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Destined to be yours!!! Episode 30

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Let’s get into the story….

Abhi and Pragya were enjoying their life to the core…. More than that…. After both confessed their feelings for each other they enjoyed every second like anything as if there is no another second exist.

They went to dinner, date frequently…. They travelled to different places in India… And also, Abhi didn’t forget to embarrass Pragya before his mother and Paatti… He always did something to her without others noticing and Pragya will be the one to get caught with her reaction to it… she always struggled to explain the situation to others as she can’t tell them the truth… Finally, Abhi will end up in doing sit-ups at their room for all his mischievous act…. But nothing stopped Abhi….

Everything was fine between them for few months. After that, there was a change in Pragya’s behavior. Pragya started to going out. Going out is not a problem. The main problem is she went out after Abhi goes out for his work and made sure that she is returning at least half an hour before Abhi comes back home. This continued for two weeks (three days in a week she went out like this).

Paati and Parvathi thought of asking Pragya about that but finally they dropped the idea of asking her about it as they believed her…

Nothing was wrong until this one got in the eyes of Tanu. Tanu who wants to create problem between Abhi and Pragya wanted to use this opportunity. She tried to follow Pragya to find out where she is going always ends up missing the tracks of Pragya. As Pragya knows Tanu following her she tricked Tanu in possible way to fool her.

But one day… Tanu left early to her college… Sometime later Abhi also went out to some promotion of his album…. After Abhi left Pragya waited for another half-an-hour and started to go out. She went out as usual but she is not careful as Tanu left for college already… Much to the dismay of poor Pragya, Tanu was following her… Tanu was desperate find what Pragya is doing so that she might get a chance to create a rift between Pragya and Tanu.

Tanu was following Pragya for more than ten minutes. Pragya reached a park and looked here and there to see if anyone is watching her. Tanu hide herself behind a tree and watching what Pragya is doing. After few minutes a guy came in a bike and stood before Pragya. Tanu is not able to see who that is, as the guy is wearing the helmet. The guy hugged Pragya and they talked for few seconds. Tanu was shocked and took photos of everything. Even their hug. Before she could find who is that guy Pragya went with the guy in his bike.

Tanu started to go back to home… On her way back she took copies of the photos from a photo studio… It’s almost evening…

Tanu said everything to Paati and Parvathi. She showed them the photos. Parvathi was very angry. But Paati asked her to wait till Pragya comes. And she continued saying, ‘we need to ask her about this before we jump into conclusions.’

Tanu: Paati, you saw all the proof na. Still you believe her.

Paati: Tanu you may be mistaken. Let her come we can ask her.

Before Tanu could say anything, Pragya came in… Pragya saw everyone being confused

Pragya: Paati what happened? All are looking disturbed. Any problem?

Tanu: Haan… you are the problem for us. They are worried as their son got married to a characterless girl.

Pragya (in anger): Tanu stay in your limits. Think before what you are saying. How dare you call me characterless?

Tanu: Nothing wrong in calling you like that as you are one.

Paati interrupted and said, ‘Tanu don’t say anything. I will talk to Pragya’. Before Paati could ask anything Parvathi asked Pragya,

Parvathi (in harsh tone): tell me where you had gone?

Pragya (stammered a bit): to temple athai.

Parvathi: with whom?

Pragya: athai !!! (got worried as she is not able to understand what is going on)

Parvathi: tell me Pragya, with whom you went?

Pragya: me alone athai.

Tanu throw a photo and asked, ‘then what does this mean?’

Photo fell on a chair next to where Pragya is standing. Pragya took the photo and got shocked. She was very careful while going out but now everything gone out of her hands. She looked at them shockingly.

Parvathi: answer me Pragya, if you went alone to temple then what is this? Where are you going out? I am watching you for days you are going out after Abhi goes for his work and coming back before he come back to home. Till now I didn’t asked you because, I believed you. But now, what you are expecting me to do?

Tanu: Athai why you are asking her? Anyway she is gonna tell lies only.

Paati: Tanu shut your mouth. I told you already I will talk to her. Pragya, what’s this tell me who is this ?

Pragya: (her eyes filled with tears. After thinking for a while she said) Paati, that…..is my friend… while going to temple I saw him. We met after a long time. We talked for some time. Nothing else Paati…

Tanu: Oh…he is Madam’s friend nothing else. If he is nothing more than a friend why he is hugging you and why you went with him…. (saying this she throws the remaining photos)

Pragya was shocked to see all that. She doesn’t know what to do to convince them… Tears started to flow from her eyes…

Paati: Pragya, I gave you a chance to tell me the truth. But you lied to us. I can’t believe that you can cheat on us.

