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annyeong- haseyo friends…………………..


sanskar was not getting sleeping and was rolling like cannonbolt or like worm, his movements disturbed swara sleep in between, she was murmuring in her sleep. sans was on cloud 12 laughing like manic, thinking about his moments with swara. sleep was far away from him (when we love someone so much usually we don’t get sleep and their thoughts will never lets us to sleep also; love – doesn’t mean affection on opposite gender alone, even in same gender – friend whom we love to core is giving back the same love for us will not let us to sleep too….) but in sans case different love and he was counting hours to sun rise.

It was around 5.30 am, sans got up brushed his teeth had hot shower dressed neatly, went near his bed and shook his head as result water droplets fell on swara and it was disturbing her sleep. sans saw his devil sleeping like kitten. he gave wide smile went to kitchen prepared coffee in four mugs .
he left to suji and rp room, and waked them.
sans – mom and dad wake up sleepy heads, have coffee.
suji – rp someone is in our room, see who is it??
rp – you see suji.
sans – wait, he shouted on their ears..
suji and rp – sat with jerk, was in utter shock. what‘s happening in this world god??? your giving us heart attack???

sans – sujatha and rp enough of your drama, have this coffee. bye I’m leaving.
suji and rp – fate….
sans – hehhehhahahhhaahha left their room.
swasan room:
sans – swara get up, its 7.00 am still your sleeping..
swara – ma 5 more minutes( god!!! that 5 mints are the best even we can get dream in that gap)
sans – bahu rani get up five minutes over.

swara – maaaa !!!!!! she pulled sans, and was hugging him. swasan were face to face (swara is closing her eyes and talking with sans, thinking sans as her mom). sans was enjoying with her actions and smiling like kid. he too hugged her closely and watched her face…
swara – felt difference in touch, opened her slowly and was shocked… sans face was close to hers and he was laughing at her. swara’s reaction – eye balls would pop out at any time.. she was trying to get up.
sans – was holding her tightly 5 more minutes maa…( naughty smile)
swara – some how she came out from his grip and asked how come the great sleeping monster got up so early??? I think the world is at its end, we are gonna die..
sans – stupid brain always thinking bad about me , go refresh I have brought coffee for “US”.
swara – shook her head in disbelief and went to washroom.

sans – swara are you meditating in washroom, its been 30 minutes.. come fast idiot.
swara – came out with angry face, early morning you started.
sans – yup today I’m first and sun is next , good morning …………… miss duffer.
swara – duffer!!!!! you scoundrel ….
sans – stop your fight come lets have coffee and he pulled swara and she landed next to him on couch.
swara – was surprised!!!!!! still now I’m not able to believe, you got up so soon.
sans – what to do!!!! even I cannot believe myself.
whole day sans was admiring and helping swara and there was no fight between them..
swara – had doubt on him and she even questioned him….
sans – refused answering her.

next day :
sans – gave gift pack and told her to be ready at 5.00 pm at eve and left to his office.
swara – was astound by his behavior and she was feeling happy too.
sans – texted swara to reach lake view park at 5.00 pm and he would come directly to that place.
swara – was happy seeing his text and left to lake view park.
sans – was wearing white t-shirt , dark blue blazer and cream color denim looking like Greek god, had bunch of red roses adding essence to his love and moving towards swara who was gazing him like small kid looking at chocolate.

swara – omg…. he is walking towards me, what is he gonna say???? I’m excited…
swasan was facing each other, they were continuously laughing since they were out of words.
swara to tease him, what do you want MR….???
sans – ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOOOOM @@@@####$%^&* BLAST………………………**&&^%$$#@[email protected]
leap 3 years, swara was standing with kid , man calling swara… sans is shocked to see her.

note – will post after diwali only….. till then enjoy bye navi signing off…….
have happy and safe diwali……….

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