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crazy love- episode 2

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Previous part: Episode 1
Recap: ragini kidnap laksh. Raglak 1st fb over…

2nd flash back….

Laksh goes to a morning walk and Ragini looks at him in teary eyes from balcony. He looks at her, but ignores her and goes away. Just then Shekar comes near her.
Shekar: beta, I have seen a nice match. Look at the photo…
Ragini: your wish papa.
As she said, they arrange the marriage.
Ragini slowly changes her heart. She starts forgetting Laksh. She is her new dreams now.
On the marriage day, everything is happy. Bridegroom is some fellow. They both sit on the marriage planks. Suddenly Laksh comes.
“Stop this marriage…!” he shouts. Everyone shocks.
Shekar: laksh..! what the hell is this??


But Laksh doesn’t answer him.
Laksh: oh groom..! now, Laksh is with you. Come fast…let’s run away…
Bridegroom shamelessly gets down from planks. Ragini looks shocked.

Some men try to stop Laksh. But, Laksh fights with them and takes away groom.

Ragini remains shattered…!

After few hours.

Ap(in anger): Laksh…! Why did you do like that??
Laksh: maa…that groom is my friend. And he don’t like this marriage. I have to take him away and do other marriage with his love. His parents kept gundas without his escape, so I have to do like that…

Ap: did you think about Ragini?
Laksh: maa… I don’t care about her..!
Ap slaps him. “Get out of the house.”
But Ragini just comes. “Aunty, please don’t do like that. However, that groom loved other girl. If I married that boy, I wouldn’t be happy.” She says.
Ap: but Ragini, are you not angry with Laksh? The way he did is a wrong thing.
Ragini: of course I’m angry with him. But don’t punish him because of me…

Says Ragini and goes away. Laksh even don’t ask apology to her.

Fb over…

Laksh: but Ragini… you only said that you are ok with it…
Ragini: may be making lovers together is nice thing…. But, you shattered the happiness of one family. Your approach was wrong. I even had angry on that groom, but you are the reason for it.
Laksh: agree..! I agree. But…
Ragini: did you know, how I was humiliated later? How my relatives talked about me? Did you know how my father struggled to look other match for me…

Rajat is in tears while Ragini is saying like that…
“that’s why…let’s kill him sister..!” he says and raises knife at Laksh. Laksh shouts, “aahh” and closes his face.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini: see bro…how he is scared. That day, he just fought as a hero you know. But in reality, he is zero…
Laksh: remove these chains I will show you hero or zero.
Ragini: ok Mr. hero cum zero… did you remember what did you do third time??

Laksh bends his head… “god..”

Fb again….

On dadi’s insistence, again Shekar looks a match for Ragini. And, that comes until marriage. On the marriage day,
Ragini is getting ready in room. Someone knocks the door, she opens.

Ragini: you???
Laksh: again you?
Ragini: what drama you want to do now?
Laksh: don’t you have shame? You have loved a boy and marrying other?
Ragini: what the heck you are talking? I didn’t love anybody.
Laksh: hey…your bf is my friend. He is waiting for you in temple.
Ragini: your friend is not my bf and I don’t have any bfs. Just get lost…
Laksh: I promised him that I will bring you…
He says and sprays chloroform on her. She faints. Laksh silently takes her away. He takes her to temple.

Laksh: dude, I have brought your gf. Don’t worry.
Friend: thanks dude. Why are you carrying her?
Laksh: she is too stubborn yar. She didn’t come with me. So I sprayed little chloroform.
He says and removes her mask.
Friend: who is she?
Laksh: your gf yar. You only said her name Ragini.
Friend: her name is Ragini. But, she is not her…!
Laksh shocks.
Ragini gains conscious and looks at them.
Then only a girl comes in a run to them.
Girl to boy: your friend is useless. I came on myself.
Laksh bends his head. Ragini holds his collar.

Ragini: now…! take me back to the marriage place…

Laksh takes her back. But, till then the place was messed up. Everyone was thinking that the bride eloped. The groom’s family went away. Ragini runs to her father who sat shattered.
Ragini: papa, this was not my mistake. Everything was his fault… say Laksh.

Laksh looks around and imagines that if going to say truth, everyone will smash him.
Laksh: what are you talking Ragini? You asked me lift till here… I just gave you lift.

Ragini shocks and looks at Laksh. He bends his head. Shekar suddenly slaps Ragini.

Shekar: you ran away right..! then why did you come back?

Ragini: papa?
Shekar: now don’t talk with me..! and no one in house will talk with you…!
Ragini remains shocked.

Laksh goes away silently.

Flash back end………..

Ragini: why? Why every time me? It was trice I was shattered because of you..! your mom was true, you don’t have values…! You don’t consider other’s pain. Your friend’s life is only life. Not mine..? at least, you didn’t even say sorry…

Laksh: Ragini…. I’m very sorry…
Ragini: now, your sorry don’t have any value. And, I don’t care about your marriage..!
Laksh: no Ragini..please let me go… I love kavya so much… do you know the value of love? My both friends loved someone so I did like that… but, however you didn’t love anyone right..!

Ragini turns her face away with tears. “I have loved already, and my heart was broke..! and I don’t need to tell you who is it..!”

Laksh: are you talking about me? Did you love me??
Ragini: not now Mr.!!! now mr. Laksh. I will tell you have to listen.

Laksh keeps looking at her.
Ragini: you shouldn’t get married…

Laksh: what??

Ragini: I will never let you get married.

Laksh: haan??

Ragini: until my marriage is done..!

Laksh: ????

Precap: Ragini’s conditions.


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