Pragya: Paati, illa paati (no paati)…. Anda madiri eduvum illa… please nambunga (nothing like that, please believe me)

Paati: Illa Pragya ennala ini unna namba mudiyadu.. (no Pragya, I can’t believe you now)…

Pragya: please Paati… athai please athai (she asked them to believe her but no one listened to her)

Tanu: Athai, why are you not saying anything? She lied to us. She has cheated Abhi behind his back. Throw her out. When Abhi comes to know the truth he will be shattered to know her real character.

Pragya: Tanu I am warning you. Shut your mouth. You don’t have rights to talk about me. I never cheated anyone. Athan knows about me. You better don’t interfere.

Parvathi (gave an angry look to Pragya): Tanu, you don’t talk anything. Let Abhi come. He will decide what to do with her.

Tanu just nodded. Abhi came after sometime. He saw everyone is sitting very silent. He saw Pragya crying continuously. He got panicked and went near her. He hold her hand and asked, ‘Bujji, what happened? Why are you crying?’ Pragya just looked at him….

Abhi: Bujji, tell me na!

Tanu: Abhi how she will tell you that she cheated on you.

Abhi (in anger) : what? Tanu mind your words. She will never do that. So better mind your work…

Tanu: I know you won’t believe us. See this.

She showed him all the photos and explained him what happened. [as usual how she will do in Kumkum Bhagya – drama]

Abhi turned towards Pragya and gave a no way shocking look. Pragya too looked at him.

Tanu contd…. But, Abhi continuously looked at Pragya..

Tanu: Abhi see, how she cheated on you. She did everything behind your back. Her marriage got stopped, you gave her life. But, see what she did in return for your favor…. Cheating you!!! What a chracterl…..

Before Tanu could complete the word, a slap echoed in the living room…. Pragya kept her hands on her cheek and looked at Abhi in shock… she didn’t expect this… even others… Paati and Parvathi also looked at him in shock…

Tanu: Abhi, why the hell you slapped me? [Yes, Abhi slapped Tanu only]. If she is the one who did mistake you have to punish her, why you slapped me…. (Tears were running through Tanu’s eyes due to shock and pain)

Pragya just nodded her head to Abhi expressing like, ‘you shouldn’t have done this’

Abhi: Tanu just stop talking non-sense.

Everyone except Pragya was confused with Abhi’s reaction…

Abhi: Tanu if you see something you could have asked her? Even if you are telling Paati and Amma, that’s fine what is the purpose of badmouthing about her…

Tanu: But Abhi.. (before Tanu could say anything Abhi cut her off and said)

Abhi: Amma, I know what happened today. There is no mistake with Pragya

Pragya went near Tanu and told her, ‘I already told you to move-on with your life. I warned you he knows about me and mind your words. But, you didn’t. You deserve this slap… ’

Pragya gave a cold look to Abhi and moved towards their room. Even though Abhi supports her, she is not able to move on from what happened now. She is still crying….

In living room,

Parvathi: Abhi what are you saying? You know what she is doing once you go for work?

Abhi: Yes ma. I know everything. Not only today. I know where she went all these days.

Parvathi: If you know why you didn’t stopped her? Even if you know where she is going, how you are expecting me to accept that she hugged another person?

Abhi: Ma there is nothing wrong Pragya have done.

Parvathi: What you mean Abhi?

Abhi: Ma!!! … that person is not some other person, it’s me!

Paati: what are you saying Abhi?

[This was a shock for Tanu, as she completely didn’t expect this. For other ladies also…]

Abhi: Sorry Paati. Yeah, it’s me. Pragya is going out to meet me only.

Parvathi: what is the need for her to meet you outside when she can talk to you in home itself? [she asked in a bit harsh tone]

Abhi: Ma, everything is because of me only. She is not the reason. [He started to tell a flashback]


One day Abhi and Pragya went to beach in the evening. They sat on the sea shore. Abhi laid his head on Pragya’s lap whereas Pragya run though her fingers through Abhi’s hair.

Abhi: You know Bujji, I am the happiest person today. I got everything what I want. I got you Pragya. You are my happiness, everything.

Pragya just smiled.

Abhi: But you know, I missed few things that I always wanted to do in my life. I didn’t get a chance to do.

Pragya: what is that Maams?

Abhi: wanted to do a love marriage. But ours is neither a love marriage nor an arranged marriage.

Pragya: (smiled a bit) next…

Abhi: wanted to secretly meet my lover outside my home and get caught by Paati and Amma one day….

Pragya: what kind of strange wish is this maams? Secret meeting is fine… why you wanna get caught?

