat down on his knees and takes her hand in his,
Sonakshi, such a sweet name! I have always hated you because there always had been a tough competition between us. But as the time passed by we became friends, our friendship grew and I didn’t realise when it turned into love. I love you so much Sona… this is the name I want to give you my sweetheart. And for all this I will want to thank your dad! Because of him we came closer! Will you be my partner in all phases of my life?
Sonakshi was teary eyed, she said yes happily. Dev’s happiness had no boundaries. He picked her up and spin her and kissed on her forehead. Sonakshi shies and says I love you too… and she also looks up and says thank you DAD! Flashback ends.
The girl who was remembering all this was none other than Sonakshi. She was at her home waiting for someone special to pick her up. And she runs out hearing the horn. The boy on the bike was none other than Dev. He gets off the bike and they have a hug. They both sit on the bike and leave for their college! Yes!! It was the day! The announcement of who won the award!! All knew it would be either Dev or Sonakshi. They both were also very excited. Dev was day night praying that Sonakshi should win the award whereas Sonakshi wanted to win as she wanted to fulfil her father’s dream but on the other hand she also didn’t want Dev to lose! They were waiting for the award now.
It was announced that this time there are two instead of one who are sharing this trophy. And they both were none other than Dev and Sonakshi! Everyone clapped for them, they were very happy!! They hugged each other and went to take the trophy.
Dev to Sonakshi: its good that we both won it otherwise what would have our children thought? Their mom is more intelligent than dad?
Sonakshi blushed and said: you!!! And they again hugged each other.

The story ends…

Pheww! My hands are paining now. So here was the story, hope you all liked it! If yes then please do comment! Maine bohot mehnat ki hai yaar!! Daya khana mujh pe… haha but seriously I need your comments, even the silent readers. And if you don’t have time to comment then at least press the like button! When I come back I want to see this page flooded with comments…  love you all…

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