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BrahmaRakshas 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 2nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishab’s family goes for temple. Ajay walks silently asking family to go to temple. Yug and Rishab silently follow him. Apu is seen traveling with Rakhi in her car and it is revealed that Rakhi is alive. She ties Rakhi’s hands. Rakhi asks what is she doing. Apu asks not to create drama like in movies and shout. Rakhi opens car door and jumps out and runs into jungle. Raina calls Rishab and asks where is he. He says he and Yug are following Ajay as Ajay is Brahmarakashas now. Raina asks what, but Rishab disconnects call.


Rakhi runs in to jungle shouting for help. Rishab hears her sound and runs towards her, getting happy that his sister is alive. Apu catches Rakhi just when Rishab is to see her. She drags Rakhi to Brahmarakashas mandir, makes her forcefully

wear bridal dress tying her hands and laughs that she will become Brahmarakashas’ wife now. She gives musical instrument and asks Rakhi to play it to call Brahmarakashas. Brahmarakashas walks towards mandir. Apu loudly calls him that his wife is calling her.

Yug catches Ajay and points gun on him shouting he is Brahmarakashas. He pleads for help. Raina reaches there somehow and when Yug shoots Ajay, she pushes Ajay on time and saves him. She tells Yug that Ajay is not Brahmarakashas, else he would have attacked by now.

Brahmarakashas walks towards Rakhi and Apu. Apu in her usual style calls him Aji sunte ho, mare nahi abhi tak/if you are still not dead. Your wife is waiting for you… He walks roaring Aparajita I will not spare you. Just when he is about to attack Rakhi, Rishab rushes and saves her. He is glad that Rakhi is alive. Rakhi’s head is severely injred as Apu threw her on floor. Apu sees Rishab, hits her head on stone, and starts acting that she is trying to save Rakhi and will kill Brahmarakashas. Rishab holds Brahmarakashas legs and Brahmarakashas throws him away. He then sees Rakhi falling down unconscious and runs towards her. Apu calls him to save her. He runs towards her. She stabs Brahmarakashas with some special knife in his chest and he dies. Rakhi dies. Rishab carries her dead body. Someone captures Brahmarakashas’ soul in a bottle. Phuli cmes there and cries that Sanjay was a good man and had to meet an ill fate. She sees blood on stone and thinks someone else was also there and it is a sign of big disaster.

Rishab’s family perform Rakhi’s last right and mourns her death at haveli. Rishab cries reminiscing Rakhi. Nalin and Aditya pack Apu’s bags and asks her to get out. Apu says she killed Brahmarakashas, which they could not at all. Nalin says she made his daughter as scape goat. She says he brought her daughter here for marriage even after knowing about Brahmarakashas, he used Rakhi as scape goat more than her. He says he will not fall for her lie and asks her to get out right now.

Rishab goes out and breaks wooden logs reminiscing Rakhi. Raina consoles him. They both return. Apu start showing her fake concern. Mohini confronts Apu and says she made her daugher as scape goat and is a black dot on motherhood as Rakhi used to call her maa. Apu starts blaming Raina that because of her Rakhi died. Rishab confronts her and says Raina risked her life many times, if she was present in Brahmarakashas mandir, she would have saved Rakhi. Mhohini says Rishab is right, both Rishab ad Rain
s main motto was to killer Rakhi’s murderer. Nalin asks Apu to get oout. Apu asks Rishab to trust her. He says no. Mohini drags her out of door and closes it. Rishab oes to his room and cries under shower. Raina waits with towel outside and once he comes out gives towel to him. He looks at his and Rakhi’s pic and cries more.

Precap: Apu thinks if Rakhi was alive, then it means someone had hostaged her, who is it…Phuli tells Raina that she saw blood in Brahmarakshas mandir, it is a sign of some big disaster.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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