Abhi: for thrill Bujji…

Pragya nodded her head in unbelievable gesture…

Pragya: then

Abhi: go out in the middle of the night without others knowing by jumping the wall and have ice cream with love of my life [saying this he pinched her cheeks]

Pragya: Maams you are unbelievable. How you are getting these ideas. Sure everything is from movies only. Whatever. But maams, I am feeling bad for you as you were not able to fulfil your wish…

Abhi: Bujji, still I will be able to fulfil them…

Pragya: How?

Abhi got up with excitement and said,

Abhi: If you say ok for that?

Pragya: Ok, for what?

Abhi: To go out with me in the middle of night, to go for dating without others knowing about it….

Pragya: How will I do that? Everyone at home knows I am going with you, then …….

Abhi: Bujji listen… Come out of the home after half an hour I go for work. Same way go back to home. We will fix some place. I will get a bike and come to pick you…. As simple as that… then we can go somewhere… no one will know about it….

Pragya: Maams, definitely I will not agree. What will I do if others ask where I am going? No no way

Abhi: Please Bujji, just tell them you went to temple or meet someone. If any problem comes, I will be there for you to support na…. please Bujji

Pragya didn’t agree. But after a great struggle Abhi made her to agree for that…

Abhi: Promise me Bujji, you won’t tell them you are coming out with me. Then there won’t be any thrill…

Pragya: Promise

***********Flashback ends

Silence prevails there. Paati was the one to break the silence…

Paati: what have you done Abhi? We doubted her. How she would have tolerated this? This is not right Abhi…

Parvathi: I am sorry Abhi. Without knowing the truth I talked badly…

Abhi: Ma leave it ma… you don’t know na. Mistake is mine. Don’t worry I will convince her…

Parvathi: But still….

Abhi: Once I talked to her, you both talk to her. Ma I will go and convince her. She is crying already…

Parvathi nodded as ‘Yes’. Before Ahi leave from the place he saw Tanu and continued….

Abhi: Ma, Tanu is the reason for everything. Because of her only you both doubted Pragya.

Paati: No Abhi. She also doesn’t know na ?

Abhi: No paati. Not only this. Already she tried to create misunderstandings between me and Pragya [he explained them everything about Tanu]. Ma I am telling you I don’t know what you will tell your brother, I don’t want see her around in her home. Make sure that she is moving to hostel by this week end.

Abhi: Tanu, I already warned you. But………, just leave from our home.

Saying this he moved towards his room…. Paati and Parvathi gave a death glare to Tanu…

In Abhi and Pragya’s room….

Abhi saw Pragya standing near the window and crying… He closed the door and moves towards her. He called her,

Abhi: Pragya…

That’s it… Pragya turned towards him and started to throw whatever item she gets in her hand on Abhi. She said, ‘How many times I told you, I don’t wanna do this. You only convinced me. See, what happened now? Everyone thought I cheated on you….’

Throughout talking Pragya was throwing things on Abhi… Abhi tried to stop her and say something. But, Pragya didn’t gave a chance to him. She continued to hit him. Without no other way to go, Abhi pulled Pragya towards him and kissed her on her lips. Pragya tried to protest but Abhi was holding her in a way that Pragya was not able to move. Finally Pragya gave in… Both break the kiss for breathing… Abhi carried her towards the bed and both consummated their marriage.

After a while, Pragya kept her head on Abhi’s chest and Abhi is running his fingers through Pragya’s head.

Abhi asked her, ‘Bujji why you didn’t tell them the truth, they wouldn’t have told you anything na’.

Pragya: Maams, how you are expecting me to say when I have promised you that I won’t tell anyone!

Abhi was speechless. He just kissed her forehead. Soon both drifted to sleep.

Both woke up after sometime and they came down for dinner after getting ready. Parvathi and Paati asked sorry to Pragya. They got reconciled.

Tanu moved to college hostel the next day itself.

Thereafter they enjoyed their life to the fullest.

Episode ends here………………………………..

Abhi and Pragya were enjoying their life. It’s been six months they started living their life as husband and wife in all senses… Aaliya’s study also over. She came back to her home.

Aaliya and Pragya become non separable friends. Everything is fine. One fine morning, everyone is having their breakfast and Pragya is serving them. She is coming from kitchen bringing some food. In the middle she got fainted and fell down. Everyone got panicked and rushed towards her… Abhi moved Pragya’s head to his lap and patted her cheek. She didn’t respond. He sprinkled water on her face still no reaction. Few drops of tears came from Abhi’s eyes. They doesn’t know what to do… They took her to the hospital…

Doctor checked her. Abhi was waiting impatiently outside the room. After few minutes doctor came out. Abhi was looking at doctor. Doctor shook his hands and said, ‘Congrats Mr. Abhi! You are soon to become a father!!! Your wife is pregnant!!!’

