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Chandra Nandni 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Porus says acharya I will fight I mandir n we have no time,Acharya says some wars are won by intelligence n not anger, Porus says I will fight Sikander plz give me blessings and on takshila boundary Porus n Sikander fight. Sikander defeats him n says u lost but u still have pride in eyes, Porus says I will die but not be ur slave, Sikander smiles n says I’m impressed with ur bravery n I forgive u,n hugs Porus,


Sikander is asked why did u let him away, Sikander says Porus is just a way to get padmanand,Chanakya says Chandra,Sikander will now aim padmanand after Porus n if he defeats him we will lose our mother land,the question is not abt just magad or Pataliputra but whole Bharat n promise me u will never step back n always be ahead in serving ur country, Chandra says I have heard

this before,Chanakya says u are my right choice, Chandra says I will always be there for my country.

Chanakya says enemies biggest weakness is our strength n now u will have to find one n u for a King he has to have no weakness n this is why I took u away from ur mother, padmanand says Nandini u are my weakness n I love u the most ,Nandini says I want to be ur strength like my brothers,Chanakya says Chandra go find padmanands weakness n he will be in our feet.

Maliketu upset with not being able to be in magad, King parvatak says good Chandra went their now u will Marry Nandini when u will be a king, go announce my son maliketus Abhishek says King parvatak to soldiers. Chandra on his way with Chanakyas words on his mind that now he is Bharats future after King Baji n Porus Sikander is very strong n Chandra has to take over n save his country.

Nandini practicing n is angry abt Chandra using her to get away and while practising she hurts nand, Nandini says I’m sorry,padmanand says I’m so proud of u n why are u so angry with this statue,Nandini says I’m upset abt that man who came here as maliketu,n what is this mark,padmanand remembers that the wound was given to him by suryagupta n says Nandini forget that we need to parvatak for maliketus Abhishek, Nandini says I don’t feel like,padmanand says even when I insist, Nandini says ok.

Chandra reaches sikanders tents and dresses like his soldiers,n joins the team,Chandra is called by the head Philips n asks who are u,Chandra says I’m new here, Philips says go cook then n from today u will get me food, Chandra says sure.

Sikander tells Philips that we are invited for maliketus Abhishek and this shows that Bharat n his servers have already surrendered to us. Chandra is checked while entering sikanders tents but he himself gives then his khan jar n walks in with food.

Sikander is said he shdnt go to parvatak that must be a trap,a lady walks in n says but I think u shd go n begin in name from friendship that will be very helpful in future,Chandra thinks who is this lady,Sikander says I think Elina has a point, friendship will matter n then soon whole Bharat will be ours,Chandra says this will never happen.

Philips says how dare u who are u,Chandra says Chandra said this,Bharat ma Petra Chandra,I met him in takshila n I’m maharj ambi cook and Chandra is very strong,Sikander says call him here n I will break him in pieces, Chandra thinks I’m here to stop u all from breaking Bharat ma,Philips says ok keep food n leave,Sikander asks who are u,Chandra says I’m dushant, Sikander says dushant will join Elina to parvatak, I’m unwell so won’t attend the Abhishek,Elina says I shall leave I have to look after my son,Chandra thinks I have to impress Elina.

Pre cap: Chandra reaches parvatak along with Elina,Chandra abt to sneak,sees padmanand n his son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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