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BrahmaRakshas 9th October 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 9th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Apu meets Raina in jungle and pleads to help her. Rainna says after what she did, nobody will help her. She runs. Apu yells low class girl, how dare she is, she will not spare her. Raina goes back near car and tells Rishab that Apu met her and pleaded for help, if they should. Rishab says no. They get into car and move. Cars stop in the midde. Storm starts. Raina says what happened to climate. Nalin says who is trying to stop them. Road fills with water suddenly. Rishab asks them to sit tight/firm and drives through water. Once they cross, Kamalpura, road clears. They all rela.


They all reach home and see house still being renovated. Nalin scolds manager why hose is not yet renovated. Manager says architect denied to work without payment. Yug asks if he should book hotel rooms. Nalin says no, she is coming and will not like it. Yug gets tensed and asks if she is really coming. Rishab also says same. Raina asks who is coming. Mitali says bua who is more than a chudail. Naina says she brings happiness. Yug murmurs in her ears chudail likes chudail. Nalin’s aunt/bua enters and in her jovial style says she already came. Nalin touches her feet. She scolds him that he has gone old with white hair, but she is still young. Yug comments she applies dye. Bua twists his and Rishab’s ears. She continues her jovial nature and pulling each family member’s legs. Rishab tells Chindi let us escape. Bua stops them and scolds. Raina touches her feet and says dadi. Bua says who is daadi, she is just a few years older to her, she can call her Gulabo and asks family what is her name. Whole family says Gulabo. She tells Rishab that bakri/Raina is pretty and says they all will come and stay in her house. She takes family to her room. Raina tries to enter. She stops and scolds Rishhab to do the ritual. Rishab says he.. Yug says he has to do what he did already. Nalini says even he did. Rishab lifts Raina and enters house. Bua takes money from Nalin and does Raina’s nazar and gives it to Ved, yelling at him. Mohini enters next and bua pulls her legs next.

Bua then tells young couples will dance on paper and as time passes on, paper will be folded, whoever will dance well, she will give them 51,000 rs gift. She asks Ved to play music. Ved plays Agar tum saath ho….song.. Yug and Naina, Rishab and Raina dance. Rishab murmurs in Raina’s ears he will lose purposefully. She slips, he holds and scolds her. Daadi says first round is finished and asks Mitali to go and fold paper. Saaathiya..beliya….song…plays… Raina and Rishab dance closer. She slips and he scolds her again, nok jhok continues. Rishab ges out of paper and says they lost. Bua says it is not yet over, she is the judge here and will decide. Raina steps on Rishab’s feet and they both dance. Rishab continues yelling at Raina. Bua tells Nalin that his son has married a good girl. Yug and Naina fall down. Everyone get worried for Naina. Yug yells even he fell. Rishab says Naina bhabi made them win. Bua says Raina won. Rishab says even he danced with Raina. Raina says thank you Gulabo ji. Mohini asks what and scolds bua that she should think of her age at least. Bua says she is not make up shop like her. She is Gajgamini. Raina asks if this is her second name. Bua says her name is Jassi.

Nalin tells Mohini that he does not want accountant’s daughter Raina as bahu, they are rich and Rishab is their son. Mohini sys marriage has already happened, nothing can be done now. He continues. She says already he made a mistake by taking Rakhi to Kamalpura and she does not want him to do another mistake.

Raina walks with Rishab to a room. Rishab laughs if she really thinks daadi bua’s name is Gulabo… He gives her 51,000 rs gift money. She says she cannot take it. He continues and says she can go then. Mohini enters and asks what. Rishab closes door and says since they met their goal, Raina wants to get out of their fake marriage. Mohini asks Raina how can she, scolds her what will daadi bua think. She opens door and sees daadi bua there. Daadi bua enters and scolds if she did not do bahu’s other rituals. Raina says after Rakhi’s death, they could not do anything. Daadi says she wants kitchen ritual first and emotionally asks Naina if she will prepare food for her. Raina also cries and says yes. Bua says she is her age’s top heroine and enacts…

Yug’s debtor goon calls him and threatens to return money within 1 hour, else he knows consequenc.e Naina enters. He scolds her that if she had not fallen, he would have won gift money. She says sorry. He twists her hand and tortures. She shouts in pain. Raina passes by and hears sound and stops, then thinks she must have overheard something and walks away.

Raina goes to kitchen and sees Phuli there. She tells her what happened on the way. Phuli says she can tell the reason only after reading book and Apu took it. Raina says she saw Apu in jungle. Phuli says not to worry, she will find some solution. Aditya calls sarpanch and says Apu is in Kamalpura’s jungle. Sarpanch says Apu is not in jungle or around Kamalpura. Nalin says she must have gone back to USA and asks Aditya to call and find out.

Mitali comes to kitchen and asks Raina to keep her prepared food for her as she is going to check house renovation on Jassi daadi’s order. Yug passes by and says he will go and check. Mitali says she has to. Yug walks with her to house and asks worker to cal manager. Worker says he has gone for lunch and goes to call him. Yug also leaves. Lights start flickering. Naina comes to kitchen next and Raina asks her to taste rasmalai. Naina says it is awsome. Raina says injuries on her hands and asks what happend to her hands. Naina stammers and asks her to go and serve food first. Ved comes and asks her to serve first as daadi bua warned not to have anything before Raina serves her dish. Raina goes to serve food. Raina serves food. Ved munches more food. Bua scolds him if he eats so much. Mohini says Raina prepared so tasty food, so he is having food. Nalin says Rishab does not like rs malai. Dadi bua scoldss Raina. Rishab says Raina does not like gulab. Raina says she means rose. Daadi sys she knows English. Raina says preferences change. Daadi bua says that is right and asks Raina to feed Rishab. Rishab says he is not a kid. Daadi orders to feed him. Raina feeds him. Mohini smiles seeing this. Daadi says Raina is perfect match for Rishab. Mohini asks where is Mitali. Naina goes to make her a phone call.

Mitali sees lights flickering and mobile network off. Ceiling falls followed by other furniture. Mitali pleads Yug for help. She gets stuck. Brahmarakshas’ shadow is seen.

Precap: Goons beat Yug. Apu tells Yug if he helps her, she will give him money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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