Nothing get into Abhi’s head. After few minutes only Abhi realized what doctor said and he hugged him in happiness.

Abhi: Doctor, when can I see her?

Doctor: Few minutes Mr. Abhi. She will gain conscious.

Abhi thanked doctor and went inside the room. Others thanked Doctor and waited outside the room to give Abhi and Pragya their privacy.

Abhi went near Pragya and sit near her. After few minutes Pragya opened her eyes. Abhi happily looked at her. Pragya looked at him.

Abhi hugged her and said, ‘Bujji, I will be the first husband in the world to tell about this to his wife’

Pragya broke the hug and asked, ‘what’ by looking into his eyes…

Abhi took her hand and kept it in her tummy and said, ‘you are gonna become mother… you are pregnant’ happy tears were rolling through in his eyes…

Pragya hugged him back….. After sometime everyone came to see her….

Pragya’s family was informed about this. They came to see her the next day itself…..

Abhi, Paati, Parvathi and Aaliya took care of her with great care. Pragya was happy with everything….

It’s the seventh month of her pregnancy. Sarla and Ranganathan talked to Paati and Parvathi about Pragya’s valagappu. A date has been fixed for that.

Initially Abhi fought with everyone to, as he doesn’t want to leave Pragya for even a single second. But Paati made him understand about Pragya going to her Parent’s home after valagappu. After a great struggle Abhi give up.

Valagappu date came… After discussing with doctor and everything Pragya with lot of care and caution Pragya travelled to Chennai along with her Parents. Not even a single day completed it become hell for both Abhi and Pragya to not seeing each other.

Next day early morning someone was pressing the calling bell of Pragya’s home. Sarla opened the door and shocked to see Abhi standing outside.

Sarla: Maapla ?

Abhi: Athai, I can’t be without Pragya. Please I want to be with her.

Sarla smiled at him and asked him to come in.

Abhi: Athai, Pragya is sleeping or she woke up?

Sarla: No, she is still sleeping. Wait I will go and wake her up?

Abhi: No athai. Don’t disturb her. I am also tired. I will go and sleep now..

Sarla nodded smilingly ‘Yes’. Abhi moved towards Pragya’s room and Sarla started doing the morning chores as it is 6:00 already…

Abhi went inside and slept next to Pragya without disturbing her. After few hours Pragya woke up and saw Abhi next to her. She got shocked but happy at the same time. She kissed his forehead and moved out of the bed without disturbing him to freshen up.

She came back with their coffee. Abhi was already woke up by that time. He came out of the wash room. She gave him his coffee. And as usual both shared the coffee.

Days passed like this. Abhi stayed in their house at Chennai. But mostly he stayed at Pragya’s home. He took her for walking, for her check-ups. He went to Mumbai only on the non-avoidable days.

Pragya’s delivery date is due in a week… Abhi had to go to Mumbai immediately as he had no other options. But he was adamant to go. Pragya after a struggle convinced him to go. Abhi decided to go by Morning and come back in the evening. He missed a flight so he will be reaching an hour late. He got into the flight. Pragya got pain. She informed Sarla. Ranganathan tried to reach Abhi but his mobile is not reachable. They took Pragya to hospital. She was hoping to see Abhi once… Doctors are helping her to deliver her baby. Bulbul is in home as at least one person should be there to inform Abhi. Abhi came to hospital after he get to know about Pragya.

Doctor’s allowed him in. He talked to Pragya. She got strength from Abhi.

Finally their bundle of joy arrived to the world. After few seconds they heard their baby’s cry. Abhi and Pragya look at their son. [Yes it’s a boy]

Pragya fainted due to tiredness. Doctor assured Abhi, that nothing has happened to Pragya.

Soon after some time everyone was allowed see Pragya and their kid.

Happiness is the only thing that surrounded the room….

After a month they named their bundle of joy as, ‘Aarav – Aarav Abhishek’

They lived happily ever after……………

I am sorry, I thought of ideas to continue but I didn’t get anything. I don’t want to continue without any idea ending up in spoiling my ff… Hope you all will forgive me… I will soon try to write another one once I get some idea,,,,

Thanks friends, thanks for all your immense support… without you I wouldn’t be able to bring my idea till this point…. I love Kumkum Bhagya… I love Abhi and Pragya…..I crazy about them…. I am glad I am able to put my ideas as an ff around them…

Please let me know your comments… I will reply to all in the comment section itself today….

I am glad I got lot of friends…. Of course cute little sisters…..

Each and every one is pillar for me in writing this ff… Including my silent readers…. Thank you all once again…..

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