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Chandra Nandni 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gautami Bhabhi goes to her husband n says it’s so long we haven’t spent quality time,nanadini sees them n starts laughing n goes to her friends n says gaumti bhabhi asked bhaiya to pick her,she hears Gautami come n hides n Gautami says God this Nandini, N calls her near her n says I want u to get married n the reason is u always trouble me.


Chandra n Parvatak, asked to aim while practicing archery,Parvatak aims n says I won,Chandra aims flag n not the stand,Chandra says the support is praja n flag King n I don’t want to aim Praja but the kingship,Chanakya says this is the difference between u n Parvatak and Praises Chandra saying u have the qualities a King shd have.

Nandinis brothers try convince her for wedding but she Denise,padmanand walks to her n says even

if I ask u to,Nandini says ok but on one condition, the man shd defeat dharam bhaiya, Gautami says this is impossible no one can defeat him,Nandini says I want my better half to be as strong as him,padmanand says ok I will get u such husband.

Parvatak says Chandra u don’t have an attitude a King shd have n see I have magad princess swayamvar invitation, Chandra says very good u deserve her,I have seen her she is very cute like a sweet laddu,big enough for u, see that fat lady more fat than her,all the best n leaves, Parvatak says is this truth,his friends says he is purposely saying to stop u,Parvatak says I will go in swayamvar, Chanakya says Parvatak u aren’t going any where, ur eduction isn’t complete yet, Parvatak says but that would be magads insult,Chanakya says my word is final.

Padmanand busy fooling around with girls,Amartya tries to explain abt securities but he is busy talking abt Nandini n her swayamvar n is drunk,padmanand says for me my daughter is important than this Bharat.

Bharat ma – Nand unaware of the fact that foreign invader were in their way to Bharat. Foreign invaders says I see Bharat boundary n I will conquer over it, his mate soldiers says it’s difficult though,Sikander says Bharat is battling disputes amongst themselves n so this is golden opportunity ,foreign invader Sikander enters Bharat from Takshila n bribes King ambi there and says I am aiming the whole Bharat n in return u will get every luxury.

Chanakya feels the dangers Bharat is going to face,Chandra sees his guru worried n walk in rains n follows him,Chandra says acharya why are u Here, Chanakya says this rain is signing something bad, a disciple informs them abt Sikander,Chanakya says this is going to fast, I tried telling padmanand abt this danger ears back but he didn’t listen,now my land is in difficulty n Bharat needs a King who will fight for glory of Bharat n now Chandra it’s ur time to act n our first aim is magad n so u have to study everything abt it from inside n out,every single corner study ur enemy,go there make a map n we shall plan an attack leave right away.

Nandini says Gautami bhabhi u don’t like me right,Gautami says I do like u but u need to get married n trust me u will love it but ur condition,nandinis friend tell her that padmanand has found ur man, Gautami says now see him in swayamvar,her friends tell her it’s Rajkumar Parvatak maliketu,n he is pretty good in swords n will defeat ur brother, Nandini says now see how I treat him n he won’t enter the swayamvar,Nandini purposely ties Gautamis hair in funny way n leaves with her friends,Gautami finds it n gets very angry,dharam bhaiya walks to her n sees it n starts laughing.

Nandini n her friends dressed as men decide to deal with Parvatak,Nandini asks guards for Parvatak n walks to him( it’s Chandra in prince outfit)Nandini changes her voice n asks are u Parvatak maliketu.

Pre cap: Chandra n Nandini get in argument n Chandra removes her fake moustaches n sees her face n gets stunned looking at her beauty.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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