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crazy love- episode 3

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Recap: the harm laksh done to Ragini and ragini on her revenge

Epi 3:


Laksh: what…? What are you saying?

Ragini: yes. Until I get married you aren’t supposed to marry anyone. Haa, anyways except Kavya no girl likes to marry you…

Laksh: hello… do you know who am i? I’m a rock star..who rocks many girls hearts…

Rajat: sis… I will kill him… he is not listening to us…
Rajat goes with knife near him Ragini stops him.

Laksh: what are you dude? Cool down man… ok tell me your demands…!!

Ragini: Mr. Rock star Laksh, you are the reason for my marriage breaks. Now, you are going to fill them.

Laksh keeps looking at her innocently.

Ragini: you have to search a nice boy for me, whom my parents also accept.
Laksh: what??

Ragini: and I should like that boy… and you have to arrange my marriage and you have to bear all the expenses of my marriage… and..

Laksh: and… I have to send you to honey moon too??

Rajat: sis…don’t stop me… I will kill him…

Ragini: bhayya…. Don’t get excited. He is a nice guy. He will do…

Laksh: why I will do? Why I have to do? No… I won’t…

Ragini: you will do Laksh… just see the video.

She plays a video on projector.

A grand stage is shown… all the lights are illuminating… a single mike… a guy entered on stage… all the people cheer… he has a tattoo on his right hand…

Laksh keeps shocked looking at it.

That guy takes mike into hand…. All people go crazy. His face is shown. He is non other than…. Laksh aka Lucky.

He starts playing guitar… current passes through all….
He rocks… then starts the song…
“aasma hai neela kyun
paani geela geela kyun
gol kyun hai zamee
silk mein hai narmi kyun
aag mein hai garmi kyun
do aur do paanch kyun nahi

ped ho gaye kam kyun
teen hain ye mausam kyun
chaand do kyun nahi
duniya mein hai junge kyun
behta laal rang kyun
sarhaden hain kyun har kahin”

Ragini and Rajat shouts and claps their both hands.
“ socha hai… ye tumne kya kabhi
socha hai… ki hain ye kya sabhi
socha nahi to socho abhi …………..”

Laksh closes his ears. “hey stop it. stop it…”

Ragini stops the video.
Laksh: it’s a rocking song and you are playing a traditional dance to it. what that clapping hands??

Rajat: sis… he seemed to be a rock star but he is like rat here…

Laksh: dude…remove these chains. I will show lion in me…!

Ragini: you need not show your lion getup. But we will show your rock star get up to your mom…

Laksh shocks.

Rajat: why sis? Being rock star is wrong?

Ragini: bro… his family doesn’t know that he is a rock star. Aunty and uncle think that he is going to office every day, but he goes to music concerts and give shows like this….

Rajat: what happens when they know that he is a rock star?

Laksh: they will send me out dude…! They will never excuse me for my lie…! They will surely bash me…

Ragini: let them do it laksh. Even my dad is angry with me for un done mistake. But yours is a done mistake….

Laksh: Ragini…please Ragini… don’t send that video to my parents. Nobody know that Laksh maheswari is a rock star. I’m just Lucky in that rock star getup.

Ragini: why shouldn’t I send video?

Laksh: tell me what I have to do??

Ragini: just bear my marriage responsibility. And tell my parents that I didn’t do any mistake.

Laksh: but…

Rajat: ragini dear, shall I send video in whatsapp or upload in you tube?

Laksh: arey… dude bhayya… you be cool yar. Ok… deal accepted…!!

Ragini and Rajat smirk.

Ragini: so… rocker lucky has turned broker laksh…
Rajat laughs. Both gives hifi.
Laksh puts a cry baby face.

Then Ragini looks angrily at Laksh. He too looks at her. both have serious eyelock.

Ragini: don’t think I will give you lot of time. Today is feb 13th. By march 13th my marriage should be done. That too by your responsibility. This is only the way you can wash your sin. In the case you aren’t successful…

Laksh: so…

Rajat: simple dude, the video will be played in maheswari mansion theatre.
Ragini: bhai..don’t scare him like that… he knows his responsibility. Yes know Laksh??

Laksh looks on…

Later Rajat and Ragini drops Laksh at his home.
Ragini: don’t forget your duty…. don’t worry, i will keep reminding you. Start your hunt now…

Ragini starts car and goes away.
Rajat: all the best dude…

Laksh: all the best or my head?

Then Ap, Dp, kavya and her parents come near Laksh.
Ap: you really don’t have any responsibility…where did you go during marriage time?
Laksh: kidna…
Dp: what??
Laksh: dad… i want some time for marriage…

Kavya: what the hell you are speaking? Are you joking?
Laksh: actually kavya, i have a important goal in my career. So, if i don’t gain that my life becomes like monkey on tree…

Ap and dp are confused with his words.
Ap: you can do that work after marriage also…

Laksh: maa.. i want one month time…
Kavya: one month…! go to hell…
Says Kavya and goes away.

Laksh: kavya…listen…

Ap: i don’t understand what are you doing?
Laksh: even i’m not understanding maa…
He looks on with question mark face.

Precap: Ragini torture to Laksh starts…

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