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DevAkshi: My Love Life – A Simple Love Story (One Shot)

DevAkshi: My Love Life – A Simple Love Story
One Shot

I was sitting by the window of the train when a girl came panting. I turned around to have a look at her. She was fair-toned, medium height and had her hair tied in a pony tail. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She put her luggage under the seat and occupied the seat opposite to me next to the window. She stretched her hand said, “Hey, I’m Vidhi!” I shook her hand and said, “Dev Dixit. Nice to meet you.” “So, where are you going?”, she asked. “Delhi, and you?”, I replied back. “Oh same. Actually I’m just done with my college so, going to meet my family. What about you?”, she said. “I’m going for my marriage”, I replied back. “Oh. Love marriage or arranged one?”, she asked me. “Love marriage. I stay here for my job purpose. It’s been a long time I’ve been trying to get the tickets but, it was all booked”, I replied back. “Oh”, she said smiling. I looked out of the window to see the newspaper sellers, book sellers and people running around to get into the trains. After about 15 minutes, our train started moving. My mind flashed through the memories I had made with my fiance, our first meet, our confession and everything.


It was a fine day and was usual as any other day could be. “Hurry up Rhea. You’re gonna be late for college”, I said. “Chill Bhai! Nothing like that would happen. Don’t worry. Anyways, let’s start, I’m done”, replied back Rhea, my sister. We drove to her college and I dropped her. She went running to her friend and said, “Come, let’s go.” She nodded her head. They were about to go in when the girl handed her books to Rhea and ran to the road. My eyes followed her and I saw her helping an old man crossing the road. It was nice to see people helping strangers these days. She helped the man cross the road and went inside with Rhea. I drove back home. In the evening when Rhea returned I asked, “Who was that girl in the college who helped out the old man?” “Oh that! She’s Sonakshi Bose”, replied Rhea. Sonakshi, hmm.. nice name. Days passed by and I had forgotten about her until one day Rhea brought her home for some project work. Rhea introduced us to each other and we shook our hands. That was our first meet! There was something which had always attracted me towards her from the first day but, it was difficult to find out. Sonakshi used to come almost regularly to our home after that day to group study with Rhea. We became good friends. Months passed by and we both were really close each other. We could read each other’s minds without even talking. My inner voice told, “You’re in love”. I was happy at the beginning but, the fear that Sona might not think about me in such a way overcame those thoughts. I was scared to confess my feelings to her as it might have affected our friendship. After a year, I found it impossible to hold on my feelings. I decided to confess my feelings to her and consider the truth of my life. I called her to a park in the evening that day. She came in a white crop top and black jeans. She waved her hand at me and I waved back. She came to me and said, “Why did you call me here?” “Sona, I don’t know when all this happened but, I feel really nice when you’re with me. Everything just seems to be perfect. I love you Sona”, I said. She stood there numb as I said, “It’s okay if you don’t love me. I just wanted to..” Before I could complete I felt Sona kissing me. I reciprocated. It was a passionate kiss and went on for sometime. We pulled back when we were out of breath and Sona said panting, “I love you too Dev! What took you so long to say this?” “The fear to lose you may be”, I replied back smilingly. We entwined our hands and went back home. After about 6 months, when I got a job we told about our relationship to our parents and they happily accepted it as if they always wanted this to happen.
I came out of my thoughts as the train stopped. I peeped out of the window to see the station when Vidhi patted my shoulder and said, “Delhi is here. Come, let’s go.” I nodded my head and pulled out my luggage from under the seat. I was about to get down when Vidhi called me and said, “Have a happy married life.” I smiled and replied, “Thank you! Hope to meet you soon.”

I got down the train and my eyes started searching for someone special, my lady love. I was looking for her when someone came and hugged me tightly. It was Sona. I hugged her back. We pulled back after sometime and entwined each other’s hands and walked out of the platform.
Hello, everyone! I’m back with an OS again. This was all I could manage in the short period of time I had free. Moreover, I wasn’t in the mood to write my ff so, just thought of typing down this idea and publishing it.

Well, for everyone who reads my ff – Our Dark Past Love – the third chapter has been updated. I feel many of you haven’t yet read it as the number of comments seem to be less.

Anyways, do drop down your views on this idea. I’d be eagerly waiting to know them. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome but, no abusive language.

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