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Bulleya swalaksan (chapter 1 )

Hiii guys ….
Let’s start
Girl:oye stupid …. u fool …..flirty …. If friends are like this than what’s the need of enemies….what you said that you are going to tuition and flirting with krati ….

Boy:listen Swara
(Yes the girl is swara)


Swara:just shut up laksh
(Yes the boy is laksh )

Swara punches laksh’s stomach and goes

Laksh:areeeeee ..this girl
Oye Swara….listen ..swara

He runs behind her ….


A girl is sitting in her room crying wearing bridal wear ……
Girl:I know it is too late…but what …i can’t spend my life with a unknown person …my parents choosed him for me …mr. sanskaar maheshwari …..but I love laksh not him …laksh is abroad and today I am getting married …he proposed me 6 months back and I broked his heart …how foolish …. I know laksh since childhood …we used to share everything with each other ..he left India and now I need him …now I know his value in my life ….i have some special feeling ..and this feeling is not at all normal ….this is not a friendship ..this love ….
I love …

I knock on door
Swara wipes her tears ..
Swara: I think mum came to take me with her towards mandap ….
She opens door
She gets shocked seeing a masked man ..she thought he would be a goon and was about to scream but the person takes her in and takes out a mask …
Swara immediately hugs him and says

Laksh: sshhhh … pack your bags ..we have to run …
Swara : okk

Precap :what happened 1 year back

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