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Chandra Nandni 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update 1st Epi

Chandra Nandni 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The episode begins with Bharat description and the history of brave fighters and Bharat ma speaks -why only praise the men n not the queen who was always behind the Kings success and one such is a queen and her king who is amongst my fav who fought for Bharat n he is mourya Samrajs King Chandragupta n his queen who taught him love n help him walk on the path of success she is Nandini, the lady behind Chandragupta n mourya Samrajs glory but this story wouldn’t be complete without chndraguptas mother whose character was always questionable but she gave birth to this brave King.

Rani and her King together, King says pink looks good on u n I don’t like this golden colour, upset rani says then I will wear golden n dresses n comes out wearing pink n says golden dress was a little tight,

 King says I can’t live without u,rani says I too can never share u, u are my life my everything,King says I know u love me a lot.

Maharaj suryagupta is welcomed in Sabha,magad Raj sends gifts for maharani mora, for her pregnancy news n invites him to magad.

Rani mora drinking water which has moons reflection and says Maharaj our son will be named Chandragupta ,Maharaj says but moon rises after sun,maharani says don’t say that ever u can’t never leave me alone,Maharaj says nev I promise n we are going magad.

In magad there was a storm waiting for queen n king, their bad luck was waiting from Their arrival says Bharat ma.

Maharani Avantika aiming at pot placed on her kings head, she aims correct, Maharaj praises her,she says I know how scared I was,Maharaj n maharani of mourya Samraj arrive, they are welcomed with love, Avantika says ur friend always troubles me suryaguptaji,mora says u husbands love to trouble their wife’s,Avantika says lets go u must be tired how abt shower n both leave.

A man hiding n watching maharani mora getting ready to shower but he slips n falls down his friend says she is pregnant don’t u have shame,he says she is the most beautiful women I have ever seen I have fallen for her.

Magads praja gather to hear Maharaj n Maharanis,Maharaj magad n suryagupta ask praja to address the land as Bharat ma n not to fight with each other , Avantika notices mora in pain n says why don’t u rest,mora says I want to stay n want my son to hear these words of advices by his father n uncle. Suryagupta says unity is strength n so unite n defeat the enemy n no foreigners will dare to touch our motherland,the raja is known by his praja.

Foreigners enter Bharats boundary,people from Bharat fight with them but the foreign King before leaving says one King will surely sell this land for money then we shall speak.

The man trying to see maharani mora bathe, catches her dupatta n with the reason to return it to her touches her n leaves, Mora shares this with Avantika,Avantika says u come with me I won’t leave him alive n both walk inside,Avantika goes to that man n says u shameless,Maharaj says what’s wrong,maharani says this man try to get touchy n insulted rani mora n I will punish him n starts hitting him, mora says enough,Avantika says no this isn’t enough I sentence him to death,mora says don’t, do this to him,Avantika says I won’t spare them who insult women,but since u saying I sentence him life imprisonment.

Suryagupta asks mora why is so worried,maharani says I don’t feel like staying here that man, oh see I saw him,suryagupta says calm down u stay here I will go check n leaves to look for that man n Maharaj see him going to maharani Avantikas room.

Nand (man who tried to molest mora)falls in Avantika feet n asks for forgiveness,Avantika says I will not forgive u n asks all soldiers n servants to leave n then hugs that man, he says u will kill me,rani says u know I won’t, he lifts her in his arms n both share romantic time together,suryagupta sees them together,Avantika says how dare us we mora, he says I was admiring u but she thought it was her n how long will we hide n meet, Avantika says the trust is building but that stupid man, the 9 kids he has aren’t his but urs n soon I will kill him don’t worry, suryagupta decides to tell shishulak(Avantikas King), Avantika sees him n says he will tell shishulak go stay him nand.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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