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BrahmaRakshas 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishab and Raina watches Mitali crying and bring her to room.
There, Yug was worried that no one is helping him.
Mitali shares them about the storm that devastated their house. Raina asks her about Yug, but Mitali says Yug left her alone. Raina leaves.
Some goons come to beat Yug, there is also a shadow of bhramrakshas.
Raina comes to Mitali’s house wondering why this all is happening with them. She wish this isn’t true. She walks upstairs and feels someone stalking her.
Inside, the goons were beating Yug. Apu comes to ask for their help, and the goons leave with her.
The goons throw Apu inside ready to help her.
Raina enters the apartment and finds it torn, she wonders how this happens. She was sure it can’t be because of Bhukamp; there is something


wrong. She looks towards a shut door, Apu was pleading the goons to let her go. She says she dislikes those who betray her. The goons flirt with Apu who begin to turn to bhramrakshas, the men screams watching her face. Raina was about to open the door when Rishab comes to take her away.
There, Yug lied injured. Apu had killed the goons. She boasts in the mirror to be able to change her face, and show to others what’s she isn’t. She doesn’t need to hide that she is a bhranrakshas and laughs hysterically.
She walks outside towards Yug and wakes him up in concern. She asks who those people were, she assures about handing them to police and they won’t ever return. She helps Yup get straight.
Outside the building, Rishab scolds Raina for going there. Raina argues that something strange has been happening in Mumbai. Rishab asks her to tell him whenever and wherever she goes. Raina insists that something is wrong. Rishab tells Raina that nothing happened.
Yug asks Apu why he must help her after what she did to Rakhi. Apu says she would help him, does he need money and makes up she heard the goons telling police that he had to return their money. Apu assures Yug that she isn’t a devil, she only wants her kids, her family back. Yug asks what he needs to do. Apu requests him to take her back into that house, in return she would pay his debts. Yug wonders wasn’t she begging a few days back. Apu assures him about all the arrangements, Yug nods to help her. She thanks him in advance for what he is about to do for her. She recalls how they all left her to die, she pleaded Raina as well who ran away. Apu flee for her life from the bhramrakshas to a cave, and fell over blood. She had been killed by the bhramrakshas and herself turned to one.
At home, Narain was worried why Yug isn’t taking his call. Rishab sat with Mitali, when Dadu Bua come there taunting the children to be weak these days, then comments on Mohini’s feet. Mohini spots Rishab and Raina come without Yug, Dadi Bua promises Rishab to throw a reception for them. Yug enters and accuse Mitali for leaving him alone. Naina takes Yug to the room, concerned. Yug was irritated by her. Raina remembers well that Yug wasn’t there in the hall. Dadi Bua advices Raina to take care of her husband right now, Raina runs upstairs outside Yug’s room. Yug was cursing that Mitali left him alone. Raina wonders why Yug is lying. She comes inside and asks Yug how he is. Yug was irritated that he is hurt. Raina says Mitali narrated the accident, she went there to see the venue. Yug asks what she saw there, in an alert tone. He hides his face, Raina says she didn’t see Yug there. Yug makes up that he came under the bricks. Raina says it’s good he is only hurt on head. Naina asks Yug if he needs something, Yug scolds her to leave him alone.
Apu was happy that she got everything. She will get Yug do what she wants, as he is an idiot. She calls Yug to ask what he has done, Yug asks her to come tonight as its Raina and Rishab’s reception, is it that simple to bring her back for what she has done. He needs something to think. Apu tells him to hurry up. Yug informs her that Raina came to that house when they were there. Apu was hurt at Raina’s reception, she wasn’t ready to let Raina get happy.
Raina comes to Dadi Bua who gifts her something and leaves smiling. Rishab comes there, Raina was excited about a new dress. She takes the nightie while Rishab turns away shy. Raina shuts the box at once, Rishab curtly asks if she got romantic watching the nighty. She asks Rishab why he screamed at her. Raina tells him that Yug said he was there, she points that Yug has been lying. She thinks it was Bhramrakshas. Rishab mocks that bhramrakshas is in Raina, as she has gone crazy behind him. Raina turns to leave, Rishab holds her hand back. Raina turns to say if she was bhramrakshas she would have killed him as the first task. She gets close to him, teasing him about his bulging stomach and giggles him. Rishab makes up he didn’t get a change to go gym in kamal poora. Raina teases him to be making up. She tells him to do weight lifting to come in shape. Rishab teases and chases to pick her up, both fell on the bed sharing an eyelock. They sit up avoiding eye contact. Rishab says he dislikes her, as she behaves as police inspector. Raina tells him that she investigated him and got to realize he isn’t a nice man. They argue.
Narain was not happy about Rishab and Raina. Mohini tells him to ask Bua ji. Aditya comes asking Narain about Apu. Bua ji was making arrangements for reception. Mohini comes to look for preparations, Naina was happy that she has invited Banjara dancers. Bua ji was happy about Naina’a idea. Bua ji teases Mohini that her son didn’t marry with her own consent, how she can hold a consent in other matters. Mohini send Naina to bring Yug.
In the function, Bua ji introduces everyone to her daughter in law, and taunts her. Then announces Rishab and Raina appear to be made for each other couple. The couple arrive. Mohini blesses Raina. The guests discuss from Narain that she must be the daughter of some business tycoon. Narain says she is daughter of an accountant. Yug was waiting for any step from Apu. Bua announces that there is a special Banjara dance for them all. Raina thinks about her challenge to Rishab that he would wear her nighty, and whispers something in Bua Dadi’s ear. Bua Dadi announces that Rishab would sing for Raina. Raina challenges Rishab to do what she has said.
Apu thinks she is coming over as her death.

PRECAP: Raina wakes up in her dream, and has a nightmare about Apu in the function as dancer. She had pushed Raina whose dress caught fire. Later, Rishab and Yug help the injured Apu inside the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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