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crazy love- episode 8

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Part 8:
Laksh was sleeping. It is 11:30 in night. His phone rings. It is Ragini.
Laksh: Ragini???
Ragini: I want to meet you right now.
Laksh: what? Did you see the time?
Ragini: I don’t know. I’m alone here. You have to come right now. I’m near my driving school.
She cuts the phone.
Laksh: Ragini…!
He upsets and goes there.


He looks Ragini over there in pretty pink lehenga. He just gets attracted looking her like that. Laksh controls himself and goes before her.

Laksh: have you gone mad? Why are you standing alone at mid night like this? do you know how dangerous it is…!
Laksh keeps scolding her, Ragini looks at watch and keep counting, 1…2…3…

Laksh: what is this Ragini??

Suddenly many balloons fly around them.
Ragini: Happy Birthday Laksh…

Laksh amazes and remembers that it was his birthday. He laughs and looks at her. she keeps smiling.
Laksh: how did you…

Ragini: hmmm…how did I know, how did I do… all these are not questions.

Laksh: but Ragini… it is not good to come alone like this on night.

Ragini: I know…but, ok leave it….

Laksh: thank you so much Ragini… and you are looking very beautiful in traditional dress.

Ragini: I wore it many times before during festivals. You never said that…

Laksh: i didn’t feel you as beautiful then. But, you are beautiful now…

Ragini blushes. Laksh remains calm.

Ragini: I want to tell you something. I’m giving you freedom from my torture. You need not look matches for me.

Laksh: why??

Ragini: laksh, you have realized your mistake. And you have tried your best to do justice to me.
Laksh: but, I have showed a stupid match yesterday…just being angry on you..
Ragini: hmm…leave that. I gave you freedom because….

Laksh: Ragini…even I want to tell you an important thing…

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: but not now. Tomorrow, I’m going to surprise you. And you will like it for sure.
Ragini’s eyes become big and her heart beat increases. They both go back to their houses.

She stands before mirror and remembers his words, ‘you are looking beautiful in traditional dress…’
She blushes. She thinks, ‘what is he going to say??’
Swara: what Ragini? Are you loving Laksh? How can you do that? He betrayed you..

Ragini: I have loved him always Swara, from the first time I saw him in Ap aunt’s house. It is true that he did wrong for me. But, he realized his mistake now. and, he is loving me.

Swara: how do you know??

Ragini: I know….

Next morning,

Sumi comes near Ragini and wakes her.
Sumi: Ragini…wake up soon and get ready.
Ragini amazes that her mom is talking with her.
Rag: maa…

Sumi: Laksh said us everything, that he has kidnapped you during marriage. We are sorry for misunderstanding you….
She kisses her forehead.

Sumi: you know, he has brought a new match for you.
Ragini shocks.
Sumi: we saw the boy’s photo. We liked him a lot…

Rag: maa…

Sumi: if this match also cancels, your dad can’t bear it.
Rag shocks.

Sumi: so… don’t say no…
Ragini agrees painfully.

She gets ready. Laksh comes home.

Shekar: I was angry on you Laksh
Laksh: yes uncle, I understand… that’s why… I have did this.
Shekar hugs him.

Sumi and Swara bring Ragini down. Laksh keeps looking at Ragini admiringly.
But, he soon move his eyes.

Laksh: hello Mr. Groom. Please, come inside…

Sanskar enters from the door. Sumi and Shekar smile looking at him. He stands in front of Ragini. She is bending her head.

Sanskar: hai…

Ragini remains silent.

Laksh: dude… just don’t go so fastly… she is very shy.

Sanskar: you know, I have loved you from the first day I saw you… when you first time came to Ap aunt’s house.

Ragini gets amazed and looks at him.

Sanskar: I asked my mom to talk with your parents, but Ap aunty already asked you for laksh and your engagement was fixed. I went back to Germany. But, still loved you…

Ragini bends her head.

Sanskar beats Laksh on shoulder and says: this idiot said me everything what happened next. I felt happy that you are not married. God has done this for me..! yes, and Laksh is that god…

Laksh: come on dude….
Sanskar pulls his cheek.
Sanskar: thanx dude, you are giving Ragini to me.

Shekar: Ragini beta, you and Sanskar go and talk..

Ragini and Sanskar sits under a tree on bench. Swara and Laksh are talking just far away from them.

Ragini is silent. Sometimes, Laksh was looking at her painfully.

Sanskar: this is really a great day for me… don’t you think I’m very lucky… lucky because I’m getting a girl like you…

Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh.

Swara: are you understanding what are you doing? You love her right..!

Lak: yes… but, I don’t deserve her. she needs a true love like Sanskar. Not me…
I have cheated her. but, he loves her.

Swa: but, you are also loving her…

Laksh in tears: some lucky chances miss like that. If that day I would have engaged her, she would have been my wife now. I’m so unlucky…
He wipes his tears.

Sanskar keeps talking something with Ragini and she is silent. He looks at her. and gets amazed that she is seeing Laksh.

Sanskar: Ragini….

Ragini: hmm….ya…

Sanskar: are you still angry with Laksh?

Ragini: no…

Sanskar: he doesn’t have values. But, he has heart. And, you know, he has learned values now. Otherwise, how could he bear this responsibility?

Ragini: yaa…even I used to get angry on him at first. But, he is very cool now. everyone will like him now…

Sanskar gets amazed Ragini talking like that about Laksh.

He goes away.

Ragini runs to her room and cries a lot. Swara comes near her. she hugs her.
“what should I do swara? I can’t turn against to my parent’s wish and I can’t leave Laksh. I’m cheating Sanskar and he loves me a lot.”
Swara just rubs her head. And thinks some plan.

Precap: swara’s plan…

{ Hello friends, I know the story is getting bored. I will end this ff in two epis. Just bare me for next two parts. Haha…. Thank you so much everyone…. Plz comment..}

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