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crazy love- episode 1

Hi guys, if you missed intro, it’s here.

Recap: someone kidnaps Laksh while he is going to get married.


Epi 1:
Laksh keeps amazed
Laksh: who are you…??
That kidnapper turns face towards Laksh. At, first he could see her shiny pink lips. She moves further front. Then her sharp nose and then her eyes.

Laksh surprisingly: Ragini…??

Ragini: wow…! You remembered me??
Laksh: it’s not easy to forget you..
Ragini: yes..! because you did lot of harm to me..!!!

Both look at each other and they go into the flash back….


It’s August month. At MM Vara laxmi puja is being done. After the puja, Ap is giving haarathi and they are singing bhajan song…

Just then, Ragini is standing at the main door. She was wearing red lehenga and all jewelry.
Ap finishes giving haarathi and prays to goddess, “Maata, you know we are looking for a bride for Laksh. This year, gift us a nice bahu…”
At puja mandir, Ap, Sujatha and Sanskar are there. ( ap and sujatha are friends here. Sanskar is sujatha’s son)

Then Ragini who is standing at door, “excuse me aunty…” says in gentle tone.

They three look at door. They are surprised to see Ragini over there. She is very beautiful. Ap and Sujatha doesn’t move away their eyes from her. Sanskar keeps looking at her with big eyes.

Ragini hesitatingly: can I come in aunty?

Sujatha slowly to Ap: wah Ap, you have asked goddess just now, I think she has sent a bahu…
Ap: sujatha…
Ap: come dear….

Ragini smiles and comes inside. Sanskar keeps looking at her. just then Laksh comes down. Ragini just looks at everyone once.

Ragini goes near Ap: aunty, we are your new neighbors. We just came yesterday. This evening, we are performing Laxmi puja… so I came to invite you…

Ap: oh.. I see that’s what I’m thinking. I have never seen you here…
Ragini smiles and opens the small sindoor dibbi, and puts pinch of sindoor to ap and sujatha at middle of eyebrows, inviting them. In turn ap and sujatha also put sindoor to her.

Next Ragini turns to Sanskar and just says: you also please come.
He smiles. Next she turns to Laksh.
Ragini: you too come please…
Then Laksh takes a pinch of sindoor and decorates in between her eyebrows. Everyone shock.

Ap: Laksh…! Have you gone mad???
Laksh: what?? You all did, so I did..! what’s wrong in this??
Ragini looks at him shocked.
Ap: sorry so much beta, he doesn’t know any traditions and values. Don’t take it seriously…
Ragini: it’s ok aunty…
She says and runs to her home. She says it’s ok, but she remains upset.
Ap keeps scolding Laksh.

That evening, Ap, Sujatha, Sanskar and Laksh come to Ragini’s house. Shekar and Sumi receive them.
Laksh: maa..why did you bring me? I don’t want to stay here…
Ap: chup..! you don’t know any cultural values. If you attend these functions at least…
Ragini is busy in doing all works, she is very traditional and she even sang bhajan songs.
Ap likes her very much. After going home Ap tells about Ragini to Dp.

Dp: so, you think she is suitable for Laksh?
Ap nods head. Dp smiles.
Ap, Dp, Shekar and Sumi talk. They agree. Ragini happy…

But Laksh??
Laksh: what…?? That girl?? No way maa… she is over traditional. I don’t want her…
Ap: you won’t get such girl, even you do tapas for 1000 years…! She is the gift of Laxmi devi and she is just like laxmi…so, just accept her..!

Ap ordered. Laksh remained calm.

The day before engagement.

Ragini runs a driving school. She is going in a car. She sees some guys are teasing a girl. That’s it….
She stops her car and starts fighting with those guys. She is in black jeans.
She is beating them left and right. Laksh who was waiting out in a shopping mall sees all this and calls his mom Ap. Ap sees Ragini.

Laksh: maa…see. How shamelessly she is fighting as a boy… and see her dress. Omg…!!
Laksh smirks.
Ap gets angry and goes before her.
Ap: how shameless you are…!!!
Ragini sadly: aunty…
Laksh smirks again.
Ap smiles and kisses on her forehead. Laksh smirk vanishes and confuse appears.

Ap: wah beta, at some times, a girl has to be as Durga also. I’m very proud of you. And even Laksh is lucky to get you…
Laksh remains silent with sad face. Ragini smiles.

On the Engagement day…

So many guests will come. All are happy except Laksh. Raglak comes on stage. They held rings to exchange. Ragini keeps her head bent in shy. Laksh looks at her and suddenly he drops ring. Ragini shocks.

Laksh acts as if he fainted and acts as if he got fits. Everyone gets tensed. They move Laksh into a room.

Shekar: omg..! he has fits? It’s better if we drop.
Ragini: no papa… I want to marry him only.
Ap and Dp gets happy with her answer.

Ragini goes to Laksh’s room to see him. He is talking with his friends.

Laksh: dudes…how was my action??
Friend 1: amazing bro…
Laksh: now, that family won’t come back to marry me again. I can happily marry Kavya…
He is shocked to see Ragini at door. He runs at her and holds her hand.

Laksh: no Ragini…please don’t say that I have acted like this.

Ragini: if you don’t like me why did you drag this till engagement Laksh?
Laksh: because my parents didn’t listen to me Ragini. So, I needed to do that drama… please don’t say this to my parents Ragini…they will kill me…

Ragini in tears: don’t worry Laksh… I will not tell.
She runs away wiping her tears.

Shekar and Sumi are feeling sad that the engagement cancelled and they became big topic in family for discussion.
So they decide to do marriage for Ragini as soon as possible.

Fb ends…

Laksh and Ragini are looking at each other.

Laksh: are you taking revenge of it?
Ragini: did you forget what happened next??

Laksh: hehe… ragini, that was just coincidence.
Ragini: you have shattered my dreams three times…!

Rajat who just comes: so..we have to take revenge…

Laksh: who are you dude?
Ragini: he is my cousin brother. He is helping me…

Laksh: now what you want to do to me guys? What Ragini? I have to marry you?

Ragini: girls like Kavya only marry you Laksh. You both are made for each other.

Laksh: what do you mean Ragini??

Ragini: let’s go into other two fbs too… then you will understand…

Precap: other two incidents..

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