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dabh season-2 (epi-2 )

the episode starts wid kanak coming to her college wid piyali . she sees a boy disturbing a girl . she goes and slaps the boy and confronts him , the boy gets angry but finally apologises to the girl . piyali comes and says di why do u fall in problems . kanak says piyali don’t be such a coward , what will u do if this happens wid u . piyali says this can never happen wid me because my kanak di will be wid me . kanak smiles and then she goes to her class while piyali goes to her class

rathi house……..ved says no , I want to take vedansh to a better position , then only I will marry and that’s final . bhabo says no , never , u will marry whoever I say and that too within this year .
ved says never dadi . vansh sees all this and says ved agree no , why r u so stubborn . ved says then u accept to get married na . why r u telling me . vansh says I cant marry because I am younger than u , that is one minute 5 seconds younger than u.ved says no bhabo never , I will not get married right now , kanak says bhaiya thisis too much vansh bhaiya is also on the list, bhabo is compelling u because u r one minute five second elder than vansh bhaiya . ved says choti shut up .


bhabo says bahut ho gayi ,know u will marry my friend’s granddaughter because u r one minute five seconds elder than vansh .
ved is in his room , vansh comes there and says ved now I realise the advantage of being one minute five seconds elder than u . ved says I don’t want to get married now .

vansh laughs . he says see the girl , u will like her , she is a doctor . ved says how do u know all this . vansh says because I am smart . ved throws a pillow on him , vansh laughs and throws another pillow on him . and their discussion on who will marry first continues wid the pillow fight , soon kanak too comes and joins the pillow fight . at last ved agrees to see bhabo’s friend’s grand daughter . all the family members get happy . pari hugs ved and says thank god u finally accepted . pari says dadi , I am going to mumma’s house ok . bhabo says itni jaldi , mishri says I will also come to chachi’s house . bhabo says msihri u r pregnant now , just don’t roam around too much stay in house . pari says tho tik hai , mishri didi is not coming . kanak says shall I come wid u , piyali says I also want to meet nia . pari says ok , so lets go and they leave for emily’s house.

precap : kanak realises her dream , ved sees the girl (bhabo’s friend’s granddaughter )

guys I have decided shrenu parikh as ved’s love interest . I want some suggestions on love interest of kanak , because the actor whom u will suggest will be the hero of this ff . so please suggest some famous actor’s names guys
thank u so much for reading this ff

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