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crazy love- episode 5

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Recap: 1st torture to Laksh is completed….


Epi 5:
Laksh is sleeping peacefully. He gets a dream, that he is playing a guitar. Suddenly, a demon comes and breaks his guitar. And her face reveled as Ragini. He shocks and wakes up. His phone is ringing continuously. He takes the phone and it’s Ragini.

Laksh: don’t you have any work?

Ragini: why are you sleeping still? It’s 10’ 0 clock in morning.
Laksh looks at time. Then only Ap comes near him.
Ap: beta, you are too late today? Won’t you go to office?
Ragini laughs in phone… “office?..”
Laksh: chup…thum chup karo.
Ap: with whom you are talking?
Laksh: maa, it’s my friend…
Ragini shouts: no aunty…it’s Ragini…


Ap listens some girl voice: ohh… you are talking with Kavya….
She smiles and leaves.
Laksh: why..are you shouting like that?
Ragini: then, why are you sleeping like that? Come and meet me right now..!!

Laksh cuts the phone and thinks for a while, how to get rid of Ragini.
He sees the list of Ragini’s ideal husband. In that, one point, she hates fast driving.
Laksh smirks.
He goes to Ragini’s driving school. Ragini is in blue jeans and red top.

Laksh: why do you wear modern dresses always? Can’t you wear chudidar.
Ragini: then you wear sherwani always. Why do you need about me?
Laksh: ya..ya…why should i?
Ragini: hmm..did you see any matches?
Laksh: yaa…see this…
Laksh shows one of his friend’s photo. “he is a nice guy…”
Ragini: nice guy?? He is one of your friend and he is a womanizer.
Laksh: how do you know?

Ragini stamps Laksh’s foot strongly. “what are you thinking about me???” she presses even more strongly.
Laksh: ahhh..please leave…

Ragini: do you think I’m a fool? Don’t show this types of stupid matches…!
Laksh: ok…I’m sorry… leave…

Rag removes her leg.

Laksh: I will show you another match… you have to come with me…
Ragini: show me photo..i won’t come anywhere..that too with you..!
Laksh: I’m not kidnapping you or taking you away somewhere. Moreover, you know to handle me right…!
Ragini: ok…let’s go.

Laksh smirks. “let’s go in my car.”
Ragini: shut up and come in my car and I will drive.
Laksh: no..no.. I will drive please.
Ragini: ok.

Both will sit in car. Laksh in driving seat and Ragini beside him.

He starts driving.
Laksh: haa..why do you blindly believe me like this? if I’m really going to kidnap you?
Ragini gives a tight punch on his face. His cheek became red.

Ragini: do you think you can kidnap me??
Laksh holds his cheek and says no in sad tone. She laughs.

Laksh drives for a minute. Then he slowly raises the car speed.
Ragini: I think you have raised the speed. Low it.

But Laksh makes even more faster. Ragini’s heart skids down.
Ragini: what are you doing…go slow.

He raises even more… and starts taking car rashly.
Ragini shouts: Laksh, have you gone mad? Go slowly…!

He keeps taking the car very fastly that he may hit anyone…! Ragini closes her eyes in fear.
At last she loudly, “please stop..!”

Laksh gives a steep turn and puts a sudden break. Laksh smiles cunningly and takes heavy breath. He looks at her.
Laksh: have you seen my power..! don’t mess up with me again.
But there is no reaction in Ragini.
She is taking heavy breath. She is all in sweat. And her hands and legs are shivering. Soon, tears fall down from her eyes.

Laksh feels pity.
Laksh: I’m..i’m sorry Ragini…
He slowly touches her hand. She raises her head, her eyes are all red. Laksh feels very bad for his behavior.
He puts his hand on her cheek.
Laksh: I’m so sorry Ragini… I just…
Ragini in shaking voice: Laksh, please… get down from driving seat.
Laksh: no… I will drive slowly, properly now…
Ragini: please…
Laksh gets down from car. Ragini moves into driving seat, Laksh sits beside her.
Ragini holds steering for a while. Laksh about to talk.
Ragini: I will go home. Shall I drop you?
Laksh nods his head.

