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dabh season-2 (epi-3 )

kanak gets up at the middle of the night . she sees piyali sleeping peacefully . she goes and drinks water and notices a room’s light on . she goes and knocks the door .the door opens on its own . she sees bhabo crying . she says dadi and hugs her .
bhabo: what r u doing here at the middle of the night
kanak: what r u doing and why r u crying
bhabo: I remembered those old moments wid sandhya bindni and sooraj .
kanak: dadi shall I ask u one thing
bhabo: ask dear

kanak: why do u want to marry bhaiya to somebody
bhabo: because I want u all to get settled before I die , already I am 77 .
kanak (keeping a hand on bhabo’s mouth ):don’t say like this dadi , u will never leave us (and sleeps on bhabo’s lap)
bhabo smiles and says I should die someday , nobody can change this . kanak says no , bhabo smiles seeing kanak’s innocent behaviour


the next day
bhabo and the whole rathi family go to Mehta house . bhabo’s friend dayavanti comes there ,she says santhosh my grand daughter is very sweet and calm by nature .she works in city hospital . bhabo smiles. Dayavanti continues , my son and daughter in law died in an accident. after that , only my grand daughter has been a support to me . wait I will call her . vanshika , chori yahan ao , ladke wale aye hai(come here , the boy’s family has come)

vanshika(shrenu parikh) comes there . ved sees her . vanshika sees him and gets very happy seeing ved . she had somewhere seen him . ved and vanshika see each other and smile

dayavanti says santhosh let the boy and the girl talk to each other . bhabo says ok .ved and vanshika come to terrace . vanshika says I think I have seen u some where . ved says even I have seen u somewhere . ved says ya , u r the same vanshika who used to study in 12 b , xxxinternational school . vanshika says , yes ,r u the same ved , who used to study in the school . ved says wow and hugs her . vanshika says I tried to get ur number but I could never get it because I got busy after finishing school . ved says r u ready for this marriage? Vanshika says it is better to marry a person who used to be my best friend . ved says I think the same . vanshika says I never have imagined that we would meet after so many years and in such a set up . ved smiles

vansh says hey vanshika I could not even recognise u , vanshika says yes vansh even I could not recognise u both . bhabo says daya there is no better day than day after tmrw for engagement . it is the best day for engagement , so if u and vanshika r ready for the marriage , we can keep the engagement day after tmrw, don’t worry abt the preparations , we will take care of it ,engagement will take place in vedansh . dayavanti sees vanshika . vanshika nods her head and smiles

vansh says congratulations mere bhai and hugs ved . kanak says congrats bhaiya , love u a lott and hugs him . vanshika smiles . kanak says congratulations bhabi and hugs vanshika . bhabo says tho hum chalte hai (then we’ll leave) . we will meet day after tmrw.
vanshika says ved wait, will u give ur number ? ved says sure and gives his number .

precap: bhabo finds out about vansh’s love . surprisingly she agrees for their marriage too

please tell me who will play opposite to kanak
here is a list .please choose between these
vin rana
kushal tandon
karan tacker
pearl v puri
vansh’s love interest’s role will be played by harshitha gaur

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