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Destined to be yours!!! Episode 28

Hi friends first of all really sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big sorry!!!!!!! I tried a lot to update… But my project schedules are hectic so that I am not able to update…..

Hope you all forgive me….. Today will be a short update so please bear with me…

Let’s get into the story….

Abhi and Pragya reached the destination place. They enjoyed everything. It’s like a dream come true for both of them. Whatever Abhi had planned for both nothing happened. Just the decorated place was same. But there is no need for surprises to be given by Abhi to Pragya as already both confessed to each other about their love. They both enjoyed a lot.

Pragya (in mind): what he is doing? Why he is not proposing me? Very bad! I know we both confessed each other but I want to enjoy all the surprises he planned for me. How can I ask him? If I ask him, he won’t do genuinely. He will do everything mocking me. I can’t feel his love. Oh, Pragya you have gone mad in love.

Abhi (in mind): Even though we confessed each other, I want to show her everything I planned for her. I want to propose her. But what is the use. She already knew it and her reaction will be less. This Bujji na, so stupid believing Tanu she spoiled all my surprises…. Wait Abhi, you know your Bujji…. Definitely she will expect you to propose her. So what you are waiting for…. Propose her na… But wait a second all what I will do to surprise her…. Oh man, she had made everything difficult for me…

Abhi: Pragya…

Pragya was surprised hear him call her with her name… At least when he is in good mood….. She turned towards him..

Abhi: Pragya I just don’t know what to say… We both were strangers. Engaged to someone else. I never thought that I would be waiting madly to let you know how much I love you. I never expected that I will struggle a lot to propose my own wife. You know Pragya, I felt really happy when I came for stopping your marriage. I thought why I am feeling happy like that to stop a marriage. I found some connection when I saw you for the first time. You know I really felt sad when I thought you love my friend. After you stopped your marriage with Suresh, I was really happy…. I really wanted to make you mine even though I was engaged to Tanu. Everything is for a reason, it’s because you are my destiny… No one can take you away from me and I won’t allow anyone to do that… I love you a lot Pragya… [Telling this he bend on his knees and asked her for her hand.]

Pragya gave her hand. Abhi holds her hand.

Abhi: Pragya, you are mine. Always and forever. I can’t live without you. If you are not next to me your memories are driving me crazy. And that too you are torturing me with your imagination. But I love it. I love you Pragya. [He put ring on her finger].

Abhi got up and hold her cheeks expecting an answer from her….

Pragya just replied saying, ‘Maams, I want to fill the pages of your diary. Will I be able to do that?’ [Friends, you remember Abhi’s diary about his life and the pages regarding his family. That is what Pragya is mentioning]

Abhi was happy and hugged her tight… Pragya said, ‘I love you maams….’

Both enjoyed each other embrace… They enjoyed at that place by chatting, playing….. It’s late night when they reached their home….

Episode ends here…

Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Thank you all once again for the support….

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