Ragini sets her hair and takes a deep breath. She looks straight. She touches the gear and raises it..! she starts driving.
At starting only, she takes car to 40.

Laksh: Ragini, don’t behave mad.

Ragini raises the speed even more, the speed increases to 100.
Laksh holds the handle strongly.
Laksh: no Ragini…. You can’t drive that speed in traffic.

Ragini ignores him and keeps raising speed. The speed meter crosses 100.
She takes the car and about to hit a buffalo.
Laksh shouts: ey..ey..ey….

She just moves the car in inch gap from it. Laksh unbelievably looks back…. In speed he falls front and gets hit with mirror. Then he puts seat belt.

She keeps overtaking all vehicles and while over taking, a lorry comes in front..!

Laksh shouts: aaaaaa…aaaa…….

She moves away from it in inch gap again…. Laksh head starts spinning.
Ragini makes a sudden break and dust all spreads up…!

Laksh with confused face looks around. He came to his house. He looks Ragini. She is taking heavy breath and looks at Laksh.

Ragini: “yes..! I’m coward..! but, when time comes I will be bravest..!”

Laksh looks at her in question mark and gets down car. His legs are shaking and he couldn’t stand properly.

Ragini: don’t mess up with me again..!
Laksh namaskars to her. she smirks and leaves.

Now, Laksh pov.. as a song..

In scene he is playing guitar… everything is dark around him and lights only on him.
He sings,
‘For looks she is an angel…
Oh no but she is a devil…
How should I bear her??

Just done a small mistake,
Without any knowledge,
I’m facing all the headache…!

No no don’t mess up with a girl,
It’s very dangerous dude..!
{now story continues, in back ground song music…

Laksh was looking at the matches till night time. He sleeps at morning 4’o clock. Ragini calls him at 6’o clock.
Ragini: hey..! just wake up and come soon. I have many works…
Laksh: hey Ram…!!!

Laksh goes near her. he keeps showing matches.
Ragini: he is just 5.7… no
He is too tall…6 feet… no
He is too rich… rich are proudish…. No
Oh…he earns too little… I can’t adjust…. No….

Ragini keeps rejecting. Laksh becomes pale.

{song continues,

‘oh…is she a deva kanya??
Or she is a princess??

No man, she is the form of torture,
Other name of psycho…
She is the leader of dinosaurs.

She is cooking me in the oil of torture….

So..no… don’t mess up with girls…
Guys, it’s too dangerous…

Ragini angrily: what????

Laksh changes: girls are beautiful angels…. Girls are goddess in real life…

Ragini: keep it up..!

Swara: wow, super song. I will sing…. Lala..lala..lal..laaa………
All goods from lorry falls down… Ragini closes her mouth…

Like that one week passes. One night,

Swara: Ragini, I feel you are doing over…

Ragini: what over? He deserves it…!

Swara: are you not wishing to marry a person whom he sees?

Ragini: why I will marry a person whom he sees?

Swara: then why are you doing all this?

Ragini: pain..! pain in heart. And he has too understand it too… did you know? How many times I have cried because of him? Cancelling of marriage thrice for a girl when it came upto last step, is such a sad thing…

Swara: I can understand you..but…

Ragini: I never understand…why this only to me?? Papa has become tired of this. they are angry on me thinking that I have done some mistake. Why I have to bear all this?? what wrong did I do??

She says in tears. Swara keeps looking at her.

Ragini: that’s why..! I wanna, teach him a lesson…! Next time, he should never do this to any other girl..! he don’t have any values and that’s why he never give value to others.

Swara looks on…

Precap: kavya badmouths Ragini. Will Laksh realize his mistake??

/* guys…hope this epi didn’t bore you. From nxt part I will speed up the story…*/

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